Who are the Kodo Dragoons?

The Kodos are a mature community with the single goal of enjoying World of Warcraft. This means not purely high level end-game raid events, but everything from the first quests you run when creating your new character, right through to regular 5-man events at 80. Don't forget all the good stuff in between either. Integrity, honesty, common sense, sense of humour, keen participation and a desire to help those around you are key aspects of what makes a Kodo. We look forward to bolstering our numbers with like-minded individuals who feel they can improve our tight knit community.

We embrace members who would like to Roleplay, level, to quest, do the achievements or love to play with others in group quests, dungeons or raids. We want to make our members feel at home. We are relaxed on online time, availability, participating in activities. Although each social group needs their rules, so do we. Our guild is like a community. We help each other out as and when we can, we chat, we have a laugh and we are here to enjoy ourselves. No one individual is more important than the rest and the officers exist to moderate, not dictate.

Anyone interested in joining our ranks, is encouraged to read the guild policies located on the guild website.

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