The Open Organized Plot System!

What is this about? I had a thought that even though there is RP to go around, it is unfortunately somewhat insular, and when someone actually mentions RP on the RP channels, it is usually asking if there is any. You might or might not like constructed RP in that sense, but there is no denying that these people want to RP, and don’t get to. Over all, I also think that it is time to RP to get back to pre-BC levels, which is why I thought we should all try to be a little bit better at ‘sharing is caring’ RP. Please don’t mind the general outline concerning the project, that it isn’t packed as an infomercial, instead I try to form what would hopefully be a collaborative project.

To be brief, it is about breaching some isolation and try to get people to work together for more people than before.

Who can join? Everyone, that is the whole point.

What is a plot? A story, an arc, whatever you want to call it, it is something that is going on in the world that those who RP inhabitants can relate to and possibly work with. Try not to involve everyone though, we want to keep it volountary to join, eh?

Why the strange headlines? If by categorization we can glean some addition information, tendencies and so on, it will be worth it, and I have a hunch that we might.

I don’t like this and that, can we change it? Nothing is sacred about this, everything is subject to argument. And, in fact, subject to personal interpretation even beyond that. Do it your way.

What about those vampires you so hate? Actually, if they make their own plot, I’ll just know what to avoid.

Project topics to be discussed: Would we want a memberlist for each plot? Certainly not a requirement to play in it, but a pointer to who to contact if you’re uncertain

What are the plot organizers about? Are they gamemasters? No, not gamemasters. These plots aren’t meant to be scripted, but it is quite possible the organizers will have some ideas for you if you have some questions. In fact, I am not at all sure if they are needed at all. But by no means is there a right or wrong to what you add to the plot!

Isn’t there some kind of villain in the plots? There might or might not be, the creator might have an idea or they might not. Either way, this is not your normal scripted roleplay adventure, this is a plot involving a great many players that are equal and anyone’s suggestion is as good as mine. Meaning we’ll have to see what turns up.

Is these forums the best place to organize this? Probably not, I am thinking the wiki, but this forum does reach out to more people that might be interested. Quite open for discussion, again. Maybe start new threads with an [OOPS] tag?

A legend to the plot outlining:

  • Flavour text: If you want, you can write up something nice to catch the eye
  • Plot presentation: A brief ooc presentation to explain what it is all about?
  • Prerequisites: We all RP differently, and it might be a good idea to write what kind of player you think the plot would suit.
  • Obvious factions: A non-comprehensive list of stakeholders to help with hooks.
  • Obvious story hooks: How to get into the plot, if you are interested.
  • Scope: What does the plot involve, an outer bound to the plot. The Canal District Peeping Tom is hardly the topic of choice in Shattrah
  • Scale: This is a sort of tag to describe the impact of the plot, so you know what you involve yourself in. The archmistress of unfathomable doom might do best to keep away from the above mentioned Peeping Tom mystery, for instance.
  • Topics: How is this plot related to in common discussions, assuming that it is? Gives some information if the plot is secret, or another way to get into it.
  • Closing: Another delimitation that says when the plot is over, might or might not be obvious.
  • Plot organizers: Some contact person for the plot, probably its creator. Of unclear use so far.
  • News: A spot to be updated with recently unearthed information that can be acted on.

Example 1: The Quasimodo Syndrome

  • Flavour text: to be written
  • Plot presentation: In increasing numbers, many plant elementals of the land have begun to exhibit tumours not unsimilar to those near Dolanaar. The concerns of the Cenarion Circle have grown strong, across all the lands, as plants have begun to wither and die and crops begin to waste. Local leaders see starvation looming ahead, and raise complaints to any- and everywhere.
  • Prerequisites: This plot suit those best who have a somewhat more earthbound view of how problems are solved, with magic as a tool and spice, not a silver bullet. Whereas a grand invocation could solve this no doubt, those who work that way won’t have much to gain from this plot.
  • Obvious factions: The Cenarion Circle, The Earthen Ring, local authorities, doomsday villains and organized crime
  • Obvious story hooks: Budding adventurers on investigation, magistrates enforcing contingencies, fighting for resources, scryers and druids researching
  • Scope: Both Azeroth and Kalimdor, quite possibly even Outlands
  • Scale: Heavy to Epic
  • Topics: How the draught will affect the people, what is being done, the justice of how resources are shared
  • Closing: The plant crisis will eventually be resolved, but no hurry to that.
  • Plot organizers: Amber
  • News: None yet.

Example 2: The Gnomeregan Habitation Committee

  • Flavour text: to be written
  • Plot presentation: Unrest grows in Ironforge, elements among the gnomish population have begun to voice a considerable amount of protests on alliance war-efforts. Speculation abound that for all their value as allies, gnomes are being overlooked when it comes to the their most dear concern: The return to their own lands. Instead, the so called alliance concern itself with any and every other question.. pressing on towards distant goals in Outlands, Kalimdor and any distant corner of the world, while gnomish children are growing up as refugees. The time has come to do something for the gnomes!
  • Prerequisites: No, you didn’t clear out Gnomeregan.
  • Obvious factions: Alliance command, Ironforge civic organization, gnomish authorities, various justice leagues.
  • Obvious story hooks: Malcontents, diplomats from either faction, protesters, leper gnome huggers, aggressive reclamation expeditions
  • Scope: Ironforge, Gnomeregan and its surroundings
  • Scale: Medium
  • Topics: The validity of the gnomish demands, how to make everyone happy, alliance war-politics, the campaign for equal heights, the need for gnomes in the alliance army
  • Closing: Obviously the gnomes won’t return home, due to the immutability.
  • Plot organizers: Amber
  • News: None yet.

Example 3: Outlandish trading rights

  • Flavour text: to be written
  • Plot presentation: The Venture co. have been at the forefront of Outland exploitation for a few months now, but there is a rise in the free trading companies among the alliance that see opportunity gradually slipping out of their hands. The time for action is now, but there are great hazards to overcome in plumbing outlands’ riches. Will the free traders conquer Outland for the grey market, or will there be an agreement on trading rights.
  • Prerequisites: Should fit most types of players who go beyond inherent WoW economy functions
  • Obvious factions: Any organization with mercantile focus, The Explorer’s League, Cenarion Expedition, Alliance officials
  • Obvious story hooks: Free traders, explorers, corporate goons, druids on a mission
  • Scope: All of Outlands
  • Scale: Low to medium
  • Topics: Where does all the money go, how the war effort ruins the people, the freedom of opportunity, the senseless greed of the Venture Co.
  • Closing: Eventually most discussion will reach a conclusion, or a stalemate, and the interest will die out.
  • Plot organizers: Amber
  • News: None yet.
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