The Seventh LegionEdit

The Seventh Legion is an Alliance side Heavy-RP guild with a military theme. Its main focus will be maintaining the defence of Alliance territories against not just the savage Horde but any other threats that would endanger them.

What can I expect to find in the Seventh Legion?Edit

War, and lots of. A heck of a lot of RP-PvP is going to be organised, that I can assure you. With Cataclysm on its way and all out war between the Alliance and the Horde, tensions at their highest, I think its safe to assume RP-PvP will be the soul of this guild. There will be other events however, as the Horde isn't the only threat to the Alliance. There are many other dangers to the Alliance across Azeroth, from rabid Gnolls to merciless Black Dragonkin, the Seventh Legion will face any and all threats to the Alliance.





Sergeant Major






Promotions and AdvancementEdit

First things first, promotions are based on IC contribution, skill and capabilities. OOC time spent in the guild has no effect on your chances of promotion. All new members start out at the bottom of the ladder as a Recruit, the character (not the player) will over the following week be put through trying, testing and tedious training drills that will push them to the very extreme to assess whether or not they have the mettle and the guts. After this IC week trial the player, should they pass (don't worry its not as bad as i make it sound..) will then proceed onto the rank of Private. From there on further advancement through the ranks will depend upon the character's abilities, skills, capabilities not just in combat but out of combat as well.

Level will also play a factor in rank. Recruits, Privates and Corporals may be any level as long as it is above 15. The ranks of Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Lieutenant and Commander however are reserved for those level 55 and above. See 'Uniform' later in this thread for details.

The rank of Medic is an exception however. Should the player's character not possess much strength or capabilities in combat, but instead have a knack in healing arts or First Aid they could find themselves a place within the Seventh Legion as a Medic tending to whatever wounded we have.

Where does the Seventh Legion operate?Edit

The Seventh Legion will operate upon the front, in the thick of battle, wether it be against the Horde or any other dangers that threaten the Alliance. From time to time however shall the Seventh return to Stormwind, to home soil, wether this be for some must deserved R and R or for a Recruitment drive in an attempt to increase the Legion's numbers in the struggle against the villainous and savage Horde.


Regarding the uniform we are somewhat lenient. Should the player not have for themselves a set befitting to the guilds colour scheme than they shall be required to wear a suit of low level that will be supplied to them. For Plate and Chain wearers this will be the low level Chainmail set, for leather it shall be the low level leather set and for Cloth it shall be the Knitted set. For those with the means and money to get for themselves armour fitting to the colour scheme they are welcome to do so, Imperial Plate for example, or Marshal's armour. Aslong as it remains fitting to the colour scheme of blue, gold, yellow and some brown.

Current StatusEdit

Active. Currently Recruiting!


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