About the OrderEdit

Sacer Thornhold pondered the last few days, things had certainly developed as Father Nevren had said. They had learnt much about one of the many blights that tainted the fair city of Stormwind. Sacer had recalled that father Nevren had said that before they could do anything to combat such a taint, they would need “More followers of the light to take up the order's banner.” The order had started as simply a movement. When they had returned from the cold north to Sacer’s old home, Stormwind, they had looked upon the giant mass of buildings. They later took refuge in the Cathedral, preparing slowly. They had looked out over the city and seen it for what it was. A foul wasteland. A den of taint and inadequacy. A sin upon the holy light! They saw the crime. The poverty. The nobles and their lust for money, power and other sins of the flesh. Something had to be done! From that day the Order of the Sacred Writ had been founded, They would cleanse the alliance of the filth. The cultists, the crime and the debauchery. The sinners and the heretics, the sinners in the eyes of the light. This would not stand!

  • Recruitment: Closed and dead.
  • Contacts: Sacer, Nevren

You can usually find us IC in the cathedral praying, talking or singing hymns. Even if you can't join in we would be happy to RP with you. We would like to point out that we are NOT scarlets. Although we may sound like them and act like them, the order has no affiliation with the scarlet movement. We have no level requirements but due to IC reasons the order only accepts dwarves and humans. If you want to come sign up, and I hope that you will, please contact Nevren or Sacer in game. Paladins and priests will have an easier time joining.

The order ended during the elemental invasion of Stormwind, Sacer neer died and Father Nevren lost his faith to an extent, they both did.

What the Order doesEdit

Activities that we take part in include:

  • Preaching, spreading the word of the light
  • Processions and marches around the city
  • Smiting the unjust and hounding cultists.
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