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Basic InformationEdit

  • The Moonberry Juice Tavern is a mature, casual guild.
  • Our main focus is to create a friendly, fun environment for our members. Older members will offer assistance to the newer or lower level characters.
  • We are a casual guild who enjoys a challenge. Recently we challenged ourselves to getting into Naxx and achieved it, now we are taking up Ulduar and uncovering its secrets that are locked deep inside.
  • We are also a PVP and RP friendly guild meaning we don't mind you doing your own thing, even though guild chat is kept OOC.


Who's WhoEdit

· The Current Guild leader, known as the Landlady is Lundie who has a trusty Bar Team helping lead the guild to better and bigger things.

They include Killswitch as Bar Manager, a quite man but knows whats what.

The Guild's Raid supervisors include, Elronia, Quickcast, Zodiac, Psitarius and Metal they are in charge of putting together the raids and running them smoothly, (The names not mentioned are the alts of the Guild leader and the Bar manager.)

We currently have no Bar Supervisors who are not an alt of anyone mentioned above.

The training rank for officers are known as Bar Staff, which are followed by Regulars, Tipplers and Bar Visitors.

General InformationEdit

  • No character or class restrictions.
  • Alts are allowed inside the guild, although we expect you to mark alts as such in your public note.
  • Discrimination, bullying, and harassment will NOT be tolerated, no matter if you claim to be RP'ing or not. End of story.
  • We do ask that you avoid 'l33t' speak - we're all adults, we take the time to write in full sentences.
  • We maintain a Guild Bank which has a rich variety of items in its tabs, its open to all members but sections are only accessible by our ranking system.
  • Our new forums are at Please register with your main characters name and tell us a little bit about yourself in the general banter section which is open to all.

Joining the TavernEdit

Look out for Callisa or any of the Bar team for more information about us whilst exploring your way around the Steamwheedle Cartel Realm. And if you see any of us in-game, feel free to give us a poke and introduce yourself.

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