(From left to right) Aremoth Quae'Dorae, Kierous Lionheart and Drooge Ana'thariel.

The Magisterial Guard[edit | edit source]

IC Information[edit | edit source]

The Magisterial Guards is a Body with the Mission to protect the Magisters. It is not burdened with the responsibility of protecting Silvermoon and her peoples. It was formed by Magister Faronus Quae'duce as a response to the threats of Bloodguarde and his associates, a rebelious Blood Elf who plans to murder every single Magister in the city . Unfortunately due to budget reasons and the death of Bloodguarde The Magisterial Guard was forced to disband. Their military demobilised and Magisters relocated to other departments within the Silvermoon beaurocracy.

However, with the advent of a new renegade sect of avid Kael'thas supporters within Silvermoon, numerous internal terrorist attempts and the sudden politically motivated murder of over a dozen Magisters, The Magisterial Guard was hastily set up; Magister Drooge Ana'thariel promoted to head the operation, Blood Lord Kierous and Champion Knight Aremoth pulled from the front to aid in the Military affairs. The Magisterial Guard spy network was quickly reestablished and numerous terrorist and Kael'thas loyalist groups infiltrated.

OOC Information[edit | edit source]

The Magisterial Guard is a Roleplaying Guild based in Silvermoon. We take any class, though our objective is to have a majority of Paladins, Warriors and Hunters and (due purely to RP reasons) a majority of Blood Elves, but any race can join. We wish to seperate ourselves from the Silvermoon RP community as a whole due to, as we see it, rubbish RP. This would make us an openly elitist RP guild. We pride ourselves on our brilliant RP and strive to RP within the guild and set up our own guild events internally!

Guild chat is completey OOC!

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Blood Lord Kierous - Lord of our Military and Knights. By Royal Edict he is to be Our shining beacon in these troubled times!
Arch-Magister Drooge Ana'thariel - Senior Magister and head of Internal Affairs. Our representative to the Magisterial Council.
Knight Champion Aremoth - Champion of Our Military and Knights. Heads Our Royal Cavalry And Knights.
Officers - Captain, Magister and Lieutenant for each respective class type.
Veterans - Sergeant, Arcanist and Ranger for each respective class type.
Guard - Mage Guard, Apprentice and Farstrider for each respective class type.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

A high level of Roleplaying. Your spelling doesn't have to be perfect, but we will not accept Leetspeak of any form outside OOC channels. The rest of the basic Roleplaying rules apply (no poweremoting, metagaming, etc.)

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