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The Last Battle For Lordaeron – By Brother Isiel MeymanehEdit

The two forces had joined, at last, the Paladins of the Silver Hand and the 3rd Lordaeron Battalion had unite for a single purpose, protect the survivors and lead them to the west, a new land was promised by Lady Proudmoore and Hope filled the people’s hearts once again.

Two days had past since the departure of Lordaeron, the survivors of the land couldn’t help to look back where all they had was shred into pieces by the morbid armies of Undeath.

Proudmoore at the front, Colonel Ironbear by her right side and Major Goldwood by her left, together, a woman, a man and a dwarf stood infront of a sea of Humans, High Elves and Dwarves. They had arrive to the shores of Lordaeron, an Armada stood in front of their eyes as their lips spread in hopeful smiles.

There, they established a Camp while various Platoons of Riflemen and Footmen kept their eyes watchful.

‘’Oy! Misseh! Yer sure tha’ ships are safe? Eh?!’’ shouted Ironbear while he and the new Assembly gathered ‘’Well Master Dwarf, it is obvious that our forces are shattered into pieces within their hearts, what I can only hope for is that this promised land lady Proudmoore speaks of, is indeed the right way.’’ answered the Major as he maintained his respectful posture. ‘’Milady… if I may take word..?’’ a voice echoed trough the tent as every single glance was shot towards him ‘’Footman…’’ muttered Major Goldwood ‘’Yes you may, Vaylor.’’ Answered Proudmoore in a gentle tone ‘’The only thing left for us to do in this land… is look behind and place our feet on these ships, why do we remain here?’’ ‘’We expect an attack, three of the riflemen who worked within our scouting party spotted an army of Undead down the road, the Paladins are standing outside the Encampment establishing their lines and getting ready to turn those Undead into ashes… the Civilians are not to gain knowledge of this for now. I can’t also forget about the Colonel’s men, they are hidden within the woods, they shall open fire as soon as the first beam of light is thrown from the Paladins, this time gentlemen… this time we are ready.’’

Meanwhile, the Silver Hand had gathered themselves, Garithar the Pure stood in front of that line, Eranar Shadowbane holding his hammer on a tight grip as he maintained his position besides his Superior as the rest of his Brethren. The white hoods covering their eyes as the perfect plated armour was bore over their clean tunics. ‘’Let the Light consume their living corpses!’’ were the words shouted from one point of the line to the other before muttered prays were spread through their lips. Strong beams of Light were thrown forwards colliding with the marching Undead.

‘’Imma’ orderin’ yer ta’ shoot yer boomstick!’’ shouted Captain Whitebeard as the triggers were pressed, silver bullets passing through the air before they did the same to the Undead, letting their corpses fall to the ground for short moments.

Then, the Silver Hand charged forward, swinging their weapons towards the Undead and blasting them into ashes with the Light . The Dwarfs pulled the triggers of their flintlocks by the last time and lighted the thrown dynamites towards the end of the Scourge lines, then, they threw their weight forward and fought bravely like their companions. Even if the Light turned the Undead into ashes, it made the Paladins grow weaker and not all of the their enemies were destroyed, more and more of them kept coming and that was when the Alliance forces started to fall back.

They looked back, they seemed lost when battle cries were heard from the distance ’’For Lordaeron! For the King!’’, then, silver armoured footmen and purple robed wizards marched to aid their Allies. The Kirin Ordae blasted the Undead before the Soldiers of the 3rd Lordaeron Battalion passed through them shouting in rage in a sturdy charge.

'’Finally you have arrived’’ grins Eranar Shadowbane as he glances towards Kaijan Vaylor, the two kept fighting as words were traded ‘’We couldn’t leave the Silver Hand take all the Glory, could we?’’ ‘’Is that all that matters right now’’ ‘’What would you expect… I’m sure we’re surviving this, why wouldn’t we take some glory from it, eh?’’ ‘’You army boys are all the same’’. The Paladin turned his attention towards the Footman for a short moment and a blade was spotted by the Footman, he extends his arm while holding his blade tightly, the Paladin ducks and the blade pierces through the Undead’s torso ‘’Oy!’’ ‘’What?! Look behind you!’’ Eranar blinked as another strike was swung by the Skeletal Warrior, he extends his open palm and lets a blast of light take its way towards his opponent’s head, making it blast backwards and turning into ashes over three fighting Dwarves ‘’Yer fockin’ Paladin! Watch where yer throw yer toys!’’ one of them shouted with a slight grin spread across his lips. ‘’Nonsense! What are you five brutes blabbering about?! Keep fighting if you want to keep your heads!’’ a Wizard belonging to the Kirin Tor said as he froze another of the Undead ‘’Just keep on playing with the dolls’’ he conjured an arcane bolt and threw it towards the Undead, making him shatter into pieces.

And so the battle took its role until the end of it.

‘’WE ARE VICTORIOUS!’’ the Superior of the Silver Hand shouted as cheers echoed through the battlefield, grey sand covered the dead bodies lying on the ground and wounds covering the alliance army’s bodies.

The four officers gathered themselves before the Captain of the 3rd Battalion grabbed the banner of Lordaeron and raised it up in the air ‘’FOR TERENAS!’’ and so, every single Footman, Paladin, Wizard and even the Dwarves followed this motion and turned their heads to the sky, opening their mouths wide open and letting the words be heard, so that these would gain a meaning, so that peace, honour and respect would be granted to their Last King.

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