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"Honor, Duty and Courage!"

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The Stormwind GuardEdit

The Stormwind Guard operate as the chief law enforcement organastion within Stormwind, the Guard's primary objectives being to mantian the King's peace and uphold the King's Law.

The Stormwind Guard is a branch of the Stormwind Military serving under direct command from the General Marcus, Stormwind Council and the King himself but removed from the traditional command structure of the
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Three recruits of the Stormwind Guard

Military. The Stormwind Guard's chief jursidiction is the city of Stormwind it's self however the Guard have the authority to pursue and arrest criminals within any of the provinces of Stormwind and there have been many examples of the Stormwind Guard working along side the province's law enforcement agency.

Life within the the Stormwind Guard is one of duty, discipline, respect and authority, All guards are trained to respect the chain of command and expected to carry out thier dutites with discipline and honor. All guards are required to patrol the city, keep the peace and investigate crimes. Officers over see the training of the rank and file and keep order and discipline within the guard. Though despite the strict military rule there is a strong family feeling between the guards.


Captain - Guild Master

Lieutenant - Senior Officer

Sergeant Major - Senior Officer

Sergeant - Officer

Corporal - Junior Officer

Lance-Corporal - Senior Member

Constable - Full member.

Lance-Constable - Junior Member

Recruit - Trial period.

Janitor - An OOC Alt of a member.


The Guard recruit all Alliance races however Night Elves and Draenei will need a valid reason to join the Stormwind Guard. The Guard do not accept IC Warlocks or Worgen Death Knights (This is because the guild management feels there is not enough Lore to support Worgen Death Knights, however everything is open to disscusion) and at least level ten is required to join the guild due to uniform requirements.

The Guard also requires all of it's memebers to have a basic understanding of basic roleplay protocol and a decent understanding of the English language, an OOC and an IC interview must also be passed before some one is invited to join the guild.

To enquire about applying contact one of the Guard memebers in game.


Early Days (october 2010-June 2011):

Stormwind Guard Memories (Steamwheedle cartel EU)

Stormwind Guard Memories (Steamwheedle cartel EU)

  • The Stormwind Guard Regiment (founded on the 31/12/09 by Herius Darian) is under the command of Herius Darian.
  • The Guard aid in defending Stormwind from the Elemental Invasion
  • The Guard aid in the search and rescue operations following Deathwing's attack
  • Sergeant Major Gladrien Spartian is infected with the Gilnean Curse, transforms attacking several fellow guards, is subdued and given the Gilnean cure.
  • Herius Darian retires from active duty on the 31/12/10 after a year of service as acting Captain.
  • Lt Shanura Darian is premoted to Captain of the Guard
  • Shanura Darian dissapears from Stromwind sometime during Febuary, The Guard release a statement claiming she died at sea while returning to Theramore many are skeptical, roumers begin to circulate that Shanura's dissaperance is connected to cultist activity.
  • Lt Gladrien Spartian is believed killed after he is thrown from the Mage Quater into the park ruins by Dathron Laudress in March 2011
  • With no acting Captain or command structre Sergeant Major Wolf Runetouch takes control of the guard standing in as acting Captain
  • Gladrien Spartian returns to active duty in April having survived the fall into the ocean and recovered from his wounds. Gladrien is promoted to Guard Captain. Gladrien is paranoid and aggresive he becomes well known for his brutal treatment of prisoners and Guard recruits. Gladrien's paranoia causes a rift between himself and his fellow guards.
  • The Guard capture Ellythia Sunwing AKA The Fel Queen in early May however the Fel Queen's cultists take control of a recruit and break her out of prison.
  • Gladrien Spartian is relieved of command by General Marcus and the Stormwind Council in late May Gladrien is granted the title of Knight and given his own command in the Barrens.
  • Wolf Runetouch is premoted to Captain of the Guard in June and appoints Harvian Beckett Marria Silvermane and Selascius as his Lieutenants.

The New Regime (June 2011):

  • The Stone Mason's Union reform hoping to take advantage of the new guard regime and begin a war of terror against the Stormwind Guard and the city of Stormwind. The Stone Masons working with the mercanary unit the Lost Regiment attempt to assassinate Captain Runetouch but fail.
  • A spy is discovered in the guard when a constable in the guard turns on a recruit and hands her over to the Stone Mason's Union who toture her. Wolf leads an assault on the Stone Mason's base in Stormwind rescuing the recruit and capturing the spy. The Spy reveals that he isn't affiliated with the Stone Masons but was instructed to aid the Stone Masons by the leader of his organastion known as Frostmare. The spy is exiled to Nothrend.
  • The Stormwind Guard working with the Theramore Task Force are able to capture and interrogate a Stone Mason Lieutenat. The Lieutenant reveals the plans of the Stone Mason's Union and where the Stone Mason base is located
  • After a battle between the Stone Masons and the Stormwind Guard Ben leader of the Stone Masons is captured and forced into Military service in Warsong Gulch ending the Stone Mason threat.
  • After being missing for over five months Shanura Darian makes contact with Wolf Runetouch secretly in the Arthari Highlands. Wolf discovers that Shanura was connected to the cult Frostmare led by the traitor and exile Hans Darkmoore Frostmare. Wolf urges Shanura to return to Stormwind where he can protect her from Darkmoore but Shanura refuses fearing for the safety of Wolf and her friends in the Stormwind Guard Shanura dissapears into the Highlands and Wolf vows to defeat Darkmoore to win Shanura's freedom.

New and Old Enemies (July-August 2011):

  • After several clashes between the Stormwind Guard and the memebers of Katra Zil Shukil the Guard Capture the Fel Queen and two of her Lieutenants after a raid in the Slaughtered Lamb.
  • Wolf is ambushed by several members of Katra Zil Shukil and tortured by the cultists, Wolf Runetouch is exchanged for the release of the Fel Queen and her Lieutenants. Wolf swears vengence against the Fel Queen.
  • The Night's Watch of Duskwood request the aid of the Stormwind Guard in dealing with an undead infestation on Raven Hill, The Guard aid the Night's Watch in pushing back the undead and discover a coven of the Cult of the Damned led by a Lich creating an army of the undead. The Guard destroy the Lich scattering the cult and removing the threat of the undead.
  • Sweeney Rasmussen reappears in the Kingdom of Stormwind after a long period of inactivity within the Kingdom. The Guard engage Rasmussen in Duskwood however during the battle Rasmussen murders a recruit and kidnaps Corporal Nasgha who he then tortures and torments before the guard are able to locate and rescue her.
  • Several key officers of the guard as well as many poltical figures from Stormwind are invited to the Lillystone Manor for a ball. The ball is revealed to be a trap set by Katra Zil Shukil who release a host of cursed insects upon the guests. When the insects bit one of the guests it injected a venom that caused the victim to hullucinate and become hysterical with fear. Many of the guard were able to avoid being bitten and engaged the cultists in combat however due to damage caused by the frenzied mob of guests the Manor was destroyed and the cultists were able to escape capture.
  • Wolf's Death Knight brother Mordred Runetouch arrives in Stormwind and assaults Harvian Beckett. He then captures Sergeant Major Alisa Von Krone and escapes with to the Searing Gorge. The Guard chase Mordred and Alisa into the Dark Iron slave quarry where they rescue Alisa but loose Mordred in the many tunnels. The guard are forced to fight thier way out of the slave pits battling Dark Iron troops, Fire elementals and Flame walkers but the guard are able to fight thier way to freedom and return to Stormwind.
  • The Guard once again capture The Fel Queen after a battle in Raven Hill. Wolf orders her to be excuted the following morning however Sergeant Dravius Lanceford reveals himself to be an agent of Frostmare and releases the Fel Queen from the cells that night, a battle between the Fel Queen and the Stormwind Guard rages on into the night in the process of the battle the Guard Head Quaters is damaged and the Fel Queen is able to escape again however Dravius is captured and excuted for treason.
  • The Guard finally encounter Darkmoore for the first time. Wolf and Darkmoore engage in a duel of honor after a close battle Wolf defeats Darkmoore and banishes him from the Kingdom of Stormwind and commands Darkmoore to release Shanura from his service. Darkmoore vows never to return to Stormwind ending Frostmare's operations within the Kingdom for good.

Shadows of the Past (September-Novemeber 2011):

  • The Guard finish the repairs to the Guard HQ and hire G.N.O.M.E to improve the Guard's prison defences.
  • After nearly a year of inactivity the Mavalon Crime family begin to re-establish them selves within Stormwind.
  • The Guard and the Mavalon clash in the streets of Stormwind. Several key figures of the Mavalon are arrested however Mattiaus Mavalon the head of the family escapes capture and flees the Kingdom of Stormwind.
  • The Guard return from a training exercise in Westbrook Garrison to find a Warlock summoning a Doomguard into Stormwind. The guard kill the Warlock but the unbound Doomguard runs rampant through out the mage quater the guard are able to trap the demon and destroy it before it escapes into the rest of Stormwind.
  • The Guard defend Goldshire from attacks from the Headless Horseman during Hallow's End.
  • Several Guard officers take part in the Tournaments of the Hearts the guard make it to the semi-finals before they are defeated.
  • Katra Zil Shukil release modified versions of thier cursed insects into the streets of Stormwind many people are bitten which results in mass riots and viloence through out the city of Stormwind. The modified venom causes the victim to go insane with a mixture of fear, rage and blood lust pushing the victims to commit terrible acts of viloence the infected victim does not stop attacking until they are killed. The Guard order all civillians to take shelter in the Cathedral and set up a safe zone within the Cathedral Square. The Guard working with G.N.O.M.E and the Kingdom Of Lordaeron are able to maintain control over the city, stopping riots, looters and rescuing stranded citizens. The crisis is brought to an end when Sergeant Major Zeccadory Nentand creates an anti-venom and renders the insects useless.
  • The Guard begin to investigate a series of gruesome murders through out the city which involved the mutilation and ritual burning of women. The Guard discover that a cult lead by Professor Alexander Jager are responsible for the murders. The Cult are performing the rituals in an attempt to summon one of the Old God's servants into the world. The Guard find the Cult's temple in Deadwind Pass and kill Jager however the Grimorie of Rituals a powerful Twilight Hammer's artifict is lost during the battle.
  • The Guard are called out to the river bank of Duskwood north of Raven Hill where the Guard discover that Darkmoore had left Frostmare and joined forces with Laudress and the cult The Embrace who have ressurected Dravius Lanceford. The Guard engage the cultists however they escape after Dravius cuts off Sergeant Major Hadrius's arm.
  • Dravius launches an ariel assault against the Guard HQ, the Guard Gryphon Squad confront him but Dravius lures the Guards to Blackrock Mountain where a black drake attacks the guards allowing Dravius to escape.
  • The Guard investigate a series of murders involving partially eaten corpses impaled on spikes, the guard discover that an insane drifter is behind the killings, arrest him and excute him.
  • The Embrace in disguise attack the farms of Elwynn and Westfall and destroy the season's crops, they then poison the Kingdom's water supplies causing wide spread famine and draught through out the Kingdom. The Stormwind Guard offer up half of thier food stocks and water stock to the people of Stormwind but it does little good. The Guard struggle to maintain peace as riots break out through out the city.
  • A few weeks after the famine had set in within the Kingdom a caravan arrives in Eastvale offering food and water to the people of Stormwind, hundreds of starving and thirsty citizens turn out to Eastvale however the caravan turns out to be the Embrace in disguise who attack the people of Stormwind. The Guard work with several other cultist hunting organastions and military units to push the Embrace back out of the Kingdom.
  • Food and water finally arrive from Ironforge and Darnassus the Guard distribute food and water to the masses of Stormwind and peace is restored within the Kingdom.
  • The Lost Regiment resurface several months after the assassination attempt on Wolf Runetouch's life. The exiled Lost Regiment led by former guard and Frostmare spy Red plant plauge canisters in the catacombs of Raven Hill planning to unleash the plauge on Stormwind. The Guard get word of the attack and capture the catacombs from the Lost Regiment destroying the plauge canisters with fire bombs. Red is believed to have died in the expolsions.

Current Events (December 2011-June 2012):

  • The Guard discover a terroist plot by a former memeber of the Defias. The Defias has planted several explosives through out the city of Stormwind and contains the only shut off key for each device. The Guard chases the masked bomber into the Blue Recluse where he ditches his disguise and blends in with the patrons of the bar, the Guard question everyone aware that they are working against the clock. The Bomber is arrested and the explosives disarmed.
  • In January Wolf Runetouch boards the alliance naval ship the Defiant and sets out to Northrend en route the Defiant is attacked and lost at sea. Wolf is missing for the next month leaving the Guard with no commander. Harvian Beckett, Alisa Von Krone and Marria Silvermane each take joint command of the Guard untill Wolf Returns or a replacement can be found.
  • In Early Febuary Wolf Runetouch returns to Stormwind explaing that he had been living in Dragonblight with amenisa Wolf now fully recovered takes command of the Guard once again.
  • The Guard recive word that a necromancer had been operating with the abandoned farms of Westfall and was using Foresaken plauge technology to create undeath plauge tainted grain. The Guard under the orders of the King begin an investigation in Westfall.
  • The Guard discover that several of the abandoned farms in Westfall had been taken over by the homless who working with Harvest Witches from Gilneas had brought life back to the fields and were tending to the crops. The Guard discover a number of undead near the farm and attempt to destroy the corpses, when one is killed in the grain fields an argument about what to do with the crops break out between the Homeless and the Guards talks break down and dessolve into open conflict when Zeccadory burns the crop fields several homeless are killed or injured in the ensuing chaos inculding children.
  • Zeccadory Nentand and Marria Silvermane are put on trial before the public for thier actions in the Westfall operations. The Public find them guilty of excessive force but not of murder. Both guards were stripped of thier ranks Zeccadory was also sent to the stockades for contempt of court.
  • In early March a new defias terrorist cell called the Cross Eye Coin forms under the leadership of local gunsmith and smuggler Ronnie Goldbrig. The Cross Eye Coin play off the public's frustration with the guard following the Westfall incident and begins to cause riots through out Stormwind and Westfall.
  • The Guard become aware of the Cross Eye Coin's presence within the Dagger Hills of Westfall and send an undercover Guard to join the ranks.
  • Ronnie Goldbrig is captured by the Guard and exiled to Northrend with thier leader gone the Cross Eye Coin disband.
  • In May the Guard are lured into a trap by a group of Warlocks in Deadwind Pass, once in the catacombs of Karhazan the Warlocks attack the guards with Felhunters. The Guard push back the demons and are able to slay the warlocks.
  • Wolf's Brother Mordred attacks the Stormwind Guard once more in June. after a battle in the streets of old town the Guard are able to capture Mordred. Wolf excutes his brother the next morning.
  • The Guard have effectively brought crime to a stop within the Kingdom of Stormwind after the dissaperance of the Embrace and the Kirin Tor's capture of the Fel Queen. The Guard continue to maintain the peace in Stormwind however crime levels have started to rise within the city as a new crime syndicate begins to set it's self up within the slums of Stormwind and roumers have begun to spread of a new cult operating within the Kingdom.
  • Recently, three different crime-affilated organisations have sprung up. The ressurected Bogata Crew and Deadwood Munitions Company; and the newly formed Belligerent. The guard have had at least discovered each organisation, but still only have suspicions about Deadwood. There are Belligerent being frequently requested and the Guard have created a law against trading with the Bogata.
  • Cinty Steamsprocke recently re-tested the cells, only to find that the door could be easily removed. The Guard quickly had the door replaced. A large price was lowered slightly by GNOME, but not enough to stop it being a major cut to the budget.
  • Unbeknownst to the guard, Mozeu Tootsie Brilliantblaze hatched a plan to steal some rare books on dark magic, that were being kept by Zeccadory Nentand, resident Dark Magic expert. This plan involved depriving Death Knights of killing, making them go crazy for it. Even after a brave standoff by Nentand, Lance Corporal Zezin Earlheart and Lt Harvian Beckett, Mozeu got away with the chest containing the books. The Guards do not know who stole them, but they are frantically searching for the culprit.


The orginal guard guild Stormwind Guard was formed by Herius on the 31/12/09. The guild was eventually passed onto Shanura then it was passed onto Gladrien who disbanded the guild on the 17h of June 2011.

The Stormwind Guard was formed by Wolf and several other guild memebers from the Stormwind Guard on the 19th of June 2011.

The Guard's theme is based off the Night's Watch in Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels. This means that while the Guard has a very dramatic and serious theme to the guild there is also a light hearted side as well. The Stormwind Guard is a heavy RP guild with strong military tones but the guard has an a friendly and welcoming OOC social aspect who also take part in some very casual PvE.

The Stormwind Guard's Field Manual:Edit

The Stormwind Guard's Field Manual is the training manual for all Guards written by Captain Wolf Runetouch


The Guard was orignally based within the Command Centre in Old Town. The Guard were forced to move to the SI:7 building after the launch of Catacylsm when the OOC traffic making use of the vendors and trainers made RPing in the CC almost impossible. The Guard still refer to the SI:7 building as the CC

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