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We see Imoen covered in darkness she’s sitting on a chair. We only see Imoen.

Aanson appears but his tone in monotone and has no expression.

Imoen: He…it’s my fault, I didn’t want her to be involved in this…

Aanson: It’s inevitable.

Imoen: Why are you doing this…?

Aanson: You know why.

Pauses for a few seconds.

Imoen Swings her fist at Aanson but her arm goes straight threw him.

Aanson: It’s pointless…you don’t fit in.

A figure of Elizabetha of appears she is staring blankly forward her voice is cold and monotone.

Elizabetha: That’s because you don’t belong here…you have tried…so so many times, rejected, so many times.

Aanson: Even now you are.

Imoen: Shut up! Leave me alone!

Aanson: Maybe if she could act more feminine should we be accepted?

Elizabetha: She couldn’t. She can’t. She won’t.

Aanson: There is no hope in this vain world.

Imoen: Get out! I hate you! Leave me alone!

Elizabetha walks off and fades off, Imoen gets up off her seat and starts running towards her.

Imoen: No mother! Don’t leave me I love you! Please come back!

Imoen stops and we see the burning knight in Aanson’s dream appear in front of her.

The knights voice is screeching and dark.

Knight: Come into my arms…

Imoen: Noooo! Get away from me!

Imoen turns and runs away from the knight, the knight lets her run and starts counting.

Knight: One.

Imoen: No!

Knight: Two.

Imoen: Leave me alone!

Knight: Three!

Imoen starts to run out of breath and looks behind her seeing the knight run towards her cackling and twitching violently as it runs towards her.

All of a sudden she is grabbed by the neck and throw aside a man with long white hair stands in front of the knight. The Flaming knight embraces the mysterious man.

Imoen is holding her neck coughing violently and crying at the same time.

Aanson appears behind her.

Aanson: We are always there. You cannot run from the truth.

Imoen: I…-sob-…hate you…why are you doing this! WHY!?!

The flame knight and the man suddenly disappear.

Aanson: We love you Imoen. We are the only ones who do.

Imoen: By doing this to me!

Aanson: Yes, you will understand soon enough Imoen…when everything is lost, soon. You will see the truth. Now…GET UP!

Imoen suddenly wakes up. Sarah is next to her lying on her side staring at Imoen. Imoen starts crying at turns away from Sarah, Sarah puts her hand on Imoen’s shoulder comforting her.

Saryah: Hey, sister what’s wrong why are you crying?

Imoen: I had a nightmare.

Saryah: What was it about?

Imoen: Oh, nothing…I’m going home now.

Sarah: Oh, wait aren’t you going to see Elizabetha?

Imoen: I just need to get away.

Imoen gets out of bed and gets changed, Sarah looks confused as if she might of done something wrong.

Sarah: Hey. I hope your not creeped out sleeping next to me.

Imoen: -sigh- Don’t worry, it’s not your fault it’s mine.

Sarah: You shouldn’t so hard on yourself everyone gets insecure about things.

Imoen turns to Sarah and forces a smile

Imoen runs off, Sarah just looks confused and shrugs gets changed and walks off.

We pan staright back to Imoen who is in the Stormwind chathedral she is praying.

Imoen: Light, please I beg of you…cure me of these dreams, they have been going on a long time now…I do not wish to dream of it anymore…please make it stop…light be praised.

We hear Hejin voice coming from behind her

Hejin: You still hold onto Elizabetha’s silly superstitions?

Imoen quickly turns around however Hejin isn’t there.

Imoen: Where are you!? Cowardly snake!

Hejin lets out a sinister chuckle

Hejin: How amusing.

Imoen pulls out her sword she sees his shadow next to a pillar she runs up and hacks at the pillar but there is no one there.

Hejin cackles and then howls like a wolf.

Imoen looks franticly around the cathedral.

Hejin: No where to run…in your dreams…in your reality…we are everywhere!

Imoen: Come out you coward!

A random priest taps on Imoen’s shoulder she turns quickly looking aggressive. The priest looks shocked but quickly changes his expression to anger.

Priest: Sister, please stop your shouting your scaring the visitors.

Imoen: What!? Can’t you hear him? He’s around here somewhere.

Priest: Who?

Hejin leans over the priests shoulder and grins.

Imoen: There!

The priest turns around but Hejin vanishes.

Priest: Right, that’s enough of those tricks sister. Nearly gave me a heart attack then.

Imoen: But he-

Priest: No! I won’t hear another word of it! Now go on out! Come back when you’ve calmed down a bit.

Imoen: You have to be kidding me!?

Imoen glares at the priest

Priest: Don’t make me call the Crusaders to detain you sister…these silly games end now…now go!

Imoen snorts angrily and walks off. We her Hejin cackle in the background madly.

We now hear Imoen thoughts as she walks into the trade district. There are thounsands of people walking around Imoen is in the middle of it all just standing still letting the people brush past her.

Imoen: This is all my fault…if she wasn’t my foster mother, then she wouldn’t of been targeted. How could of I been so stupid…now I’ve ruined her life…forever…but that’s what I do isn’t it…jump from one friendship to the next leaving nothing but destruction…He won’t rest till he gets what he wants, me. Sometimes I think to myself to just give in…to just let him have me…but then the foolish side of me screams for me not to give up, to fight on…I don’t want to put people threw pain anymore…

We hear a woman’s voice in hear mind.

Woman’s voice: Don’t give up, my love.

Imoen looks up suddenly but no one is there. All of a sudden she hears a shop keeper shouting

Shop keeper: Get your delicious food right ere! Get it whilst it’s hot!

Imoen smiles gently and walks towards the stall.

Pans back to the cathedral

Aanson walks out of his quarters and walks upstairs and he sees to priests talking he approaches them.

Aanson: Hail! Have you heard any news from Sister Imoen?

Priest: Well she was here a minute ago screaming and shouting to herself.

Aanson: What?

Priest: Indeed, she almost attacked me.

Aanson: What? Where is she now?

Priest: Gone back to Darnassurus I suppose. To go see-

We hear a scream

Aanson: That was Suzanne!

The priest and Aanson both look at each other and run out of the cathedral.

Pans back to Imoen she is at Elune’s temple. We see Elizabetha lying a slab next to a pool of glowing water there are two night elf next to her. Imoen is holding a huge sack, eventually the two night elves get it u. Elizabetha grabs her walking stick and prods her way forward, Imoen walks up to her.

Imoen: Greetings sister-

Elizabetha jumps

Elizabetha: Imoen, please don’t do that.

Imoen: Oh, uh sorry.

Elizabetha: Right.

Imoen: Wait, I have something for you sister…I was wondering if you weren’t busy we could have dinner?

Elizabetha smiles

Elizabetha: Alright.

Elizabetha prods her way towards her tower.

Elizabetha: Now there is a rock here…Imoen?

Imoen: Your almost there.

Elizabetha prods the floor until she hears her staff hit a stone.

Elizabetha: Ah there we go.

Imoen: Do you need a hand sister?

Elizabetha: No, I can manage.

Elizabetha carries on tapping her staff on the ground and the slowly make there way to the tower, Imoen is smiling and encouraging her.

Imoen: Your getting good at this sister.

Elizabetha: Thank you Imoen, I have been practicing now there is a huge rock here…when I find it we will sit there.

Imoen: Ok

Elizabetha slowly makes her way towards a stone the stone has a huge hole threw it, in the hole there is a glowing light.

Elizabetha: Yes, I remember that light…I did it.

Imoen: I knew you could do it.

Elizabetha smiles and she sits down. Imoen pulls out a huge pot, some bread and some lobsters.

Imoen: Ok madam we have your first dish, Murloc soup.

Elizabetha smiles then frowns.

Elizabetha: This is all very nice Imoen but how can I eat this…

Imoen: I can help you.

Elizabetha: Great im going to be fed like a child.

Imoen: I’ll help you out only if you want me to.

Elizabetha fondles the soup bowl looking for the she accidently touches the soup and curses, we hear Imoen’s thoughts as we Elizabetha trying to find the spoon.

Imoen: I’m so hopless…what a fool I am…soup and lobster…this is only making her feel worse. There were right, I can’t do this…

A tear fall down Imoen’s cheek, Elizabetha eventually find the spoon but when she tries to eat it she spills it on herself.

Elizabetha sighs angrily

Elizabetha: I apperiate this Imoen, I really do. But I don’t think I can eat this.

Imoen: It’s ok…I have some bread here, and some melon juice.

Elizabetha smiles

Elizabetha: That should be a lot easier.

Imoen rips off some bread and hands over the bottle of Melon juice to Elizabetha, she manages to drink it with ease and she eats the bread easily. Whilst she is eating this Imoen puts the lobsters back in the nap sack and tips the soup away.

Elizabetha: This is very nice of you Imoen. Oh how I wish I could see your face again…

Imoen: You know sister…when I was young one of the best paladins was blind he said it made him realise about his other senses. He was amazing in combat.

Elizabetha: I hate being like this sister…

Imoen: I wish I could take your pain…why has the light let this happen?

Elizabetha: I don’t know sister…

Imoen: Anyway, enough of this depressing talk. Eat up.

Elizabetha forces a smile.

Imoen: Anyway, things will all work out sister don’t worry.

Elizabetha: -sigh- Yeah…

Aanson runs in out of breath.

Imoen: Aanson!

Elizabetha: Oh hello Brother.

Aanson: Yes, hello sister…

Aanson looks at Elizabetha’s blindfold

Aanson: What happened sister?

Elizabetha: An attack brother…

Imoen: I’ll tell you all about it Aanson. Don’t think about it to much Sister…now Aanson, what’s wrong? Or did you just come to say hello to Elizabetha?

Aanson: I wish…sister you have to…can I talk to you outside sister?

Imoen: Sure.

As Aanson and Imoen walk out another person walks in he’s wearing long robes and has brown short hair and a beard.

Imoen: Light’s sake! She’s so busy.

Aanson: Enough about her she has enough attention as it is-

Imoen: Excuse me!

Aanson: Shut up for five minutes! Clarizy and Hejin-

Imoen: What have they-

Aanson: Be quiet will you! They have captured Suzanne I don’t know what they are going to do but you have to come help as soon as possible quick jump in my portal.

Imoen nods in agreement pulls out her sword and shield. Aanson mutters some spell and a portal appears Imoen jumps in and Aanson soon after.

To be continued…

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