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We Louise been given a document by a random, we see the letter.

“Dear Sister Louise.

As you are edition to our knights division you must come over to the north for a simple trainning exam, you will be taught the basics of hand-hand combat, range combat and melee combat.

Other such things are irrelevant and you will be required to come to the Scarlet Monastery at once.

Light be praised

Arcanist Doan”

We now see Louise talking to Suzanne and Imoen.

Imoen: You got everything?

Louise: Yup! This is so exciting!

Suzanne: Quite, now you best be off.

Louise starts skipping down the stairs humming to herself Imoen look at Louise smiling whilst Suzanne looks at her discusted.

Suzanne: [To Imoen] This whole exam is going to be a good shock to her system.

Imoen: [To Suzanne] She’s so cute-

Suzanne: Cute?! We fight our undead families and friends…how in light’s name do expect to fight like that when you go around humming and skipping like a damn school girl!?

Imoen: Just like Thepol sleeping in a coffin? just like Harsufeld and his crazy antics? Just like Aanson being…well…Aanson?

Suzanne: Hmph Aanson has been giving you that “keeping us sane” speech hasn’t he?

Imoen: Well just imagine it sister if we were all stone dead brainless fighters none of us had a sense of humor, we just prayed and killed the scourge…it would be dull.

Suzanne: But that’s what we do.

Imoen: And it’s people like Louise, like Thepol that keep us sane…somewhat.

We see Louise shout some childish comment at a passing nightelf noble as she sticks her tongue out at him.

Louise: Nah! –rasp- shove off tree rat!

Noble: Oh! Oh! Erm I-I say!

Louise: Stupid pompous tree rat! Nah, nah, nah, nah! –rasp-

Noble: Oh! How rude! Act your age unclean one!

Louise: Huh!? I am clean! Look!

Louise skips up to night elf and does a twirl but stamps on his foot and jumps on her horse giggling mischievously to herself. She rides off waving goodbye to Suzanne and Imoen, Imoen waves back smiling Suzanne has buried her head in her hands embrassed of what just happened.

The noble walks by them both limping and scowling at Suzanne and Imoen, Imoen nerviously smiles rubs the back of head and waves, Suzanne glares back making the noble run away.

Aanson comes out of the cathedral he is wearing the pink apron from the last episode.

Aanson: What did I miss?

Imoen and Suzanne look at Aanson grinning at his frilly pink apron.

Imoen: Aw doesn’t he look cute? Heh, heh

Suzanne: Very fetching…though not very Crusade like take it off at once Brother Aanson!

Aanson: If I must.

He takes off the apron then stops.

Imoen: Heh, don’t want to take it off huh?

Aanson: Imoen…

Imoen: Hm?

Aanson: Go inside. Now.

Imoen: What? Why?

She looks around and sees Hejin and Clarizy walking towards them. She pulls out her sword and spins her shield in front of her.

Hejin tuts and Clarizy holds onto his arm. Grinning at Imoen giving her a little wave.

Hejin: Heh, they let me out early on good behaviour.

Imoen: What the hell are you doing here?!

Hejin: -chuckle- you forget Imoen, I still have plans for you…

Aanson walks in front of Imoen and glares at Hejin

Aanson: Back off scum.

Hejin: Oh look she has a knight in shining armor dear.

Clarizy: He’s a bit old dearest.

Hejin: A substute for Khallid-

Imoen: Don’t even speak of his name!

Suzanne glares at Hejin and walks up to Imoen putting her hand on her shoulder.

Hejin: Heh heh heh…you should of seen his face little Imoen…seeing his life slip away-

Imoen goes to lunge at Hejin but is held back by Aanson and Suzanne.

Hejin laughs at Imoen Clarizy squeezes Hejin arm smiling.

Clarizy: Tell her your plan my dearest.

Hejin: I was getting to that my dear.

Suzanne: Damn Apostates! We don’t want to hear your ridiculous plans!

Hejin: Oh-ho, but this one is quite intresting…I want to fight Imoen.

Imoen: What?

Hejin: You heard me little one.

Aanson: This guys off his rocket.

Hejin: Go on Imoen, let out your anger on me…show me your rage.

Suzanne: Don’t sister, remember your promise to Elizabetha.

Clarizy: Oh be quiet wench!

Clarizy takes out a katana from behind her and swings it around, Imoen gets ready to fight but Aanson moves her back making his hands turn into blocks of ice.

Hejin smirks and pulls out the sword he killed Khallid with moving it in front of him so Imoen can see her own reflection, a trickle of blood goes down the sword.

Hejin: I kept his blood on it, just for you Imoen…I’ll add your blood to your fathers.

Imoen starts breathing heavily as she get more angry, Hejin just laughs at her.

Clarizy swings her sword up over her head and straight down at Suzanne, it hits a glowing sphere covering Suzanne she smirks as a bright light glows around her hands she fires a bolt of light at Clarizy she is hit and stumbles back slightly.

Suzanne: Not dodging anymore Apostate?

Hejin dives into Suzanne slashing at the barrier covering Suzanne it dies down and she is stabbed in the leg, screams in pain and Hejin rips the sword out of her leg and she stumbles to the ground.

Imoen goes to help Suzanne but Aanson freezes Imoen’s feet to the ground, he fires a ice bolt at Hejin who topples over and starts falling down the flight of stairs, Clarizy swings her sword at Aanson and hacks her sword in his shoulder he grunts in pain, Imoen breaks free she runs and puts her sword to Clarizy’s neck.

Imoen: Hejin! Get away from me and my friends now or I’ll slit her throat!

Hejin smirks at Imoen, Clarizy looks at him looking scared he nods at her and smiles.

Hejin: Heh, very well.

Clarizy pulls her sword out Aanson’s shoulder, he grunts in pain but smirks at her.

Clarizy: Dearest, let’s come back later.

Hejin: Of course dear. Imoen!…

Imoen glares at Hejin panting in anger.

Hejin: One day we will become one. You can’t avoid this!

Clarizy and Hejin laugh and run off.

Aanson: What a nutter…become one…so he just wants to sleep with you? Ughn…

Aanson leans over holding his shoulder, Suzanne slumps over and does a healing spell on him.

Suzanne: It will close the wound.

Aanson: Shame it doesn’t stop the pain…Imoen?

Imoen is on her knees, Suzanne and Aanson walk over to her.

Imoen: You both got hurt because of me…and he’s just got away with murder…literally.

Suzanne: Old hatreds sister.

Imoen: But you heard him…to become one with me? What does that mean?

Aanson: Sex?

Suzanne: Give it a rest old man…use that ice magic of yours to cool you down a bit.

Imoen: He was given a gift of shadow magic…I remember from the last time we met

Flashes back to Hejin being arrested his sword turning from silver to black.

Imoen: And Clarizy should be dead…

Aanson: As if by magic?

Imoen: You think magic has a part in all this?

Aanson: Well…sort of Shadow to be exact. Maybe he’s grown stronger?

Imoen: Elizabetha got rid of the spirit he said he didn’t want to be evil…and now he wants to fight me.

Suzanne: You must avoid that at all costs sister. It must be a trap.

Aanson: You should talk to Elizabetha about this Imoen.

Imoen: Later, now how can I help you two?

Aanson grins

Aanson: Hey dusty, how about we get some grub on Imoen’s bill?

Suzanne grins at Aanson

Suzanne: Good idea, grandma.

Imoen: Well…alright then.

Imoen lifts up Aanson and Suzanne and supports them, we pan to the lion’s pride Inn the gnome chef approaches Imoen, Suzanne and Aanson.

Gnome: Miss Imoen! What a plesure to see you again!

Imoen: Hello there…erm…what do you guys want?

Gnome: How lovely to hear your voice again! I remember the time when you never-

Imoen: Can we have a menu please?

Gnome: Of course!

The gnome walks off talking to his other cooks they all turn around and talk amounst each other.

Aanson: Quite popular here then?

Suzanne: Of course she isn’t this place is filled with idiots.

Imoen: It was nice at one time, just nice warm friendly inn.

Suzanne: you see him there? He says he’s a bloody titan!

Aanson: Heh, well you’ll find these people are all talk, sure he maybe tall he’s just compensating.

Imoen: Shhh he might here you.

The gnome walks over with three menus he looks chuffed to bits

Gnome: Here we are Miss Imoen.

Aanson: Hmm…boar for me my good man.

Suzanne: Ugh…erm…I’ll have a Murloc soup.

Imoen: Lobster for me.

Gnome: Oh this takes me back miss Imoen yes it does. How is your fath-

Aanson grabs the menu’s quickly and hands them to gnome.

Aanson: Hurry up please I don’t like waiting for my food.

Aanson gives the gnome a “be quiet” look the gnome looks shocked.

Gnome: Oh…oh erm of course.

Aanson watches the gnome, he goes into kitchen the other gnomes walk up to him concerned one of them starts crying the others confort her, they all talk amounst each other and nod.

Fades out, then fades in at Imoen’s table.

Gnome: Here we are miss Imoen. Lobster…Boar for the gentleman…and Murloc soup for miss.

Imoen: Thank you sir.

They all start eating their meals

Suzanne: So, how do you know that Gnome?

Imoen: Well…me and Khallid used to come here a lot.

Suzanne: I see.

Aanson: This food is great!

Aanson rips off some boar with his teeth the two girls look at him in disgust and shake their heads.

Aanson laughs and then starts chocking some meat this makes Suzanne laugh and Imoen gets out of seat and do a Heimlich on him, he recovers and when he catches his breath he falls off his seat laughing, Imoen shakes her head looking embarrassed, Suzanne has stopped as well looking a bit embarrassed.

Aanson composes himself wiping a tear from his eye and continues to eat his boar, Imoen and Suzanne push their meals away from each other.

Imoen: I just want to leave now.

Suzanne: Quite.

Aanson: -sigh- fine…it was funny though I sounded like a Murloc!

Suzanne: Quite.

Imoen: Let’s just pay for this and go shall we before you embarrass us even more.

Imoen walks towards the gnome chef

Gnome: Is he alright?

Imoen: Yeah he’s fine, were all a bit embarrassed now so were not that hungry so…can I pay for this now?

Gnome: No, don’t worry about it…I’m so sorry miss Imoen…

Imoen: They’ve let the murderer go free…he’s hunting me down now.

Gnome: Oh dear! Well im sure whoever is in charge is making a big mistake can’t have people like THAT running our city.

Imoen: Yeah…well…are you sure about this?

Gnome: Absoultly Khallid was a good man, very kind soul it’s the least I can do.

Imoen: Thank you.

Imoen walks up to Aanson and Suzanne.

Imoen: This was all on the house.

Aanson: Nice!

Suzanne: Proberly poisoned us.

Imoen walks off, Suzanne and Aanson run after her.

They follow her talking to her whilst walking.

Aanson: Hey, come on look on the bright side of it we got free food.

Imoen runs off, Suzanne are left on their own looking stumped.

Imoen runs into the cathedral and quickly kneels near the altar, we hear Elizabetha talking to some random woman. Imoen looks at them and walks over to them.

She says something to Elizabetha we don’t hear what it is but Imoen looks upset Elizabetha puts her arm around her and they other woman looks concerned for Imoen she nods at Elizabetha and Elizabetha takes her down to the underground library of the Cathedral.

Elizabetha: What’s the matter Imoen?

Imoen: It’s Hejin…he killed Khallid, and…and…they’ve just let him go…

Elizabetha: They have!?

Imoen nods looking sad.

Imoen: Why have they done this? he’s after me now! He…he told me…that he wanted to merge with me…

Elizabetha: I see…

Imoen: He said he wanted to fight me to…and he won’t stop until I do…will he?

Elizabetha: No…I think he will carry on, Imoen…you know I am still your guardian?

Imoen: Yes…

Elizabetha: Well…

There is a two second pause.

Elizabetha: I will protect you Imoen. Don’t worry there will be no problems at all, I care for you Imoen and my love will protect you.

Imoen: And I care for you mother.

We then hear some clapping Imoen and Elizabetha turn towards the noise.

Imoen: Hejin!

Hejin grins

Hejin: Hello little Imoen. A very touching speech you had there…nearly brought a tear to my eye…did it bring a tear to your eye Elizabetha?

Imoen: Arggh son of a bitch!

Elizabetha: Enough! Imoen stand down. Hejin what business do you have here?

Hejin: I think you know why…

Hejin brushes back his cloak and shows a rapier he pulls it out and grins at Elizabetha. Imoen pulls out her sword shield and stands in front of Elizabetha.

Imoen: You won’t take Elizabetha.

Elizabetha: Imoen. The light protects me I’ll be fine.

Hejin: heh heh listen to woman Imoen.

Hejin lunges at Imoen aiming at Elizabetha, Elizabetha pushes Imoen out of the way Imoen stumbles and falls to the ground.

The sword is met by Elizabetha’s staff. She only just managed to block the attack.

Hejin starts pushing down on his blade to try and break the staff.

Elizabetha: Light, aid me! Protect me from the shadow!

A orb surrounds Elizabetha glowing white and yellow. Hejin tries to hit the orb just like he did with Suzanne’s but this time his sword snaps in two, he looks shocked and looks at the broke blade, Elizabetha hands glow and beam of light hits Hejin, he stumbles back and clutches his chest.

He laughs and looks at Imoen.

Hejin: She can’t protect you forever I now see my fault…I have adabted and next time we met-

Elizabetha fires another bolt at Hejin he gets hit again instead of finishing his sentence he simply runs off.

Imoen picks herself back up.

Imoen: Elizabetha! Are you alright!?

Elizabetha: Of course I am I have the light on my side of course.

Imoen: He was spying on us!

Elizabetha: It seems so. He must be afraid of something.

Imoen: Or out to get me.

Elizabetha: Perhaps…

Imoen: Oh light…Oh light…what am I going to do? I’m putting everyone’s lives at risk.

Elizabetha: No Imoen. We have chosen to protect you.

Imoen: But why?

Elizabetha: I told you already Imoen, because we care about you.

Imoen: I…I…I need to go to bed.

Elizabetha: Alright then Imoen…good night.

Imoen walks up to Elizabetha and kisses her on the cheek she walks off and meets Habeus on her way to her room. She is about to go to her room in anouther complex when we see an old man walk by he smiles at Imoen and stops.

Imoen: Oh! High Emissary!

She salutes, Habeus smiles.

Habeus: Good evening Ordinand Imoen.

Imoen: There was something I wanted to ask you…

Habeus: Oh?

Imoen: It’s about Hejin…he killed my father…and I was wondering if-

Habeus: Goodness! I am sorry about your loss!

Imoen forces a smile

Imoen: Well…was wondering if we could arrest him…perhaps a trial-

Habeus: I’m afraid sister we cannot do anything here.

Imoen: What? Why?

Habeus: I have heard of your little fight outside this afternoon. Provoking them isn’t very clever now is it?

Imoen: What? No he attacked us first!

Habeus: I’m sorry sister but we have a lot of witnesses saying it was including a night elf noble.

Imoen: But-

Habeus: IF we do anything we could all get in trouble sister, we must respect the council…if he attacks any of us then we can act.

Imoen: He has.

Habeus: Not to my knowledge sister and provoking them into one doesn’t count.

Imoen lets out an angry sigh

Imoen: Yes, sir.

Habeus: I’m sorry sister, but we all have to follow the rules.

Imoen: I understand. Good night High Emissary.

Imoen walks into her room Habeus looks sympathetic at Imoen

Habeus: Good night Sister.

Inside Imoen’s room she puts her face into the pillow and starts crying.

To be continued…

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