The HistoryEdit

For centuries The Society of Secrets and Antiquities -- to its members, simply "The Society" -- has been if not a force then at least an interesting footnote in Thalassian magical research. It's agenda has been simple: to discover lost magics, hidden relics, and forgotten secrets, wherever the search takes them. The bulk of it's membership has always been adventurous historians, linguists and other experts from the Magisterial colleges, but a few notable Farstriders and civilians with academic leanings have also seen merit in its agenda. In Silvermoon research circles, the Society has been called everything from an adventuring gentlemen's club to academic eccentrics to outright gloryhounding tomb robbers.

The Society's adventurous bent was its downfall: roughly a century ago, its most dedicated members perished in an expedition led by the daredevil magistrix Sephrenia Sunbolt, an expert in troll magics and lore. The remaining members slowly drifted off over the years, until finally the Society faded to memory alone. It's records, however, remained with the Magisterial College, forgotten and gathering dust in the care of Sunbolt's surviving trustees.

With Quel'thalas desperate for new sources of magic, what was once an eccentric treasure hunt may turn out to have practical value to the survival of the Sin'dorei. At least, this is why rumor says the warlock Valdreas Thundereye has acquired and reopened the old records and archives of the Society: to pick up the hunt again with the ambitious young magistrix Adona Starfall and ranger-captain Querathiel Skyfire of the Farstriders. The gathering is unlikely to say the least: while Querathiel is reputed to be an honourable soldier, Valdreas is more of a dilettante who openly trafficks with demons, and Adona has at least a few fingers in Horde politics as well as being a good two centuries younger than either of the men.

The OOCEdit

Originally a guildless community, at present the Society exists mostly as a backstory and plot element occasionally used by associated players. Activity may or may not resume come Cataclysm.

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