Basic Information[edit | edit source]

State Propaganda.

  • With The state of Stormwind, we are trying to create a lore based military/Government style guard guild. With multiple rankings, and events. As implied by the title, it is heavily based in Stormwind, however, it will extend out to other areas in due time.
  • The Guild is only as good/evil as the people view it.
  • The guild is run via a very organized system. Which will be explained below. And punishments are heavy.

General Information[edit | edit source]

More state Propaganda.

  • All races welcome, warriors & paladins prefered. Priests are required as medics, Mages will often use magic to restrain suspects or used as watchmen and rogues will sometimes act as undercover agents.
  • Your character can be as low as level 12 to join.
  • Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed inside the guild, but only a maximum of one.
  • We enforce the laws of Stormwind using whatever means we deem necessary, as stormwind has been in lack of a law enforcement guild for some time now, and ICly, the situation regarding criminals and other internal threats is quite severe now.
  • Be sure to check the Role playing Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • The guild has it's own events, mainly concerning governing the law in Stormwind, be that a guard patrolling, or the council meeting together to discuss new policies. Weekly inspections and training sessions are frequent, also attacks on enemies in the areas surrounding Stormwind
  • We plan to create big world-scale events (Alliance side.).

Joining The State[edit | edit source]

Simply get in contact with a member of The State, such as Caliyen, Xeineth or Garlinad.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Recruit, Chainmail set, level 12. Training period rank, you remain as it for a week. And afterward, it is descided whether you may remain as a LC (below) or if you will be removed.
  • Lance Constable, Chainmail set + Laced mail shoulderpads or something similar, level 15. The lowest rank of official guards, standard rank.
  • Constable, chainmail set chainmail coif is encouraged as is a blue cloak, level 20 +, The general rank for guards.
  • Guard, Special rank, requires the imperial plate set. Does not specifically fit anywhere into the guard ranking system, and serves mainly as a rank of prestige.
  • Corporal-To-Captain, chainmail set, or platemail set, customisable to a degree. Level 40 minimum.
  • Commander (Plate.), Xeineth Aurios, head of the State Guard.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

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