By Sedrith

Two daggers laid on a wooden table. One was made of glinting steel and the other from dark, almost rusty metal. These daggers had seen a fair share of violence, betrayal and just pure hatred. They would never question any action. They were made only to do bidding of their master. For now, their master is a thirty-one year old man called Sedrith Armster, a freelance mercenary. As he walked to the room the daggers reflected the sunlight that came out from window, shining like eyes of a child. Sedrith inserted both daggers into pockets in his black jacket, ready to be pulled out whenever needed. He then scratched his mustache. Now he was ready to do some killing.

The job he had recaived from Magistrate Ragou sounded fairly simple: ”Eliminate James Ford and his personal guards. Don't allow anyone to live to tell the story.”. More blood on my hands, Sedrith thought, but more money to my pocket. With this rate Sedrith would soon have quite nice savings for his future retirement, which was still about thirty years in future, but nonetheless he'd spend his last years in leisure class. But for now Sedrith had to stop day-dreaming of his future wealth and focus on planning the assassination, or an assault if things get ugly.

Ford's mansion was located at eastern part of Hillsbrad Foothills. It was autumn, so the whole area was covered in soggy grass and dark red leaves. Early coming of darkness would grant Sedrith a cover from Ford's guards and an opportunity to check on details of the mansion before the actual job. Sedrith lurked in bushes near the mansion, listening to talk of Ford's embloyees and searching for possible ways to enter at dark. Between midnight and dusk he'd spend his time on nearby tavern, planning and lightly drinking. He prepared for the job for three days. Then he had gathered all the information he needed to succesfully kill the target.

Sedrith had found out that the well in shady area was connected to basement of the mansion with a wide sever. It would be easy to enter unnoticed through this path. After that he would search for the bedroom of Ford and kill him in his sleep. This would be another easy job, Sedrith thougth. He had done jobs like these for about ten years, right after he left the army. It was never his kind of job because Sedrith hated obeying orders from higher chain of command. He wanted to do things his own way. That's why he became a mercenary.

Sedrith tied a rope on edge of well and started to climp down towards the endless darkness. The bottom came sooner than he had expected. Well was less than 10 meters deep. He dropped down to the water and swam towards the sewer entrance that would lead him to the basement. Now would come time to use the invention that a gnome friend of his had built: ”KeK vision-9000”. It would allow him to see in dark. The darkness had nothing to hide from him as he placed them on. Every detail of mossy stones on the wall was visible in green sight.

After a while of crawling in the pipe Sedrith noticed the hole to basement. He silently pushed the flap open and pulled himself up. The place was full of barrels, probably containing wine. No doubt this room served as a storage for the wine which would be delivered with wagons to city of Stormwind. He made his way towards the light which he saw on the other side of the room. He watched in darkness whether there was anybody in this room that looked like a kitchen. Nobody was home, so Sedrith went in. Suddenly he heard chatter. It was too late to back to the storage room, so he hid behind couple of crates. If these people would notice him, he'd take them out with his hidden crossbows in his both sleeves. Sedrith started to regognise some of the words the two men were talking.

Those two were in his way and Sedrith had no intention of slowing down while on the job. He rose up and shot two bolts towards the men. Both bolts hit their hearts and they then fell to the ground without making a sound.

He made his way out of kitchen to the main hall. Ford had decorated the hall with lots of antique and expensive looking floor mats. Sedrith rose up the stairs and found himself on quite long hallway. Ford's room was no doubt the one with the best looking door. Sedrith's intuition was right. He could see a door with a face of a lion made from stone slightly open. He peered inside and saw Ford himself napping there. He smirked and silently walked next to Ford and eyed at his calm face. He looked like a man with kind intentions: a short white hair, calm and straight eyebrows and a clean shave. He was smiling for some reason, perhaps dreaming of his childhood. He reminded Sedrith a lot of his father. Both kind-hearted fathers, which were killed without a single warning.

Suddenly Ford opened his blue eyes. Time seemed to stop as Sedrith grabbed his daggers from his jacket and stabbed with both of them to Ford's throat. Blood poured out from his throat very slowly. Ford's face was terrified, almost as if screaming, but unable to make any voice, which was just the case in here. Sedrith stared at Ford with poker face. After a lot of killing he didn't take the role of Grim Reaper with much feelings. Atleast that was what he thought. Ford attempted to say something in vain. Then his face and his whole body stopped moving. The life flowed out of him. The job is done, Sedrith thought.

Then the door behind him opened. A boy that looked like he had learned to speak just few years ago stood on doorstep. He was just like Sedrith by the time his father had died. ”Daddy? Can i sleep in your bed? Im scared.” The child said, with a frightened tone in his voice.

Sedrith had killed a countless amount of people, dealth with the pain his self-concience caused and slowly silencing it, but this child's voice caused the biggest pain his self-conciense had caused. He could feel a huge block in his throat and his heart was beating faster than ever, and this was not fighting. ”Daddy?” The child repeated. Sedrith bit his lips and sprinted towards the child. He grabbed his throat and choked hard. Child kept crying, not ceasing for a single moment untill he ran out of air. Life vanished out of him just like life had vanished out of his father. Now the job is done.

Sedrith returned to Magistrate Ragou and recaived his reward. This reward will be spend on same luxuries that Ford had in his mansion: antique, mats, stone lion heads and wine. Sedrith will live a similar life filled with leisure and beautifull women, but this all with the cost of pain he has caused to others. His wealth will always be haunted by that pain and especially that child. It's been five years since that happend and Sedrith still thinks of that moment every single day. That crying of a child will haunt him to the grave.

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