The Lore KeepersEdit

We're what ever you want us to be.

Who we are and what we doEdit

We're a mix of RP'ers, general gamers, PVP'ers and raiders.

The Guild itself does NOT claim to do anything IC. The characters that people play have nothing to do with the Guild and have their own stories, associates, etc.

Our Guild is more of a community than a strict and organised Guild.

We do what we want when we want and people can come and go as they like.

Who can join?Edit

If you want to join then cool. Give me a whisper or send me a mail in-game and I'll get back to you asap.

As long as you're not a total retard there shouldn't be a problem.


Raid (Pre-BC, BC, WOTLK)



Instance (Heroic and Normal)


And generally enjoy the game!

Roles within the Lore KeepersEdit

At the moment we're fiddling with the ranks. But basically the system is as follows; the more I like you the higher your rank.

The highest is Exalted (second to Captain Birdseye, but that's a special rank that only Barshe gets!)

Guild MastersEdit

Kenelas and Barshe


That's me!! Wooooo!

And Barshe is co. GM. Kind of...


1. If you're an idiot then don't even bother whispering me.

2. I hate ninjas and people who have to resort to swearing and being rude when things don't go their way. So none of those please.

3. Be NICE!

4. And no bullying. At all.

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