Sylvanas Windrunner created a subgroup for the Apothecary Society wich was holding their base of operation in Northrend after the Wrath Gate event. This group was incharge of Grand Apothecary Mackus Bensson. During its existence, Mackus was able to gain a good relationship with the Suncrown Conclave and the Beastmaw Clan. But just months after the groups creation, Mackus recived new orders and turn over his leadship of the group to Lundstark Andholm, a great Master Apothecary.

Mackus Bensson's leadershipEdit

Mackus gain the trust to lead this special group of the Society because of his skills in Alchemy and his excellent diplomatic skills. Mackus first mission after he had been giving this role was to get on the "right foot" with the Blood elven; Suncrown Conclave. They welcomed Mackus and his group in friendship on a proffessional level for the Horde's cause. Mackus was now able to gather herbs and other material for the groups research in the Blood elven land without any questions.

The Beastmaw Clan and The CouncilEdit

It took a few weeks before Mackus made contact with the Beastmaw Clan, by the fact that Mackus had no intension of progress his work to Kalimdor, and for that, the relation with the Orc was not really nessecary.

However, after it came to Mackus attension that the Orc had a Council for the Northrend Effort in Warsong Hold with members from all the races of the Horde, Mackus couldn't ignore them anymore. He contacted General Torakk in hope of beeing part of this Council. Torakk replied in short that they were welcome.

Lundstark AndholmEdit

After awhile, Mackus Bensson recived new orders and a new assignement, he was immedietly to return to the Royal Quarter to be breifed on a classifed matter. Mackus Bensson was informed that Lundstark Andholm would take over the leadership of group itself. Most of the groups members didn't get a chance to be informed of this and was suprised to see a new leader within their ranks. Aswell for the Suncrown and Beastmaw Clan didn't get this information through the channels and didn't like how fast the change of leadership came.

Andholm lacked some good qualities from Mackus Bensson. For one, he was terrible on diplomacy, he often expressed his dislike of the Horde in open halls. He honored the his new assignement and took his best abilities to perform it, but his lust to kill off every orc he spotted was hard to restrain.

General Torakk from the Beastmaw, and Master Faroth'arn from the Suncrown generally accepted Lundstark Andholm as the new leader of the Society group but didn't for a second trust him. Lundstark had no problem to speak with the Suncrown but the Beastmaw was pure pain to be in touch with. However, Lundstark didn't care about Atal Loa and didnt put in any effort of reaching them in talks.

Great discoveryEdit

Lundstark gain a report from Mackus Bensson that he has found a abonndond outpost in Dragonblight belonging to the dead Putress. Mackus wrote in the report that samples of the Blight has been found, including the formula to create it.

Lundstark venture to Dragonblight and meet up with Mackus in Venomspite to talk things over. Mackus ordered Lundstark to take the formula back to Apothecarium and beging experiment with it to create a new version of it. One that the Horde could accept and to work for the Forsaken cause.

Lundstark was puzzled with all this and saw no reason to do this or even tell the Horde about it, But Mackus didn't reveal any of his plans to Lundstark and said to him in a simple manner "It is the Banish Queen's bidding!".

Lundstark Obeyed and a few days later he summoned the Council members to Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord to discuss this discovery and hope to given the right to work on it. General Torakk, Master Faroth'arn and Skeler from The Fist of Vengeance didn't like this at all. They couldn't see a good reason why to bring this Blight back to this world and suggested that it would be burned then resurrected. Lundstark needed to improvise and just said in open that the new Blight will only affect the Undead and not the living. The Council members didn't really belive Lundstark but found this interesting. The Council voted yes for the Society to research on the matter and only after a successful demonstration would give a judgement from the Council. Lundstark accepted this and relised that this would bring up the tension even more and might be hard to control.


The Suncrown Conclave have suggested to the Council that their next target would be Zul'drak. With the upcoming assault on the Icecrown Citadel itself, the forces of Zul'drak could be a potential ambush from the Scourge forces there. The Beastmaw Clan agree that this threat needed to be put down as soon as possible.

Research and DemonstrationEdit

The Research had begun and Lundstark kept track on every detail of the research. Though it didn't take long to complete the research and make it just deadly to the Undead, Lundstark saw this more of a weapon against themself then their enemies.

Lundstark summoned the Council weeks later to the Apothecarium in Undercity for the denomstration. All members arrived and was very curious on the demonstration. The Demonstration was in short successful and killed the test subject in a matter of seconds. The Council voted yes for the Improved Blight to be continued worked on but not to be created in great numbers. Lundstark saw this vote as a great victory for the Society, even if he didn't know Mackus agenda.

The tensionEdit

After the demonstration was made and the meeting was over, Lundstark could see more clearly how the orcs and the Blood elven was kept on their toes and peer their eyes on the society. Lundstark saw that the longer this get, the bigger chance is that they will lose their voice in the Council. However, it was the Dark Lady's bidding and he won't let anyone stop him.

The Travel of Beastmaw ClanEdit

With the assault drawing closer, the Beastmaw Clan travled from Warsong Hold to Sunreaver Command in Crystalsong Forest, where the Suncrown will meet up with General Torakk and his troops. Lundstark was already there and was waiting for Faroth'arn to reveal his strategy. Lundstark got a message from Mackus and was told that Lundstark was to do anything in his power to make sure that the Society will be incontrol to attack Koldramas, Necropolis. Also that some shipment with the improved blight developed by Mackus and will be sent to Agmar's Hammer in Dragonblight.

Lundstark ventured to Agmar's Hammer to pick up the supplies himself, only to see that the Beastmaw was there, resting before continue their venture to Sunreavers Command. Lundstark saw no otherway then to ride with them and tell them that the crated contains healing potions.. lucky enough, no one checked.

Lundstark and the Beastmaw arrived at Sunreavers Command without any casualties and Faroth'arn welcomed them well and wanted to share his knowledge and reports on Zul'drak immedatly. After a brief from Faroth'arn Lundsrk suggested the other leaders that the Society could assault the Koldramas, leaving the rest of the Horde forces south flank clear. The rest of the council had no problem with this and told Lundstark to mak his men ready.

The real agendaEdit

Lundstark meet Mackus in secret in Dragonblight to let him know on the current events. Mackus told Lundstark that his objective was to retreive a crystal-matrix in Koldramas wich is powered by a Necropolis guardian on the roof. There is to be belived that this crystal can be the answer on a secret plague that Mackus has been working on since he left the society. After the mission is accomplished, The society will leave the field and venture back to Venomspite and deliver the crystal to Mackus. Lundstark expressed his concern how the Council will react to this and will probably see this as a betrayal. Mackus told Lundstark in return that he must be ready to sacrifice himself for this cause.

Assault on KoldramasEdit

When the assault began, the Horde forces advanced from the west entrence of Zul'drak and the Society assaulted from the south entrence. Society focused immedatly on Koldramas and slaughter any resistence they could find with ease. Just within 30 minutes, the mission was a success. Kundstark took a part of the great crystal and opened the supply crates wich he had from the Sunreaver Command, it was a Blight-bomb. It was nessecary to purge Koldramas of all Undead activity.

In the meantime the Horde fought the Scourge on the west flank, when victory was assured, they witnessed a great explosion to the south with a big green cloud going up in the sky. Big confusion spread with the Horde forces, no one knew what to belive.- But they carried on their assault and asked questions later.

Lundstark and his forces returned to Venomspite where Mackus was waiting. He gave Mackus the crystal. Lundstark told Macksu that the Horde will have the society slaughteredd for using the Blight withut their permission. Mackus nod and told Lundstark that the Crystal will make up for everything;

"This Crystal will be the final part for my formula to make the living mindless Undeads. The forces of Azeroth will tremble before us, and they will all feel our pain and swear their loyalty to the Forsaken!"

Lundstark nod slowly while Mackus continued.

"The time of the Society is over, Grand Master Lundstark. To continue the work of our Dark Lady, we must act like traitors to serve her. I will go in to exile in SIlverpine Forest to my secret lab and continue the research till the Nemesis plague is done."

Lundstark: What about the membercore and myself, Grand master?

Mackus: You will be killed by your own bodyguar, Morgus. When the Orc see that the deathstrike comes from a Forsaken would saticfie they lust. You have to make sure they belive you are working alone on this.

Lundstark: I will make the Dark lady proud. Lundstark said and bow.

Mackus: You will serve me in the afterlife, I will take the essence of your spirit and transfer you to the Twistednether to become my servent in the shape of a Void. Mackus turns his head to Morgus wich stands behind Lundstark.

Mackus: make sure that they leave the body when you are done. Morgus nods.

To be continued...

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