Guild HistoryEdit

I was just a young lad when my mentor told me this story,

After Lordeanon fell ..the undead ran amok in our beloved capital. Even Stormwind was almost utterly destroyed.

At the time of the rebuilding of Stormwind the people screamed for vengeance. So the word echoed across the lands of Azeroth..and the bravest warriors of all kind gathered.

The Commander was my mentor a brave Paladin...

As the army was forming the costs of rebuilding Stormwind and the funding of the Crusade was to much for the high class to bare.

My mentor told me ..that rich people have no problems with spending money long as it doesn't come from their own purses.

The army called "The Stormwind Crusaders" by the civilian population,was disbanded.

The crusade against the Forsaken never happened because the upper-class of Stormwind could not depart with their precious gold coins. This made my mentor a bitter man...

Until the day he was attacked by a Murlock on the ship i was working on ... I did not have any knowledge about the"light" but seeing this man in need was a thing i had to act against..i took my trusty broom ..mumbled a small prayer ...and a beam of light struck the Murlock.

Every strike i delivered with that broom was bathed in light...the creature soon fell lifeless on the deck.

My mentor was impressed with the skill i showed..and he took me under his personal care.

His dreams where that i would re-found The Stormwind Crusaders ...and lead them in battle against the Forsaken.

Liberate Lordeanon ...restore hope to our world.

With these words ...with these few words mentor has set out my path in life.

I cannot show enough gratitude to my fellow Crusaders for aiding me in this brave task.

Lets grow stronger ....until we can liberate our old Capital and free the souls still captured by the place they once loved.

No Valour No Glory!

"as told by Guild master General Seppe Van Dijck"

General Rules and InformationEdit

As noted by the scribe of Stormwind

The rules and regulations of "The Stormwind Crusaders"

1 : Try to aid people in need.

2 : Guild-members are expected to behave at all time ( don't dance naked in Goldshire for example.)

3 : If you discover an item that could be needed by a guild-member ..ask a fair price.

4 : If you find a new member for the guild , make sure they are dedicated.(RPers)

5 : If you have a problem let the Guild-master or a Captain know, they will try and sort the matter.

6 : The Crusaders is a guild that values honour ..remember that in all situations.

7 : Ranks can be obtained by showing commitment to the guild ...not by the amount of gold you have.

8 : Donations are always welcome but NOT mandatory ..and NOT needed to obtain a rank.

9 : If you decide that the Crusaders is not the place for you ...let the GM or a Captain know why.

10:Have fun .....(( and remember its only a game ..not real life....don't let WoW come between family,friends or your work...there are more important things in this world than a purple item))

11:Guild-chat is In Character only ...don't use things like LOL or BRB For Out Of Char chatting an OOC channel hes been provided.

12:Not logging in for 18 days will result in an automatic removal of your membership ( unless a reason is given of course )

13:New members must be interviewed by a Captain before they can join ...

No Valour No Glory.

This is our guild motto.

May the light guide and protect all Crusaders!

Joining The CrusadersEdit

If you are interested in joining the Crusade, then make contact (in character) with one of the many Corporals, Sergeants and commanders.

High CommandersEdit

Guild Master General Seppe

Assistant General Tanky

Assistant General Gallandro

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The Guildhouse

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