The Scorched OathEdit

The Scorched Oath is a guild created with the intention of having a community of freelancers.
We have all types of people amongst us, both paladins and normal commoners. In common for us all is that we are not bound to one specific job. Some of us are self-employed, some of us have taken it on to teach others our specialty and some of us just dislikes the thought of being tied down to the same thing for longer periods of times.
On the morality, the guild is neutral tilting to the lawful neutral standpoint. We do not go against the law, but at the same time we do not judge the means you use in order to achieve success - as long as you don't get caught. Upon entering the guild, every member is asked to sign a contract of where you agree to follow the guild rules.

Behind the scenes, the guild is aiming to keep the quality of role play in its very top. Our role play usually comes into shape through player created story/plot-lines, that stretches over everything from a single event to several events in a row. We encourage all of our members to participate and create these, as well as the leadership is constantly working on ideas that can involve the entire guild. We are open for cross-guild events, as well as we like to participate in server-wide events. We also have day to day more "Random" based RP, mostly around Stormwind.The guild is lead through more of a circle-style of management, having two "leader" figures (The guildmaster and her right hand) most decisions both IC and OOC involves input from the entire guild. ICly we have three ranks, that helps to define the level of commitment and your amount of time in the guild. Some IC decisions may only involve the higher ranked members, this is especially the case when the guilds safety is in question.

As for recruitment, we do demand a certain level of experience in role play from applicants. As such, you can't be some epicly evil 3 year old mastermind wizard with lazorbeams shooting from your eyes, and you are expected to know the common rules about RP. However we do accept in new role players once in a while as long as they are keen on learning, and show signs of improvement with time. All recruitment happens through IC interviews, usually it takes only takes one interview but in some cases it may take longer, it all depends on your character. If you want to apply to the guild, write OOCly to either Sivri, Dàwn or Zizey, through whispers or in-game mail. You can also apply on our website, and an application there will almost always give a plus in the total evaluation, this is especially recommended to new role players. Furthermore you can reach Dàwn through IC mail, we do have posters hanging around on the various message boards so we are not unheard of.

Contact informationEdit

Guildmaster: Dàwn (Also reachable on Sivri) - Officer: Zizey. Website: Http://

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