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The Sound of hammering and a muffled swearword echoed down the road bordering the canal a passer by might have seen a man standing back staring at a sign on his door .

"Azeroth Investigations enquire within" a crude sign on the door proclaimed. Hymm looked on in pride tucking his new shiney P.I badge into his pocket, looking at his sore fingers Hymm wondered about how to put his certificate up on the wall without hurting anymore of his fingers. A few sore fingers later hymm admired his framed certificate and straightend it, slipped back to being squint after he turned his back Hymm looked around his "Office" his home a small flat decorated by someone who has no real social life. *BAM BAM BAM!* Hymm sat up in his chair a while later and went to his door a female night elf was there with two bulky looking night elf males behind her, Hymm opened the door a fraction "Hello?",The night elf looked at him "are you the head of Azeroth investigations?" asked the night elf. "er...Yes come in" Hymm shut the door after the night elf female and the toadies walked in. "How can i help?" asked Hymm. "We need you that is I need you to search for a certain artifact that we, I mean I desire" "Really? What artifact any significance? cause i dont do Dungeons im not a tresure hunter","Really" the night elf female said "We do not mean for you to go anywhere like that.".The night Elf female shifted in her seat and produced a iconograph picture of a Redhaired woman. "this person has something of ours a certain ring". Hymm thought that the woman looked familiar "a certain ring? what ring? not the 1 ring i hope?","Certainly not the ring is The Pink Nightstalker". Hymm thought about this,The pink nightstalker was a very powerful ring that the Darnassion sentinals had been after. "one question. Why me?" asked Hymm. The night elf laughed out loud "Because you are unknow of course mr Hymm you are and have always been a face in the backround even with your "Friends"". The night elf produced another iconograoh of habeus giving a cerimony with Hymm in full dress circled by a large red ink mark." Thats me and?" Hymm asked. "there are a LOT of people that whant to get revenge on the mission".

Hymm Thought about this ,He was to look for a certain ring,With High danger and no pay, But he gets to live from the anti scarlet Zelots al litle longer. "Ill' Do it" said hymm looking slightly depressed. He was hoping for the age old "Find my lost kitten amd ill give you a wowypop" but if this was the only job he could get it was the only one he could get.

A mounth later Hymm sat up he hated this freezing house in Ironforge but only accomodation at short notice,"By the Light ill throttle that contact is hes wrong....." Throwing on his casuel clothes hymm decided to move towards his goal.

(Somewhere in southshore) "Is he coming?"


"Does he suspect anything?"


"The ring exist does it?"

"Yes Have Faith...but in your case thats not a problem"

(Back at IF) "WHAT DO YOU MEAN TWENTY FIVE SILVER TO SOUTHSHORE?!" The Dwarf stood back in alarm. "Noo hawd on soonyjim these are great creatures yeh know". Hymm deflated a little "*Mumbles* twenty five silver for a ride on a flea bitten lion with wings....". Moments later Hymm flies out of IF towards southshore.

(The Wetland) An undead hopping on all fours clothed only in a loin cloth beckons to two gnomes "Come on but dont look in the water lots of dead men,orcs and elfses" Hopping forward the undead is brained by a large flagon from the sky. "I hate inflight meals...on griffons" Hymm Grumbled landing in South Shore "I hope the damm ring is near somewhere...."

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