The Guild Icon. Symbolizing Shadow

Members and the GuildEdit

The Shadow Pact is a social casual guild ran by the undead Drkoko. The guild mainly consists of Blood Elves and Forsaken although other races are free to join.

We are casual on RP and therefore don't have a strong RP background for the guild yet. We are working on this. We hope to grow enough to eventually start raiding although many of us have raided with other guilds.

Besides the Pact Master Drkoko the main officers of the guild are Misha, Gasperr and Sylavas all 3 hold the rank of Pact Officer. Most of the decisions are made by these 3 officers and the Pact Master.

The lower officer is Shunli. Shunli holds the rank of Pact Overseer.
Other officers are alts of either the Pact Overseers or Pact Officers. (Yes, sometimes even the Pact Officers lose count of who's an alt. We tend to write it down in officer notes these days.)

Going onto a bit of history, DCDarkling has resigned his rank as Pact Officer, feeling the way the guild was being lead was no longer his own. He now holds the member rank of "Shadow Member". More on member ranks below.

Guild members raise in rank, usually up to Shadow Member. We have 3 guild bank tabs and each rank gives more access to those tabs.

The member ranks are:

  • Whelp
  • Pact Member
  • Shadow Member

All members are free to ask anything, say there say and in most cases do as they see fit. Officers will usually monitor if members would not go overboard and if they do outside the guild we would like to hear it.

More into the ranks, MembersEdit

  • Whelp

- A Whelp is new and holds few rights. Whelps are expected to ask questions and learn what the guild is about. This is a trial rank. Whelps cannot be blamed for making mistakes about matters they were not informed of. This excludes common sense. They can after all, still ask.

  • Pact Member

- They are accepted as true members of the Pact. Pact Members are expected to have some common sense about the guild as well as the game in general. They are also expected to obey guild rules and guidelines. They can use the guild bank to a limited extent.

  • Shadow Member

- An advanced member rank. Shadow Members can invite other people into the guild although it is wise to consult with at least an Overseer. Shadow Members are expected to have surpassed normal guild knowledge. They should realise in detail how a member is supposed to behave. They have more bank access than Pact Members.

More into the ranks, OfficersEdit

  • Pact Overseer

- These oversee members. They validate new member invites. They see if member requests are worthy and then fulfill them. They assist members in general in all matters where an officer is required. They can promote and demote members as they see fit. When a large or long term problem arises, they consult a Pact Officer.

  • Pact Officer

- These think of the guild on the long run, long term. They can do everything. They can overrule Pact Overseers and do anything a Pact Overseer does (in case none is around). They also consider if a punishment or reward like a rank change was valid. They plan events, decide on rules and guidelines and basically rule the guild to their best intent. Pact Officers can sometimes be seen as cold. The guild is all about fun, but sometimes an 'at the moment' fun thing is not smart in the long run. Pact Officers pick the long run.

  • Pact Master

- Same as a Pact Officer with the exception that he can overrule them all. Usually treats all Pact Officers as if he holds the same rank.

Friends and AliancesEdit

  • Currently we are allied with The Asylum. They are another social guild and plain mad. (just as us naturally)

Most things like events we do with both guilds.

The Guild Bank and craftsEdit

We have 3 bank tabs at the moment:

  • Tab 1 is used mainly for patterns. Similar items are placed in this tab. Glyphs are an example.
  • Tab 2 is used mainly for gear. The enchanters of the guild usually rip green items apart for materials.
  • Tab 3 is one of the most important tabs. It is used for materials and members have higher rights on this tab. The idea is that each member should be able to place and withdraw materials. As long as it is for the benefit of an in-guild character crafts, there is no specific rule on the amount withdrawn. If a tailor wants 10 stacks of cloth to use for his/her crafts, they are free to do so. If the result of that is another material it should be put in tab 3 again. If the tailor in question made a good quality robe, it should be put in tab 2.

I, DCDarkling, personally like to see the materials tab as the heartbeat of the in-guild crafts. Thankfully, this tab has seen much use and little abuse.

In case you lack rights to withdraw something that you want, you can always consult an officer. All members can deposit. To have a good view of which member has which crafts all members are asked to put their crafts in their Notes.

The Tabard and its iconEdit

The officers don't always agree and the tabard was the compromise which finally came out of this. The officers to blame... uhm, thank for our lovely tabard are:

  • Drkoko
  • Misha
  • DCDarkling (resigned)
  • Gasperr

whom where the only officers at the time. The tree stands for shadow as it is bound to be around any big tree. The dead / withered look helps in strengthening this idea, as well does the black colour. The gold yellow colour was found to be the finest combination with the icon and black. We felt the guild would be represented enough in this tabard as we disagreed too much upon other ideas. I, DCDarkling, personally am happy to say that I have not seen anything remote to our guild tabard yet.

The Pacts EventsEdit

We are still working on events. Slow but steady we get more and more ideas worked out. Events are things we do together. Depending on the event certain ranks or levels may come join. Although events are essentially for members of the Pact, befriended guilds are usually welcome.

  • BG event. Minimum level is 80 due to BG restrictions. Point of this event is to spice up guildies BG experience. Seeing as the server is in a battlegroup where we are always outnumbered, this event has a second reason. More fair numbers. Since the guild usually joins upon the already existing numbers. Fun for all. BG talk is usually done in both /bg and /g. The guildy most experienced in BGs usually leads the run.
  • Achievement event. We pick an achievement which needs a group to go get it. And then we go get it. This can be anything. We haven't had any achievement runs so far, so go spam the mailbox of your Overseer or Officer and suggest achievements to do.
  • RP event. We have yet to do any real roleplaying. But the idea to form a background story for our guild is there. Other ideas about RP the guild might do are welcome, too. Please spam the mailbox of your Overseer or Officer with ideas.
  • Heroic runs. We lack the strength to go in raids yet so this is the next best thing. Usually these events are not planned in advance but the possibility still exists. If enough of your level are online go see if a 'run' is planned.

Last but not least...Edit

We are always recruiting people who are social and tend to have half a brain. We won't say we always agree on everyone but speak up, give us a whisper and we shall see. If you look for dedicated RP, or expect to be raiding the next day, then we are not for you. We don't RP much yet and we are still small for raids.
Most officers dislike boosting in any form so that's not a reason to join. There is a difference between 'I can't get a group for an instance quest' and 'I just want to grind rep, help me in an instance'. We don't mind the quest one in case you still wonder.

Finally, the important thing to remember is that anything can be discussed, minus when the ones you'd like to talk to are in an instance, so always feel free to ask.

This page was written by DCDarkling. The information on this page is open to change when officers have come across it.

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