The Immortal GuardiansEdit

Guildgoal: To protect the barrens agains alliance attacks and preserve the peace.

Short story: The Immortal Guardians are a splinter faction of the once proud guild known as Arcane Parish, due to the sudden dissaperance of the high warlord members deceided to form a new and pretty active guild. Thus The Immortal Guardians were born. Offcially T.I.G or The Immortal Guardians were having their heaqdquarters in orgrimmar, but after relentless attacks they deceided to move this one to tho outpost of the crossroads (also known as Xroads or XR) and a small office in camp taurajo.

highest ranks within the guardiansEdit

High warlord (guildmaster) Ambassador (planning events, recruiting new memeber and dececive factor in promotion, demotion and other diciplinairy actions.) Warlord (assistant ambassador)

conciddering joining?Edit

If you are conciddering joining the immortal guardians, talk to one of our members, in most cases they will redirect you to one of the recruiter ranks (high warlord, ambassador or warlord)

Our recruitment rules are:

1. Try to be be friendly all time.

2. Be level 20 and try to reach level 25 in your period as trainee.

3. For full membership you need to pass the Ritual of Passage

4. Please do not swear ingame and try to roleplay a bit, you can talk OOC in our guildchat.

5. Read our guildrules, they can be found here:

our guildportal and of alliesEdit


Portals & Summons Co.

A minor ad from our allieEdit

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