Hordecrest small The Janzama Tribe
Janzama logo
Role Heavy-RP
Leader Ra'kaz
Officers Zalmar
PvE Yes
PvP No
Requirements Knowledge about Troll lore
Level 20 Req
Only Trolls!


The story starts 6 years in past (1 year before World of Warcraft).

Janzama was a Witch Doctor and second in command to the tribeleader; Ana'thek. The Skullsplitters were always in conflict with the tribes of Stranglethorn vale, it was a war they were unlikely to win. Word then reached the tribe that their old enemies, the Darkspear tribe, had increased severely in power after joining the Horde. The Skullsplitters themselves stood at the brink of total annihilation.

No one questioned Ana'thek. Janzama, who was Ana’thek’s Witch Doctor and advisor, had grown tired of the endless struggle that only resulted uncountable casualties, both for themselves and for their rival tribes. Janzama asked his leader to change their ways and form an Alliance with the Horde and seek peace with the Darkspear. Ana’thek did not listen to his Witch Doctor, he blindly waved off his request and continued his delusional rule, the thought that the Skullsplitters were the strongest of all stuck in his mind. Janzama never spoke about the matter with his leader again, but he soon realized that there were more trolls in the Skullsplitter tribe who understood and followed his vision. As the months passed, Janzama gathered followers in the shadows, away from the gaze of Ana'thek. Janzama's plan was to gather enough people to overthrow Ana'thek and declare himself the new chief.

However, as Janzama’s followers grew in numbers, his true intentions became more and more difficult to hide from Ana'thek. Eventually, Ana'thek saw what Janzama have been doing behind his back. Before Janzama was able to organise a revolt, Ana'thek executed Janzama publicly for all Skullsplitters to see. This act made many of the followers of Janzama return into Ana’thek’s fold. Ana'thek ordered his loyal subjects to him to slaughter any troll who stood against him. In a matter of days, Janzama's followers were only a handful. Those who were able to escape death were sent into exile.

An audience with the Warchief. (World of Warcraft)Edit

The surviving members of Janzama's followers agreed to continue Janzama's vision, travelling to Orgrimmar to gain an audience with the Warchief, pleading for an alliance to the Horde. Thrall hesitated, but their story intrigued him enough to accept their request. As they were only 20 of them left, Thrall didn't see them as a threat to the internal integrity of the new Horde. Vol'jin accepted Thrall's decission. However, he didn't want them near any Darkspears. The exiled trolls accepted Vol'jin’s terms and they soon ventured to the Hillsbrad Foothills to find a new place to call home. They discovered some ancient Amani ruins, long since forgotten by their creators. This is where they settled.

The Forest Trolls (World of Warcraft)Edit

Without a real leader, the exiled Skullsplitters were getting desperate, and the Forest trolls soon became aware of their presence. Countless small skirmishes took place between the two tribes. The exiled fought to protect their new safe haven, but with great losses. After one year, there were only 4 of them left, but they were too proud to ask the Horde for assistance.

When things were looking the darkest, Zalmar and his older brother Ra’kaz knew that the only way to survive was to bring help from the spirit world. The few remaining trolls who remained went into hiding in the Arathi Highlands, beginning preparations for a powerful voodoo ritual. There they would stay till they will be able to contact the spirit of their old leader, Janzama.

The new Loa (Wrath of The Lich King)Edit

Janzama life

Janzama the Witch Doctor, in life.

After two years of continued rituals, sacrifices and mojo, they finally achieved their goal. The spirit of Janzama was standing before them. They asked for his guidance and his powers to strive again and fight back their enemies, in return, they would worship him as their new Loa. Janzama accepted their request and granted them the strength and guidance they sought. They soon returned to their last home, the ruins in Hillsbrad, utilizing Janzama’s powerful magics, they easily reclaimed it from the forest trolls. They were to establish a new tribe, Ra’kaz was named chief and Zalmar would be his second in command. Together they would seek out all lost trolls in the world and convert them to worship their Loa. In return, Janzama would allow them to use his dark Voodoo magics. Ra’kaz and Zalmar kneeled before their new Loa and soon created "The Janzama Tribe".

Current Condition (Wrath of The Lich King - Aftermath)Edit

The Janzama tribe still rarely socialize with the Horde.. Most of this is because their new Loa requires them to practice their old ways, something that the Horde has forbidden them to do. Their ongoing war against the Forest trolls in Hinterlands and Arathi Highlands is still active, but with the power of their new Loa, the forest trolls rarely launch direct assaults against them.

It was only recently The Horde was informed that they still exist, after not hearing from them for several years, they had thought them dead. The Janzama Tribe is still part of the Horde.

The Call of Vol'jin and the downfall of Zalazane (Pre-Cataclysm)Edit

Ra'kaz has brought his few followers to Durotar to fight Zalazane with the Darkspear. They are currently camped near Sen'jin village.

Powers of Janzama The HexxerEdit

Those who have earned Janzama's loyalty can be granted special abilities.

Mindvision Vision of the Loa - Grants you to see through the eyes of another individual.
Mind Link2 Mindmeld - Gives you the ability to speak with The Loa on a telepathic level.
Janzama power Janzama's Chosen - You increase in size and strength.


The Janzama Tribe remain loyal to the Horde, but do not agree with their policies regarding voodoo magic.

The tribe is very secluded and prefers to stay in their home in Hillsbrad, but will leave if called upon by their allies.

Although they are officially allies, the Janzama tribe and the Darkspear have little love for each other, and they stay apart for the most.

Recently, the Janzama tribe has traveled to Durotar in order to aid the Darkspear against Zalazane, hoping to appear more friendly to both the Darkspear and to the rest of the Horde.

At WarEdit

  • Skullsplitter Tribe
  • Vilebranch Tribe
  • Witherbark Tribe


The Janzama Tribe is a heavy based roleplay guild, very focused on the Troll lore and behavior. Every new applicant for the guild will be IC interviewed followed wtih a few IC tests.

  • We accept only Trolls (No DK).
  • You must be atleast lvl 20. Don't bother to ask if we can make a exception just for you, it won't happen.
    • Lvl 20 is required cause of our location in Hillsbrad, mobs everywhere.. problem to RP when you get killed by the wildlife all the time

Female trolls hold no place in regular troll society. Male trolls consider them mates, nothing more — though they honor female trolls who prove themselves in battle (Taken from Wowwiki)

Notable MembersEdit

  • Janzama icon Janzama The Hexxer (Loa, Don't appear ingame)
    • Troll male Ra'kaz (Chief)
    • Troll male Zalmar (Witch Doctor)
      • Forestfx troll

Unknown Exiled SkullsplittersEdit

  • Troll male Unknown (Yet to appear)
  • Troll male Unknown (Yet to appear)


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