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The Peoples Militia (founded 10th January 2006) is not a guild for everyone...

It is a "pure" role-playing guild. Whilst we have a Quartermaster who maintains a central store of items and funds, we expect each member to attend to their own financial needs and development. There are plenty of comrades in the militia to call upon should you need assistance.

The Militia require you to work. This means patrolling, reporting and investigating crimes. Recruits will be escorted on patrols by more experienced members of the militia so they can get to learn the ropes.

The Militia only seeks people who have a mature outlook and are able to keep a level head when things get tough. Being "in character" is mandatory (though officer & party chat is OOC) - and those who are able to tell the difference between "you" and "u" will be particularly welcome (actually do not expect to get past the interview if you use "u").

We are not a large guild, nor do we want to become a large guild.

Life in the Militia is tough, we are used (and abused) by others in plot lines and events. You need to have a thick skin and a genuine desire to role-play in order to make it work - not only for yourself but also for those you interact with.

If this has not put you off then get in contact. Oh one last thing for those seeking to join us - have a reason for wanting to join the Militia (and by that I mean an in character reason).

Even though all this may seem like negative points, we can still heartily say that being in the Militia is fun!

The Peoples Miltia disbanded on 27th October 2006 following the successful conclusion of ten months service guarding Stormwind.

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The Peoples' Militia have made the Laws for the City of Stormwind.

The Laws.

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The Peoples' Militia was founded a few years back in the peaceful village community of Eastvale Logging Camp, when the Forces of Stormwind withdrew their troops, and left the village open to attack. The villagers decided to take things into their own hands, and they began to recruit people from the region into The Peoples' Militia.

The three people in charge of this at the time were Commander Lindon Wood, Lieutenant-Commander Arkaan Nightingale and his wife Lieutenant Minetha Nightingale. They protected the village from multiple threats, until they were contacted by the town of Southshore, in Hillsbrad.

The Militia then split in half, leaving Commander Wood in charge of the Eastvale sector and the two subordinates taking charge of Hillsbrad. Both were promoted, putting Commander Arkaan Nightingale as the head of the Militia.

During their time in Hillsbrad, a distress message was sent from Kul Tiras, from Lieutenant-Commander Minetha Nightingale's old shipmate. This time though, due to an injury she had suffered, she was left in Hillsbrad and promoted to Commander of the Peoples' Militia. Her husband took a few recruits and went to help on the island. He is still there to this day.

Then came The Evacuation due to The Great Threat, and the Peoples' Militia were urgently called to protect the streets of Stormwind, as the old Stormwind City Watch had disbanded. Commander Minetha Nightingale was put in charge of the Militia, and Commander Wood was "promoted" to Master, to take care of the more buerocratic side of matters.

The Master and Commander began another recruitment and protected the city of Stormwind for a long time.

Commander Minetha Nightingale was slaughtered on the 23rd of October, and Lieutenant Janner Pike was promoted to become the new Commander.

The Peoples' Militia disbanded on the 27th of October, and out of it's ashes rose The Wild Rose Society.

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· No character, race or class restrictions.

· Your character must be as low as the 10th level to join.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed in the guild, but only if we know who's alt they are. No prejudice will be held against Alts. Not revealing your main character can result in getting fired, without warning.

· We enforce respect towards each other member. We all work for a common goal, so fight among ourselves is pointless.

· Every higher ranking member is to be treated with respect, saluted at every chance, and referred to as sir, ma'am or [rank].

· Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

· The Peoples' Militia have weekly meetings, which are compulsory to all members. (without good reason, absences will be marked, and enough absences will result in getting fired.)

· The Peoples' Militia have their own headquarters, located in the Command Center.

Recruitment Poster Edit

Commander Minetha Wants YOU for The Peoples' Militia!

If you're an able-bodied member of the Alliance, who's that much more than the rest, then enlist today!

After the Evacuation and the wars, it might seem like the protection of our beloved city of Stormwind has been forgotten. But, thankfully, the Peoples' Militia are here to take care of that!

Given the current state of affairs within the borders of the Alliance, we cannot afford to sit on our behinds, while men and women on the front suffer in the protection of your homeland!

So, speak to your local Militant about enlisting today!

Joining The Peoples' Militia Edit

So if you are interested then read up about the Militia on the website[1] and then make contact (in character) with one of the Militia - they can then pass on your details to a recruiter or you can of course contact them directly yourself (again in character please).

Recruiters Edit

Commander Minetha Nightingale

Lieutenant-Commander Gawain Ravensword

Lieutenant Janner Pike

Master Sergeant Iriana Nightfall

Sergeant Major Caliyen Starbreeze

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