Balance, Destiny, Death. Honour them.

The Shadows are everywhere. Where there is light there is shadow. Good and evil, light and dark. Such extremes are foolish and false. Where there is balance there is wisdom and true understanding.

There are two main forces in this world: Creation, and Destruction. The main philosophies of Creation, which we know as the Light, So many poor, deluded fools follow this religion, blinded by its falseness. Then there is Elune, the “Moon-goddess”. Her followers are equally deluded and blinded by a lying and wicked being.

Creation’s opposite, the Darkness, is what drives the demons and cultists of the Burning Legion. This leads to destruction without purpose, an end to life.

Both forces, by themselves, are empty without the other side. Good cannot exist without Evil. Light, needs Darkness to prevail. Then, there is a middle point, a philosophy that is both of these two foolish, and in the end self consuming extremes, but at the same time is neither. The shadows are truth, they are balance.

We enlightened who follow the Shadows; understand that it’s a matter of acting. The most important concept lies within the fact that you cannot change the world without changing yourself first. Self sacrifice is key to development and true wisdom.

Similar to what happens with the false Light; each living being shares a bond with the world, as well as with the rest of the living beings that live around us. Each of your actions has and effect towards you and towards other beings, thus, changing the world. This change evolves the world. This is The Balance, main teaching of The Shadows.

Everything started with a meaning. And everything must come to an end. We do not lack freedom in our choices; this is one of many misunderstandings: we are encouraged to act, so we further change the world around us, and evolve ourselves with our own changes. This is the second teaching: act. Make things happen. Question, and defy that which is unknown. You shall experience, and then encourage others to experience as well. Keep track of your work, so others can continue your deeds when you are gone. This teaching is known as destiny and it is important because without acting, we cannot change and change is crucial.

Death is a part of life, as all that begins must end. This is a principle, that’s why death must not be seen as a punishment, but as a need and in some circumstances a gift. Death is methodical; there is not lie within it, no randomness. That’s why you must help people to die when their time has come, not before, and do so with dignity. Always honor those who are dead, for their work, their deed when they were alive helped our world to evolve. To forget them is to forget where we are, and why. This is the last teaching, the teaching of the death.

Balance, Destiny, Death. Honour them, understand them.

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