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IC InformationEdit

The Peoples Voice, led by Bloodguarde is an organisation dedicated to the abolishment of the Magisterial rule and the liberation of the peoples of Silvermoon. They aim to achieve these means through violence – as that is the only true way of receiving their freedom, or so they believe.

Their plans, once the Magisters have been slaughtered, include destroying the Sin’Dorei alliance to the Horde (and rejoining the grand Alliance of old), finding a real cure to their addiction to magic and establishing the “ Free Peoples of Silvermoon” – a democracy where the people choose their leaders.

Needless to say this has achieved a large amount of criticism and disgust , mainly from the Magisterial Order who have set up the The Magisterial Guard.

OOC InformationEdit

The Peoples Voice is a Roleplaying Guild based in Silvermoon. We take any class, and any race. As long as you are willing to help the cause.

Guild chat is OOC (although it is blended with IC, currently).


Depending on how well you do your duty you will be given a certain rank. These change for different classes.

Bloodguarde (Alvalash Galandel)
Rank – Bloodguarde. Leader of The Peoples Voice.
Shadow – the elite of the Peoples Voice. Mostly Rogues.
Blood Exile – Blood Elf veterans
Exile – Non-Blood Elf veterans
Insurgents – Those who would give their lives for the cause.
Eye – Those of basic rank. Still untrusted.

Within each of these ranks, there can be sub-ranks.


A minimal level of Roleplaying. Your spelling doesn't have to be perfect, but we will not accept Leetspeak of any form outside OOC channels. The rest of the basic Roleplaying rules apply (no poweremoting, metagaming, etc.)

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