Chapter 1:BirthEdit

It was a warm sunny day and Jane Clearblue was screaming as she was giving birth to Akoras.She'd been in labour for an hour or so and the baby was nearly out.

"Your doing well,it's a fast birth.."

She screamed some more.Then the baby was born.

"It's a Boy"said the nurse. "Akoras,I'll call him Akoras.."

High Commander Harry Hearthman was away in the East fighting Trolls and didn't know the child had been born.

A few days later.. "Darling!" Bursted Harry."I must see him.." He heard about the child from their neighbour.

Jane showed Harry the child and he smiled "He's beautiful..dear,will you marry me..?" He knelt down.

Jane's face lit up and she shouted "Yes!" They hugged and kissed and they sat down next to the fire and cuddled with their new child.

Chapter 2:The Call AwayEdit

20 Years later Jane and Harry were sitting at home when a messenger arrived "High Comander sir! *Salute* The King orders you to take your men to the Arathi Basin,apparently it needs help,from some Trolls in the area."

"Right.Jane,I must go,tell Akoras I'll be back soon.."
"Ok dear,be careful"

Later that day Akoras came home from his lessons with the other Paladins in the city..

"Where's dad?"
Jane burst out crying."He's Arathi Basin *cry* and there's a huge group of Trolls.."

((need to finish,from this point it's not actually the story,was just re-making it all))

Chapter 3:The Return of Harry and RoyceEdit

After a few years away,Royce and Harry came back from the Dark Portal to lead a life in Southshore of peace and tranquillity.The families lived in peace together and became great friends with eachother and the Innkeeper and merchants from Kul Tiras.The Farm around the back next to the river held Harry's horse,and the crops were gathered by Lurleen and Jane for the bread and cakes to sell at the inn

Chapter 4:Bad NewsEdit

One wet cold day a Small group of Stormwind soldiers rode into Soutshore wanting to talk to Harry "Marshal Harry?Where are you?"the messenger asked Harry walked out "Yes?" "News from Stormwind,sir" "Important?" "Very,it seems's.." a man beind him shouted "Orcs sir" Harry went white "Impossible!We drove them back,the Portal was destroyed!" "It seems they've opened it again,and made allies here" "Allies?" "Black Dragons" Royce came outside "Commander,we were just saying that.." "I know"he replied "You are to come to Stormwind as soon as possible!"said the messenger "Well,when is the boat comming for us then?"Harry aksed "You are to go...on Horse back" "What!?!?" "Goodluck sirs" and the group disappered into the darkness.

The next morning,Harry and Royce left early and jumped on their Horse and rode towards Thoradin's Wall and beyond. Lurleen and Jane were really sad,so they got their early cooking started. Akoras and Senoj were down by the docks,fishing for the Common Hillsbrad Trout.The Day was nearing 3pm and the clouds were getting dark,so the boys went inside to Have a drink of milk and to sit at the Inn.They were at the chairs near the counter when a large Human walked in.He was wearing Grand Marshal Armour and had a shining Shield and a Sword on his back. "Where is Marhsal Firwatcher?"he asked the Innkeper "Well,a messenger group arrived this morning and told him he was needed in Stormwind"replied Innkeeper Anderson "Damn,I've just come to pick him up and the other Lordaeron Soldiers"replied the General "That's weird,the messenger said there was no boat" "Do you know his name?" "Yes"he said"I think it's Kieron Haronson,From Alterac,Stormwind soldier though" "Weird,no-one in our Garrisons to the south by that name..." Suddenly a loud screach came from outside and there it was,a Gryphon with a Wildhammer on his back."Ye be the Grand Marshal?" "Yes,why?Are you a messenger from Stormwind?" "Aye,That Laddy named Harry Firewatcher gives ye this message,here ye go" The message read: Grand Marshal,I have arrived at Stormwind to find that there was a boat going to Southshore.I am at the Command Center and I need you to sort out that messenger.Yours Marshal Firewatcher

"Damn,Go to Stormwind to tell the Marshal I'm coming" The dwarf nodded and left,The Grand Marshal ran to the boat,and it set off.

Chapter 5:Second War VictoryEdit

The Second War had passed and the Messenger killed as he was a dragon.The Horde were put In camps,The People of Southshore went to Hide when It was burnt down and the Portal...destroyed.On a warm day during the year,a Boat pulled into Southshore and the village was decorated with open arms to the heroes of the war.Out walked a few soldiers Fresh Recruits but well trained,Many Orcs came guarded,a few body bags and some soldiers who didn't go into the Portal for the expedition.The orcs were taken to the newly built Durnholde Keep.A messenger came out and walked into the Town Hall. Minutes later thr Mayor shouted "Citizens of Southshore!The Horde are now in Camps or Stuck on Draenor!" The Town cheered "But..."the town went silent"But,the Portal collapsed and the Soldiers are either alive of dead,I feel for all of you for anyone who lost family members"he looked at Jane and Lurleen.

Year 16

As Akoras was hanging with Senoj in the Town Center as two Paladins rode in and shoute "Does any Human,Dwarf or High Elf wish to join the Silver Hand?" Akoras stood up and said "I do,Milord" Senoj was white and said "Akoras,no who will I be friends with?" but Akoras had left.

Chapter 6:Third and Final War?Edit

As many People at the Southshore Inn were worried about Akoras being in the Northlands.Senoj signed up to the Southshore Regiment of the Lordaeron Military.But all Regiments were to join Arthas in Northrend,so he did.As he borded the Southshore Regiment Ship,The Hillsbrad Star,he saw a group of Paladins of the Silver Hand walk on,and enter the Private Rooms of the Ship.

It was a Long Journey to Northrend but they got there.After Landing in a Zone known as Dragonblight,the Soldiers and Arthas Walked on to Mal'ganis.Senoj and a few others had to Guard the Ship and Paladins who were inside. After sometime the Ships were being burnt but the Paladins and the Southshore Regiment managed to take a boat and sailed for Home. The Ship pulled into Baradin Bay,and Akoras' Mother ran and hugged him.Akoras left his things and went down to the River with his Mother.They were taken by Scourge.He was used a Stratholme Commander and she and Lurleen were eaten.

Senoj was shocked when he walked off the boat to find no Family there,he looked for his mother but she was eaten.He ran to the Inn's cellar and cried for hours on end.

Chapter 7:Four Years TimeEdit

After Four years Akoras' position was the same aswell as Senoj's in the Military.Southshore had been attacked and made new allied called Mountaineers Third,who occupied Dun Garok.Many Orcs had escaped and Durnhole was in ruins,aswell ass all Orc Prison Camps.Many bad things had happened,but most were reolved...

Chapter 8:The Dark Portal OpensEdit

After a Year of working in Southshore,an Old boat came to Southshore.On it were old Soldiers who went oN the Expedition.Senoj recognized was Harry,Akoras' Father!Alive,unlike the others.He stepped off the Boat and said"Ah,Senoj,where is Jane and Akoras?" "D-d-Dead,sir" "No,they can't be,but.." "Scourge stole my mother,Jane and Akoras.Jane and my Mother were eaten and Akoras is a Death Knight" "Damned Scourge,well son,I have news for you too,your Father was caught in the Portal when it collapsed,he died" They were both silent for days. After that,Harry killed himself,and Senoj was on his own again.

Chapter 9:Knights of Death AlliedEdit

A year went past and Akoras went to Archerus to help against the Scarlet Crusade.After a battle with the Argent Dawn,he was a founding member of the Ebon Blade,so he went to Stormwind to Ally he two Factions.Many great things happened when he got there as he met Senoj,who was coming out of Old Town.But suddenly Senoj felt awkward around Akoras so they never spoke to eachother again,and now they've gone their seprate ways in the Military.

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