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The Society aims to provide a structured and friendly environment for Mages and practitioners of the Arcane to collate and consolidate their knowledge, teach and learn new techniques and explore various magical phenomena around the world.


The Society was formed by Mallisyra Hawthorn she became restless and somewhat bored with her life in the Stormwind Guard. She had always been a talented scholar, with a passion for collecting and sharing her knowledge, and when the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in Stormwind offered the post of Mage of Mortwake's Tower, in southern Westfall, she jumped at the chance. Now, the once derelict Tower is used as a Library-come-meetingplace-come-school for a group of Mages she has befriended along the way, ranging from Apprentices to masters alike.

Elah v Mally

Elahine and Mallisyra during a practice Duel


Recently come back from a long expedition in Kalimdor!

Current Status

Always Recruiting! Always! Looking for Mages (or Warlocks but shhhh) of all types to participate in events, meetings, give lectures and go on expeditions!


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