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The Lamb as viewed from outside.


A rather shadowy, run down tavern in the northern Mage Quarter. Odd people are often seen here, talking about dark things.

If one happens to sneak through the back door of the tavern they will find a long twisting passage leading down into a dark room. This is a secret gathering and teaching place for the Warlocks of Stormwind and best forgotten about if one wants to live.

For those brave few that head further downwards they will come upon a silent and, seemingly, deserted Crypt system. Yet these crypts are oft filled with the darkest of Stormwind's inhabitants. In a corner room of these crypts there is a shallow pool filled with Blood. Hooded figures often make their way to this room, although what they are doing. Who knows?

A night-black panther once stalked through the many shadows of these crypts. And some whispers and rumors say that people have seen a terrifying hooded figure, with eyes as red as blood, that makes its home in the depths of the crypts.

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