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The Hospitalors of Stormwind are an order of dedicated members who strive to help all in need.

We are a full “role-playing guild”. We will also try are hardest to train all those in the order to be at their best, be it help with quests, guidance, or equipment. Everyone should be treated as equals.

The order requires you to aid. Meaning help others within the order, heal those who need aid, help others who need assistance. Most squires and errants will be given tasks or escorted so that commanders can tell whether they are ready for heavier duties.

The order only want those who are willing to dedicate their time to others, If you are a person who is only willing to help yourself, then you are not ready or mature enough for the order. The Hospitalors are mainly always in character. Guild chat is IC, we use our officer chat as an OOC channel, this channel is available to all to use. ((bare in mind we don’t expect people to use party or raid chat IC)).

We are a small guild, and recruitment may stop as soon as 60 members has been reached, this is not to say spaces are not available for those dedicated enough to want to become a part of the order, if a member is offline for more than 20 days without letting any officer know, or without giving a valid reason they will be removed from the order ((valid reasons are things like Holiday, moving house, etc, etc. But expect to give a reason in and out of character)).

The Hospitalors, are trying to get as much RP as possible be it with other guilds of both alliance and horde. But members of the Hospitalors do not want to ruin other people’s fun of the game, and if you wish them to leave you alone please tell them in a whisper and no offense will be taken.

If this has not put you off then get in contact. Oh one last thing for those seeking to join us - have a reason for wanting to join the Hospitalors ((and by that we mean an in character reason)).

((Most important rule that we have, IT’S A GAME, FOR GOD SAKE..... HAVE FUN))

General InformationEdit

• No character, race or class restrictions.

• No required level to join, but please play the game for a few levels.

• Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed in the guild, but only if we know who's alt they are.

• No member of the order will fight amongst themselves, we are here to protect those that are weaker than ourselves.

• Every higher ranking member is to be treated with respect, saluted at every chance, and referred to as sir, ma'am or [rank].

• Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

• It can be quite daunting to progress within the order, you will be set tasks and objectives to earn your rank with us, please, if you are thinking of joining us, don’t think you will be a house knight within a week.

• The Hospitalors have their own area in which guild meeting are held, information is passed out when a meeting is called for.

Joining The HospitalorsEdit

So if you are interested then read up about the order in the library and then make contact (in character) with one of the many Squires, Errants, Knights or House Knights - they can then pass on your details to a Commander or you can of course contact them directly yourself (again in character please) preferabley by mail.

High Commanders

Grand Master Aurélie

Seneschal Nicksonol

High Inquisitor Tuho

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The Hospitalors Library

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