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Basic InformationEdit

The Order is mixed group of self-styled vigilante protectors of the Alliance. They operate out of Stormwind, and are said to accept anyone, regardless of their past, as long as the individual is now committed to the Order's ideals. These are simple: freedom, equality, personal commitment to upholding the Alliance, and giving aid where it is most needed.

The Order is known for having a functional, unofficial and unbribable approach to justice for those they've chosen to protect. They are also somewhat secretive about their business, and loyal to their own. They are led by a Council of trusted members, and keep secret chronicles of their unofficial service to the Alliance.

The last Council consisted of Iana Leafshade, Deton Ephirax, Saoirse the Ogrebane, Karina della Crue and Auburn.

The Order declared its values in the Declaration, written by Iana Leafshade.

History in briefEdit

Formed by Dreanna. Survived through three councils. Allied with Starlight. Went to ground and presumably disbanded after the murder of Iana Leafshade.

Recounting the end of the Order: Fallen Orders

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