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We see Imoen at the plaguelands, before it looked dead it is now filled with men and women all over the place, Imoen tries to barge her way threw to see what’s happening.

Imoen: Move! Light’s sake…Scarlet Crusader here, move!

No one moves she only over hears conversations

Knight 1: So, do we have any suspects?

Knight 2: Apart from Thel'danis, no nothing and even he didn't see who did it.

Knight 1: Damn.

Imoen: Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear but...who are you talking about?

The two Knights turn to Imoen they are wearing the tabard of the Argent Dawn.

Knight 2: One of your sisters, we warned you it would catch up to you eventually.

Knight 1: She won’t listen friend, don’t waste your breath…

Knight 2: No, listen Scarlet. One of your kind was saved by a night elf-

Imoen: Woah wait a second a night elf?

Knight 2: I have been to your prayers sister…I can understand your distrust…

Pans back to a the cathedral we see Habeus giving out a prayer, some night elf walks up and starts jumping all over the place.

Loony: Blargh! Noob! Lol!

Habeus: Ahem, yes…and so the light-

Loony: Yeah shake it baby!

Starts dancing rubbing his arse against Habeus,

Habeus: My Goodness! Knights!

a knight walks up to him he runs up onto the altar.

Starts clapping his hands and doing the tune the full monty and starts striping.

Loony: Bah, bada bada bah, bah bada bada bada ba da DUM!

Aanson: [low voice] Light’s sake not again…

The archbishop puts his hands on his face, then a pairs of pants land on his head.

Archbishop: Oh heavens…it’s the seventh one this week!

Flashes back to the two knights.

There is a pause for three seconds.

Knight 1: So we can understand they disrespect you sister…but we don’t let it get to us, heck we even let the forsaken in our order, their not so bad once you get to know them.

Imoen: Hmph. Sister Elizabetha was on a mission here…she was saved by a night elf, ok that’s good-

Imoen goes to turn away.

Knight 2: Wait! We have something to tell you!

Knight 1: She’s at darnassurus she asked to see you!

Imoen: Oh, ok thank you.

Imoen walks back to the Gryphon rider, she flies off.

Knight 2: Why didn’t you tell her?

Knight 1: She has to learn, why we left the crusade in the first place…

The two knights bicker and we flash back to Imoen who runs onto a boat.

When she arrives at the city to night elven guards walk up to her.

Night elf guard 1: Stop!

Imoen sighs

Imoen: What now? I have to go see Sister Elizabetha.

Night elf guard 2: Let her pass…be warned if you do anything like last time, Scum. We will attack you on the site! Elune be with you.

Imoen sighs shakes her head. She walks threw a teleporter and as she walks out of the teleporter we see a young woman wearing the scarlet uniform runs up to her.

Sarah: Imoen! Come quick!

Imoen: Saryah! Wh-whats happened?

Saryah: No time to explain…follow me!

Imoen and Saryah run off, they both go towards the temple, there are small towers near the temple. Saryah stops.

Saryah: now was the left or the right…?

She runs to the right then stops midway Imoen almost falls over Sarah.

Saryah: Oppsie, This way.

Imoen rolls her eyes and they go into this small tower, we see a few night elves wrapping someone up they are in front of someone.

One points at Imoen and Sarah, one of them comes up to Sarah.

Elizabetha blind

Elizabetha blind

Priest: She’ll be fine after a while, she’s recovering quite well…it’s the mind that will take a while..

Elizabetha: Who’s there?! Who are you talking to?

Imoen’s face is shocked and her eyes fills up with tears.

Imoen: Mother!?!

Elizabetha: Imoen?

All the priests part away from Elizabetha they all nod to each other and leave her with Imoen and Sarah.

Imoen: By the light…what did they do? Are you ok?

Elizabetha's voice is very frantic, we can hear her

Elizabetha: They stabbed them out sister…they thought I was a threat…I told them, begged them I wasn’t…they didn’t listen…I've lost everything. Why has this happened to me? Why have I been punished so?

Imoen punches the ground, Elizabetha jumps.

Imoen: Don't worry sister, you will have your revenge-

Elizabetha: Revenge!?! Revenge!?! Is that what you want? is that how you think you would honor me and Khallid? is it?

Imoen: I...

Saryah: Surely we can’t just let them get away with it sister…?

Elizabetha: Saryah? Is that you?

Saryah: Yes it’s me.

Elizabetha: Just, leave them be. The light will sort them out.

Imoen lets out an angry sigh

Elizabetha: Imoen…don’t you even think about it.

Imoen goes to say something but then stops herself.

Imoen: So…how are you feeling?

Elizabetha: …this is going to take some getting used to…because…

We only see the back of Elizabetha as she takes off a blind fold. Imoen’s face is shocked and upset, Saryah is shocked and runs out side being sick.

Elizabetha: You see sister…there is nothing left…

Imoen: Light…

Elizabetha: I cannot be your mother anymore Imoen, I cannot serve the light, I cannot fight...

Imoen:'s'll be fine you'll get over this the light will get you threw it. Look even the priests here are taking care of you

Saryah walks in wiping her mouth.

Saryah: Those Tree rats? They’ll be quick to-

Elizabetha: I will not hear such things Sarah, without these people I would of died now leave me alone…I need to rest.

Elizabetha tries to lie down but hits her head on a stone, she tries again but hits it again on another side of the stone, she pauses takes a deep breath…Imoen and Sarah walk in to help she is laid down on the grass but she looks upset.

Imoen and Saryah both leave, they see another woman out side she is wearing huge platemail she has long blonde hair and a huge two handed sword.

Saryah: Those basterds! We should kill them!

Imoen: I hear ya. But she didn’t want me to…

Saryah: Who says she’s going to find out? Come on you must be pissed about this?

Imoen: I am…

Saryah: Those assholes are going to pay for what they did…ripping out her eyes…she didn’t even do anything I bet…and she’s around all these damn elves…they’ll kill her and she doesn’t want us to do anything…

Saryah pauses and closes her eyes, Imoen walks up to her putting her hand on her shoulder. The woman approaches.

Honoria: Silly, Selfish little girl…

Saryah: What did you say!?!

Honoria: Listen to yourself, All me me me when you should be thinking about Elizabetha.

Saryah: But I need her!

Honoria: 'You' Need her I think it's Elizabetha who needs us at the moment.

Imoen: She won’t be around forever sister, im hurt and angry by this as much as you are…we’ll just have to try and make her feel better.

Honoria: Yes. You do that…now excuse me.

Honoria walks off into the tower where Elizabetha is.

Imoen: Who was that?

Saryah: Oh, just an old Scarlet member…I didn’t like her.

Imoen: Oh, why?

Saryah: I don’t know…you know some people you just don’t like sister?

She glares at Honoria, who is smiling gently at Elizabetha stroking her hair. Imoen notices this to Elizabetha wakes up her face is upest and she is looks as if she is crying, Honoria conforts her.

Imoen: you think she'll be alright?

Saryah: Hmm, well she does have a lot of people taking care of her, even if they are tree rats.

Imoen: Elizabetha sure knows alot of people...

Saryah: Yup, she is one of nicest Scarlets in the Crusade...the most emotional to.

Imoen: Really?

Saryah: Well. yeah she never used to turn up to our events when we used to arrest someone or the fabled prayers at this my what a angry crowd we pulled that day.

Imoen: All I know of her is that she teaches all of us the three virtues, she doesn't turn up to events which could upset other people and she doesn't go on patrols with us.

Saryah: Ah, then you don't know her very well then?

Imoen: ...I guess not.

Saryah: Hey, chin up. Lets go grab an inn sleep this over then tomorrow we'll think about what to do next.

Imoen: Alright.

They both walk off, they approach an inn, however his inn has no walls.

Innkeeper: Welcome my friends to- Oh your one of them…look can’t we just get along?

Saryah: Hey steady, we only need a room.

Innkeeper: Aye, if I get any problems with you two don't think I won't hesitate to call the guards.

Saryah: You won't get any problems now, you giving us a room or what?

Innkeeper: Hmph here, you can have that one above us.

Saryah: That one!? But it doesn't have any walls!

Innkeeper: Take it or leave it.

Saryah: Argh! Fine.

Imoen and Sarah both go upstairs they look at their room and Imoen looks uncomfortable Sarah looks angry.

Saryah: Unbelievable bet he'll be looking at us getting unchanged, stupid tree rat pervert.

Imoen: You know, I think i'll sleep in my armor tonight.

Saryah turns towards Imoen

Saryah: Don't worry i'm sure he won't.

Imoen: Oh no it's not that I just need to get used to wearing my armor.

Saryah: Imoen, don't worry I was joking...why are you so afraid of people looking at you that way, your not ugly.

Imoen goes silent

Saryah: Just get in those covers and get unchanged in there if it worries you so much.

Imoen: Alright.

Saryah rolls her eyes as she goes to get into the other side of the bed Imoen stops

Imoen: Wait, your sleeping with me?

Saryah: Silly head. Of course I am!

Imoen: Erm...I...I think i'll sleep on the floor.

Saryah: Oh come on! cut it out already. I'm not going to have sex with you or anything we'll sleep like sisters.

Imoen: Sorry...

Saryah: Don't be. Come on lets just go to sleep ok?

Imoen: ...ok.

Imoen curls up in a ball. Sarah turns over to Imoen and looks at her for a few moments, she sighs and turns back over to her side of the bed.

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