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"The Song of Talithe", poetry attributed to her.

   I am Talithe,
   Thero'shan of Cenarius.
   I know how to call
   The Fire of Elune,
   How to heal a man,
   Dwarf and gnome.
   I was with my lord
   When he opened the gates of the Quiraj,
   I have slain drakes.
   In the Wyrmbog,
   I forged the key of Blackrock.
   I walked the dream of Ysera
   I know why the cat prowls,
   Why the bear mauls,
   And how healing comes from blessed branches.
   I know the way of the seas,
   And the tracks of Azeroth.
   Kurenei and Forbolg revere my name.
   I upheld heroes
   When Nefarian roared. 
   I know Medivh's halls,
   The Temple of the Betrayer, 
   How to call star fire on Ragnaros.
   I am a child of the night,
   and Bard of Quel'dorei.
   I have been dead in Searing Gorge
   Lost in Onyxia's cavern,
   Ferocious in the Lich's Citadel,
   And I brought life to Felwood.
   I come from the country of the stars,
   and touch nature with my breath.
   Before the other races,
   I was,
   and known their history.
   Before Nordrassil's birth,
   I played in the world.
   Stag, tree, all life,
   Calls me friend.
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