The Ironjaw CorporationEdit

Run by a Goblin Mogul (If you are not familiar with the Goblin hierarchy see the wow wiki article )

the corporation sells anything from houses and clothes to weapons, soldiers and machines of war. Previously operating on a private island of the coast of Kalimdor after the cataclysm happened the corporation’s unknown leader deceived more profit could be made by taking advantage of the shaken people by selling them houses in heavily guarded locations and even weapons to defend themselves.

The Corporations current objective is to scare citizens of the newly changed Azeroth (On both Alliance and Horde) into thinking they need the corporation’s products to survive. The corporation is also aiming to sell soldiers and machines of war to the many newly formed anti horde clans and also the new splinter factions of the Horde armed forces.

(Not currently a guild but will be once I have a copy of cataclysm)

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