Alliancecrest small The Netherspark Collective
Role Gnome Roleplaying guild
Leader Diland Netherspark
Officers TBA
Requirements Gnome


  • In-game name: Netherspark Collective (due to too little space to squeeze everything in).
  • Official name: The Netherspark Collective.
  • Restrictions: Gnome.
  • Recruitment status: Open.
  • Contacts: Díland.

IC BackgroundEdit

Following the defeat of the Lich King in Northrend, the Alliance surely retained a presence in the frozen north, but troops were already on the way home. One of the biggest threats of Azeroth had been vanquished by the Ashen Verdict, a coalition between death knights and heroes. This would mean that the Alliance and people of Azeroth would be able to focus on a new goal. Mekkatorque had announced his latest master-plan, and for the gnomes of Azeroth, this focus could only be one thing.


War would soon rage across the great halls in the subterranean city of Gnomeregan, and no war can be won without resources, supplies and intelligence. Much as she hated it, Diland Netherspark knew that the troggs and leper gnomes would not leave Gnomeregan if they’d kindly ask. If anything, she wanted to take back their beloved Gnomeregan, by force if necessary. But in order to gather supplies, intelligence and everything required for the war effort, she would need others to aid her in this cause. In addition, they would need to send diplomats to the other races of the Alliance in order to gain their cooperation. The gnomes aren’t known for their heavy infantry or melee combat prowess. A difficult task indeed. However, Operation: Gnomeregan would be a success. Diland Netherspark herself would make sure of that and she wasn’t content with, or planning on playing a small part in the events that are to come.

OoC InformationEdit


The Netherspark Collective is being set up because of the lack of a gnome roleplaying guild on Steamwheedle Cartel.

We strive to create an interesting and fun environment for gnomes on our wondrous server. We feel that gnomes are often not taken seriously at all, which we aim to correct with this project for this

Operation Gnomeregan

interesting, but lore-scarce race. We strive to create a generally serious and realistic atmosphere for gnomes, not the comedian style they’re usually portrayed (although comic relief is fun from time

to time and certainly not forbidden). In addition, we want to stimulate interracial roleplay between gnomes, elves, draenei, humans and dwarves.


The Netherspark Collective will be heavily focused on the retaking of Gnomeregan, everything in preparation of that event and representing the gnomish race in the world, protecting its interests across Azeroth. As we know, the retaking of Gnomeregan is coming in one of the future patches/Cataclysm. When it has been retaken, the Netherspark Collective will be focused on defending Alliance and gnomish interests and to work on relationships with the other races, offering magical and technological expertise to the other races when required.


Expect events that will have to do with the preparation of retaking Gnomeregan. Think of exploration, mapping out the half-destroyed Gnomeregan, gathering supplies, scouting missions, sabotage missions, developing anti-irradiation salves, etc. In addition, in order to maintain good relationships with the Alliance and other races, expect operations and events that involve them. Think of offering aid, studying their culture in order to learn as much as we can about them in order to solidify friendships and understanding and of course, to generate mutual respect in-character, etc.

Location and Rank StructureEdit


The Netherspark Collective will have its main base of operations in Ironforge (exact location to be confirmed), but we will operate and travel anywhere if it concerns gnomish interests. This may be anywhere, ranging from the south of Kalimdor to the northern regions of Northrend.

Rank StructureEdit

The Netherspark Collective will use a relatively flat hierarchy when compared to some of the other guilds on our server. We will have a trial rank, in order to find out if the Collective is something for you. After that, if both parties are still satisfied about one another you will be officially be promoted to Contributor. The ranks are as follows:

  • Head – The leader of the Netherspark Collective. The Head of the order oversees and decides on all aspects of the Collective. She has the most say in guild affairs and have the final say on all matters. In that end, the guild is ultimately a dictatorship, but the Head will listen with care to her Advisors and decide not for her own interests, but for the interests of everyone in the guild at all times.
  • Advisor – Advisor to the Head of the Netherspark Collective. Every major decision goes through the Advisors in addition to the Head of the Collective and they have authority similar to the Head’s in guild matters when the Head is absent. Be advised that the position of Advisor is both a position of merit from an IC as well as an OoC perspective.
  • Gnomesworn – Sworn to the retaking of Gnomeregan and to defend gnomish interests all over Azeroth and beyond, the Gnomesworn represent the elite and most dedicated of the Collective. They are wizened and have a lot of experience with dealing with matters and will thus have a higher standing that the regular contributors.
  • Contributor – The contributors to the war effort and the ideals of the Collective, this is the standard rank. Contributors may have a wide variety of skills and areas of expertise and are able to handle most situations and work together with others in the Collective in order to achieve their goals. Please remember that you’ll represent the guild both IC and OoC when you’ve attained this rank, so we expect you to behave accordingly.
  • Associate – The trial rank. Associates are not an official part of the Collective, but they are permitted to contribute to the operations that are ongoing. As said, this is a trial rank and this rank is used by new recruits to see if this is the guild for them. You do not represent the Collective yet, but we do expect you to uphold our standards and know that you’re representing the guild when dealing with others.

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