Basic InformationEdit

  • Full Name - Knights of the Ebon Hold
  • Recruitment Status: Really OPEN! To Death Knights only.
  • RP Beginner Friendly: Yes, I'm happy to teach. If you are happy to learn.
  • Guild Type: IC playable version of, 'The Knights of the Ebon Blade'.
  • Guild Size: Very small (10 members at present).

Who are we?Edit

We are the good Deathknights?

The Knights of the Ebon Hold, are your Representatives of the The Highlord Morgraine. We wsih to track and eliminate the Scourge. We strive to keep the streets free from rogue Death Knights, and to help maintain a healthy environment.

We wish to provide an Roleplaying service to those that RP Scourge by acting as an opponent, and we hope to make some links with other guilds that wish to enforce good will.

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