The Moonguard is a fairly small roleplaying community, formed up to be a band of heroes to fight the many forms of evil opposing the innocent folk back home through means not all to common. Many evil guilds have trouble finding advisaries that want to fight back, the Moonguard will.

Mission Edit

The Moonguard's ultimate mission is to destroy evil that threatens them within their own walls, the darkness that could be disguised as your friend.. your lover, even your own shadow. One of the ways to do that, is to forge weapons with powers, abilities, enchants, forces of good to smite darkness and drive it back into the Twisting Nether..

History Edit

After a long time of weakness, watching evil slowly destroy their own homes, Shandaris Emeraldgrace desided to take war back to it, so many threats and everyone more or less simply waits around to get killed. After discussing some ideas with a friend, Kiva Brightmoon, they formed The Moonguard, named after the old Kaldorei police which had a similar purpose, but used different methods. This organization will lead campains against the evil closest to home, and forge weapons to obliterate it.

The Hand of the Ancients Edit

This ancient weapon, said to have been forged during the war of the ancients, from water of the Well of Eternity itself to aid fight the comming legion. But the story tells that the maker was consumed by the blade, and he ended up destroying himself along with shattering the sword. Now, The Moonuard traveled the length of Azeroth to retrive the shards of the weapon, and reforge it before the Twilight Cult could do the same. The Moonguard successfuly reforged the blade, but not moments after the weapon stood strong, erupting with arcane energy, it was stolen from them. Now it is unknown what happened to the sword. But late infomation may suggest it is within the hands of the Cult.

Members & Weapons Edit

Gallery Edit

Moonguard in Silithus (2)

The Moonguard during the expedition to Silithus

Moonguard in Silithus (5)
Rifts portals

The Moonguard and allies from the Northwind Free Company attempting to close a magical rift on a hill near Dalaran

Rifts portals (5)
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