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Basic InformationEdit

Following in the footsteps of its founder, Ulthar Lightbringer, the Silver Hand believes in the protection of the Alliance above all else.

Honesty, bravery, defence of the innocent and respect are the cornerstones of the Order of the Silver Hand.

The Order believes in justice over profit, and although it strives for financial success and fame among the Alliance, it will not sacrifice the respect of its members or the rest of the comminity to gain them.

The Order is currently lead by Commander Doddz Edenlight and is pledged to fight the external threats to Stormwind and her provinces. To that end, the Hand have recently been fighting to combat the threat of the Scourge and recently were instrumental in the war against the Scourge by fighting in many of the battles against them across the Eastern Kingdoms.

Since the end of the war, the Hand have been making regular assaults on the Scourge strongholds of Stratholme and Scholomance. They continue to fight the Scourge, but recently with the help of a group named the Knights Ascendant, have turned their attention to the threat posed by Ragnaros, hidden deep in the Molten Core.

Roleplaying PlotsEdit

The Order is often found fighting the Undead at Stratholme and Scholomance as their way of fending off the forces of the Scourge.

We also are currently mid-flow in a trio of internal stories, one of which is the hunt for The Dark Embrace, a shadowy coven who's actions seem to pose as great a threat to the Alliance as the Scourge themselves.

In order to better understand their enemies, the Order has recently taken on Warlocks for the first time. This decision has so far had disasterous consequences for the Order, as one of the Warlocks - driven insane from the tests and observatons imposed by the Hand - recently unleashed an Infernal into the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, causing much destruction.

Recently, the threat of Ragnaros, the Fire Lord, has also been revealed to the Hand. Unable to fight the great Fire Lord alone, the Hand sought the help of the Knights Ascendant to enable them to fight the agents of Ragnaros.

Joining the OrderEdit

The Hand is currently not accepting anyone over level 30. This is because of our top heavy status of players above this level. If you're below level 30, please head to our forums, and post an application in the appropriate forum.

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