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(( WARNING: This story pre-dates my time on Steamwheedle Cartel and as such, consists a lot of lol-lore and 'Goldshire stuff'))

Chapter 1: The LeavetakingEdit

It was a rainy night out in Ashenvale forest. The newlywed couple Ilaana Moonwatcher and her husband Thalyn were only just sleeping until a loud voice outside waked them up again:

By decree of the Priestess of the Moon open this door or we will come in the hard way!

Ilaana and Thalyn looked worried to each other until Thalyn said:

I will open the door.

But this wasn’t needed anymore. In a matter of seconds the door broke and ten Sentinels came wandering in. Then a large woman with an armor that covered her entire body came in. She seemed to be the leader of the group. She said:

Are you Ilaana and Thalyn Moonwatcher?

Ilaana and Thalyn nodded at her

We have evidence that one of you has practiced the magics used by the Burning Legion who have destroyed our homeland many thousands of years ago. For this crime both of you will be exiled from this lands to the barren wastelands of Tanaris. Prepare to leave.

Ilaana and Tyalyn were completely shocked by this accusation. Tyalyn said:

“We never had anything to do with magic. We are a family that makes the best healing potions of the lands and maybe the world. What is this “proof” you have?”

The Huntress, clearly intimidated by Thalyn said:

“The name “Moonwatcher” has been found in a recent archeological dig in Desolace. It was one of the names on tombstones of fallen magicians who worked with the Burning Legion.”

“But this was thousands of years ago” Thalyn said. “We have only made herbs since then!”

“How do you explain the soul dust on the table there?”

Thalyn said “That is an heirloom from my grandmother!”

“The same grandmother who worked with the Burning Legion!”Spare me more of this nonsense! You will come with us in peace or we will be forced to take you. I suggest you make a choice…

Ilaana and Tyalyn knew they had no chance against a well armed Sentinel convoy and chose to cooperate with them.

Chapter 2: A Message from The Great MotherEdit

After a long journey trough lands where no Night Elf has been for thousands of years they arrived in the wasteland of Tanaris. The poor love couple had to walk the entire long journey by themselves while their guards had Nightsabers to sit on. By the time Ilaana and Thalyn arrived they were absolutely devastated. The convoy halted at a small river.

“Sisters hold your positions” The Huntress said to her Sentinels. “This is your final destination. I suggest you set up a camp here but actually I don’t care or want to care what both of you will be doing here for the rest of your life. I hope by Elune both of you rot away here so we never see the foul magic of your family again. Release them sisters”

Ilaana and Tyalyn were undone of their handcuffs by one of the Sentinels. She seemed very young from the looks of her face. When she undid Ilaana of her handcuffs she whispered something in her ear:

“Here, take this Peacebloom and Silverleaf” she said. “I hope it will help you survive for the first days here”

Ilaana took the two herbs and hid it in her clothes. Then suddenly The Huntress turned back around.

“Sentinel Celegil Windrider, what were you saying to these prisoners? The Huntress said.

“Nothing special mistress, just that they could rot and die here!”

“Okay fine, but I will keep watching you. Your father told me you were a fine fighter but also prone to insubordination.”

Celegil said: “I am sorry mistress, it will not happen again.”

Then the Sentinels took their leave and left Ilaana and Tyalyn alone. By use of the only trees that were around the river they made a small tent in which they could live. Thalyn quickly became mad and wandered the dessert for hours on end to find gold. Ilaana was very worried when Thalyn was out alone in the dessert. He was a Herbalist but not a Fighter. Most days Thalyn came back with wounds of Hyenas. On one day…he never came back. Ilaana was heartbroken by recent events and decided to attempt suicide. She prayed to Elune:

“What have we done to let all of this happen? We have always prayed to you, always kept ourselves clean from foul magic and always served our people with the finest herbs available. Now, even my loving husband is missing and probably dead. I am sorry goddess, I had enough…may I rest in peace”

Ilaana took up her knife and cut her neck. She fell down beside her bed. But this is not the end of our story…

“Where am I?”Ilaana said.

“I should be in the afterlife now but I only see darkness…”

Then a sudden loud voice made Ilaana kneel. Ilaana tried to stand up but she couldn’t. It seems as if she was controlled by someone else…

“Are you Ilaana Moonwatcher?” A loud female voice said

Ilaana said:”Yes I am…but who are you and what is this place?”

“Look deep into your mind and think….you may know me from just a moment ago”

“ it you?” Ilaana said

“You worship me under this name but in fact it is not my real name… but that is not important at the moment. What is important is that you committed suicide….why if I may ask?”

Ilaana whispered:”I have lost hope of a happy life. We have been exiled…my husband has been killed…”

“That is nothing compared to the greatest sin you have just made…” said the loud female voice again.

“My greatest sin….?” Ilaana said

“You do know you are pregnant?” said the loud female voice

“What!?” Ilaana said

“It happened the night you and your now deceased husband were taken away from your homes by the Sentinels. In a few months time you will give birth to a daughter who will do great deeds in future times. By your suicide your daughter will never be born and many lives will be lost if she is not born, all by your act. What do you have to say to this?”

“I…I…am sorry…” Ilaana said

“Sorry is a mortal word. You must think before you make any live-changing actions.”

“What can I do now?” Ilaana said

“I will grant you passage back to the living world…but you must promise something to me.”

“I will do everything you say my goddess please…let me return to the world and raise my daughter” Ilaana said

“You will but first promise me this: Don’t say anything about our meeting here and you will keep everything that has happened secret. If mortals, which will soon flood our homeland, find out about our meeting and the important role of your coming daughter then she will surely perish. Furthermore: You shall forgive The Huntress her miscalculation. She has a more important role in future years in a future conflict….. Do you agree with these terms Ilaana Moonwatcher?

“I will do everything you say!” Ilaana screamed in a emotional way

“So we have an agreement. If you ever break these rules I will sent out my guardians to get you and know: They aren’t as “friendly” as her…

Then a huge white flash followed and Ilaana was back in her tent. She felt the scar in her neck which has healed remarkably. Over the following months Ilaana meditated intensely and so she got her sense back. Five months later, Ilaana’s daughter was born. She had long dark blue hair and Ilaana decided to make the skin around her eyes red with tattoo. She decided to call her Celegil according to the kind Sentinel who gave her the Peacebloom and Silverleaf.

Chapter 3: The Young CelegilEdit

The night after her labour, Ilaana had a horrible dream…and a vision.

In her dream Ilaana was walking around in the lush forests of Ashenvale picking herbs. But then a loud warhorn sounded and as she watched the horizon she saw a huge Horde of Green skinned creatures coming closer. Ilaana tried to run away but the Horde came closer and closer. Suddenly she was picked up by a woman on a Nightsaber.

“It is dangerous to walk around here miss. What are you doing in this war torn place?” said the shady person on the Saber cat.

“This is my usual place to look for herbs. But who are you..?” said Ilaana

“My name is Huntress Celegil but that is not important now is it?”

“Celegil…is that you?” Ilaana said

“ I know you?” the Huntress said

The woman slowly put off her hood which revealed long blue hair and red tattoos around the eyes. Ilaana gasped for breath.

“Is everything okay?” the Huntress said

Suddenly an arrow flew trough the air and hit the Huntress in her chest. She fell of the Saber and landed on the ground in front of the Horde. A greenskin took up a sword. As it was headed to the neck of the Huntress Ilaana screamed and a familiar white flash was there again. Ilaana was forced to sit on her knees again.

“Tell me this will not happen goddess, please don’t let it happen!” Ilaana said

“That is entirely up to you. You must train her in the ways of the Huntress or else your loving daughter will be used as a simple soldier against the savage foreigners. She is not meant to become a soldier..she will be an explorer. This dream was a lesson for you. Use this lesson wisely Ilaana….”

Ilaana woke up completely upset. Luckily she used these wise lessons to help raise her daughter. And so Celegil became a Huntress well trained in the way of the Bow. As a family tradition, Celegil also became a Herbalist and Alchemist. Then that tragic day came….

Celegil, now at the age of 30 was out on hunting while her mother stayed at home to prepare the evening meal. When she came back she found her mother had became deadly ill.

“Mother…what's wrong!”

“It must be something bad I ate. I dont feel is flowing away from me…”

“Don’t say that mother…I can safe you”

“Haha *cough* no my dear..your kind, you really are..but you cant stop Elune's will.. “Don’t worry about me…think about yourself now. I have trained you and now it is time to live by yourself. It is the final part of your training….*cough* Be safe my child….. and I hope I see you in the afterlife…..

Ilaana closed her eyes. Celegil sat next to her mother for more than an hour crying and thinking what to do next and cried through the night. The next day, Celegil packed her bags and left the tent after she buried her mother. The young Huntress walked for days on end through the heat of the dessert. She was a tough girl, but no one can live without water. On the seventh day after she set out, she succumbed to the heat and fell down in the sand and didnt come up again.

This is not the end of our story though...Celegil lay there for half a day in the burning heat. Suddenly, a fellow Huntress came up to her and took her almost liveless body to a cave and throwed water over her. She immediately woke up:

"*cough* Oof..uhh..what is this, who are you, where am I?!?" Celegil said. The Huntress tried to calm Celegil down.

"Its okay child..I found you in the middle of the did you end up there?"

Celegil was uncertain what to say at first, but eventually she talked to the Huntress and told her entire story. When Celegil finished the Huntress said:

"Thats quite a story you told there Celegil...your really fortunate I found you. I never explore the dessert but this time I had a special request from our High Priestess Whisperwind to draw some maps of this land.

"You make maps miss..?" Celegil asked a bit shy.

"Yes, I do..I can show you how to make some on our way back home." The Huntress said.

"Home..where is home?" Celegil asked.

"By dont know dear? Its Ashenvale..our forest"

"Ashenvale..I never heard of Ashenvale.." Celegil said.

"Oh dear...Im sure you will like it, ill take you to Astranaar..Im sure they could use a girl like you there."

"I will do my best..Ill try.." Celegil said sadly.

"Come on Cele! You can do it!" The Huntress said with a laugh. Celegil then grinned:

"Okay...Lets try."

Celegil and the Huntress travelled for weeks and Celegil really liked the Huntress. She learned the young Celegil how to draw maps and it seems she was a real natural at it. Sadly..there is a time of coming and going..and when Celegil and the Huntress arrived at Astranaar..she had to leave.. "Your a fine girl Celegil..I really come to like you over our time together..but Im afraid..I have to take my leave"

"But miss..dont! I dont want to be alone again..." Celegil said while weeping. "You wont be alone..I signed you up to help at an Orphanage and feed have a great heart and you will be well."The Huntress said.

"Ill miss you Miss..." Celegil said.

"So do I...Maybe Elune will grant us some more time together in the future"

After the Huntress had said that, she turned around and walked out of the village. But Celegil came after her: "Miss, Miss, wait please!"

"Child..I told you to stay there..I have nothing for you."

"Its okay Miss..ill stay..but I never have heard you name.."

"Elandrial...Elandrial is my name" The Huntress said.

"Thats a beautifull name miss..Elandrial..Farewell."

"Farewell Celegil, stay safe..." Elandrial said.

After this, Celegil walked back to the village and started working at the Orphange for many years. She had an easy life and was respected by the people of Astranaar to be a good mother-figure. But one day..ten years later..she met someone that would change the course of her life and personality forever.

Chapter 4: The Tranquil DaysEdit

After Celegil was taken to Astranaar by the Sentinel Elandrial, she started working at a small school to learn children how to hunt and a also taught them a little geography. If you ask Celegil about those days now she will probably tell you it were the best years she ever had. She had lots of friends and even a lot of admirers, though Celegil is a hard woman to claim. She didn’t really paid too much attention to flirting men who tried to seduce her and when she did, she made a remark about it.

One day, twelve years after she had come to Astranaar, Celegil was spending some time near Mystral lake to gather some fresh water from the mountains. She was accompanied by her trusty Nightsaber Thalindra.

“It sure is a beautiful day today Thalindra. I just wish my mother was here, I still miss her a lot.” Celegil said quietly. Thalindra sees that Celegil is said and lays down next to her, purring. “Oh come on Thalindra, you are such a tease. I know that’s just a way to claim more fish from me. Naughty Nights-…What is that!?” Celegil’s face goes into a shock. She saw a man with horrible wounds coming closer. When the man came into ear contact he fell down and screamed: “Oh woman, please help me, I am in a dire state”. Celegil quickly moved closer to the man and said: “Are you alright sir…who are you?” The man replied: “Oh thank Elune that such a beautiful woman found me. I am Kalion Sabermaw..and..I am a Druid. I was spending time near the bears..but..they caught a scent..and they attacked me! I..please woman take me to a doctor, I beg you! ” Celegil thought for a moment and then said: “Alright..I am not to strong so I hope we can make it. Just for sure I’ll send Thalindra along to warn my fellow sisters.” Celegil then turns her head to Thalindra: “Thalindra my girl, please run back home and warn the others..You will get your fish, okay?” Thalindra quietly purred before running of in the direction of Astranaar. She quickly disappeared out of sight.

“Thank you so much my lady..I won’t forget it.” Kalion said with a smile. Celegil smiled back: “We aren’t out of the woods yet mister..literally. Your wounds look serious. I hope the Priestesses will be able to safe you, Elune willing.” Kalion tried to sit up but then let out a groan: “Urgh..I think my legs are broken..Could you help me up please?” Celegil answered: “Sure...Kalion” after which she helped him sit leaning on a tree. “Thank you Miss…I don’t even know your name…” Kalion said smiling at her. “Me..? Oh..I just live in Astranaar…my name is Celegil..Moonwatcher.” She said while blushing a bit. “Celegil..thats a beautiful beautiful as your white as the White lady herself..” Kalion said, still watching her. Celegil then laughed and said: “You are going to have to try harder then that…flirt”. Kalion laughed with her and replied: “Oh I will, don’t you…”. Kalion stopped talking when he saw Thalindra again and three other women. Celegil grinned a bit: “That’s the end of our date..lovebear”.

Kalion was taken to the local home of the Priestess where he was treated for his wounds. However, the Priestess’ home was already full with other patients and she asked Celegil if she could take care of Kalion for a while. Celegil agreed. That night…

“Thank you again for taking care of me Miss.” Kalion said while he was lying down in the spare bed Celegil arranged for him. Celegil smiled back after she said: “Hey, I serve the community…what else could I do? Rob you?” Kalion grinned: “Well…you did actually.” Celegil looked a bit worried: “What do you mean by that?”. “You robbed my heart…Cele.” after which Kalion winked towards Celegil. It made her laugh, then she said: “Alright mister, you chatted enough for now...time for your medication, lie down, this won’t hurt…”

Deep inside, Celegil liked Kalion a lot, although she didn’t want to let Kalion notice before she was sure he was indeed a nice man. That morning she meditated at the lake.. “What do we do about Kalion…? I like him Thalindra..but..I want to make sure he doesn’t take advantage of me..” Celegil sighed. “This is all so new for me..I shouldn’t even think about all of this at my age…I guess I never was normal.” Celegil looked off into the distance when Thalindra quietly lay down next to her. Celegil looked in our eyes: “You’re my best friend…if you think we should do it…”. Thalindra gave a small nod with her head. Celegil smiled and said: “I am so bad at this…Alright let’s give it a shot..”

That night…

“Have a nice dinner Kalion, I tried to find the ingredients you liked best.” Celegil said when she gave a platter with a steak on it to Kalion. “Thank you looks lovely..just like this flower..” Kalion smiled and gave a black rose to Celegil. She laughed and accepted the rose: “Awww….thats cute of you..I love black did you know?” Kalion smiled and said: “I am a Druid..It’s in my instinct to watch and observe..and I have noticed that you Cele..are a beautiful woman..but you have something dark about you…would you like to tell me..?” Celegil smiled at Kalion, then she looked down to the ground and answered: “It’s my mother..I lost her not to long ago..I miss her”. Kalion nodded a bit: “I understand…I am sorry…I didn’t mean to…” Celegil kept her a finger in front of her mouth: “It’s okay couldn’t goes on”. Celegil walked over to Kalion and sat next to him: “I..I have been thinking..When I saw you..I felt something that I didn’t feel in a lot of men.” Kalion rose from his bed and went to sit next to Celegil and said: “I think the same counts for me Celegil..your beauty is..incredible.” Celegil looked at Kalion his face and he smiled back and pointed his finger towards the bed. Celegil answered: “I..I don’t know if we should do you but I don’t think it would be wise. I know the chances are slim but..” Celegil sighed for a moment and looked at Kalion again. “I only have known you for a few days..well..a few tense days..but…” Kalion smiled at Celegil and kissed her slowly for ten seconds. “I..that was lovely.” Celegil said while smiling, then she grabbed Kalion and kissed him passionately for ten seconds. Kalion said: “I love you Cele..I don’t want to ever leave you again.”

That night, the young lovers made love to each other. Celegil and Kalion became a happy couple. Celegil nowadays says these were the best days she ever had with Kalion

Chapter 5: The dark night approaches...Edit

One year after that night..Celegil discovered she was expecting. The two were shocked and didn’t knew what to do. They were both under their hundred year of life and far too young to raise a child. After a long night of arguing, they decided to keep it a secret for as long as they could. But…two years later, there was no way of hiding Celegil’s belly anymore and she told the community she was pregnant. The community was in utter shock mostly about the fact Celegil was only 56 at the time she went to bed with Kalion. The other thing the community was very upset about was the fact she kept it a secret. Because of these two faults, Celegil and Kalion were ignored by the community. Celegil was really upset about this and cried. Kalion would sooth her at these moments, telling everything would be alright if the child would be a born Druid like he was. Then the community could see their relation gave a powerful born druid to the world.

Three years after the night, Celegil gave birth to the child…

Celegil and Kalion were alone in their house when Celegil began her labour. Luckily for her, the child was born quickly. Celegil sighed: “Thank Elune..that hurts so much.” Celegil took the baby and placed it on her waist: “I think it’s a girl Kalion, isn’t that great!” Kalion smiled but then his face turned serious, he said: “Does she have the eyes..?” Celegil looked a bit worried at Kalion: “ she hasn’t, they are silver. But that doesn’t matter for me. I love her already”. Kalion’s face turned angry: “It does matter! How could you not see this was very important for me! “Kalion, why are you so angry!? We have a beautiful, healthy child! Many people would envy us!” Celegil said sadly. Kalion didn’t notice Celegil’s sadness and said: “Urgh…stupid know that the rest will curse upon us now forever! With a Druid child it would be fine..but now we are cornered like roaches. I had enough of this!” Kalion walked out of the room and slammed the door.

Celegil cried quietly with her child through the night. She thought about the past with the Huntress in the desert cave. Celegil decided she would name her child to her and called the baby Elandrial to honor the Huntress. The following days, Celegil tried to make the best of it. Kalion however was in a constant rage and ordered Celegil around the house. The couple didn’t even slept in the same bed anymore. It continued for three weeks until one day, Celegil did something she regrets till this day…

It was in the morning when Celegil was cleaning the room where Kalion decided to sleep in. He was still sleeping when Celegil accidently hit a vase. It fell on the ground and caused Kalion to wake up. He immediately yelled: “You stupid woman, look at what you done.” Celegil tried to pick up the pieces when she said: “It was only an accident, you shouldn’t be yelling at me like that you stupid Ogre!” Kalion climbed out of bed and yelled: “And I call this abomination my wife?” Celegil was shocked: “Your wife, I am more like a slave!”. Kalion grinned: “Well..a slave you say hmm? Well I can do this then!” Kalion walked over to Celegil and pushed her against the wall, violently kissing her. “Kalion, what in Elune’s name are you doing!?” Kalion said: “I am fixing this, you are going to stay my wife until I get my Druid child, is that understood!?” Celegil began to cry and started looking for a way out. She noticed an old sword on a nearby table. She gently picked up the sword with one of her hands while Kalion was still kissing and pushing her against the wall. Then, Celegil stuck two fingers in Kalion’s eyes and said: “Time to say goodnight you Ogre!” after which she used the sword and went through Kalion’s waist. He fell to the floor and started screaming for a few seconds before he passed out. Celegil was still standing against the wall: “ Elune..wh..what have I done..I..”. Celegil sat down crying. After a few minutes, two Sentinels passed the house and noticed the sound of someone crying inside, they came in the room. One of them said: “By the goddess, what has happened here.” They looked over to Celegil and she looked up to the Sentinels. One of them said: “Oh..look what we have here…the little wench who sold herself to the Druid..and she even still has the sword in her hands..the little killer.” Celegil quickly rose on her feet and said: “Please..he..he hit me…I only acted in self defense.” The Sentinels grinned: “And your hand is still shaking..I don’t buy those words…you will be punished, and we will make sure your little girl gets a parent she deserves.” Celegil began crying: “ won’t take her out of my hands..not while I am standing.” Celegil threw the sword towards the Sentinel who was hit in her waist and she fell down. The other Sentinel came for her but Celegil ducked away and punched her on the head. She took the sword out of the other Sentinel’s body and ripped it through the Sentinel’s waist. The Sentinel said coughing: “We…will go to will never be allowed there..”. She passed out.

Celegil was horrified by what she had done..but she knew she had to run from the village now. She took her baby, packed a few supplies and put on her hunting clothes. She sighed and said: “I hoped I never had to put that on again…seems I was wrong” while smiling at Thalindra. Celegil went on her way and ran through the forests for a few weeks. She heard the Sentinels were looking for her to make a payback. Alas, one night when Celegil, Thalindra and Elandrial were sleeping peacefully near a lake, the Sentinels found them and took them prisoner.

Chapter 6: The Dawning of the new day.Edit

Celegil, Thalindra and Elandrial were taken to the Full Moon barrow den prison. It is located in a deep section of forest which is now known as Felwood. When they arrived, they came at the Warden, an old weary woman. Her face was in a constant anger. “Name?” “Celegil Moonwatcher..miss”. “Crime?” One of the Sentinels came forward: “Murder of one man, and two Sentinels M’am” The Warden said: “A little killer..those wont adapt, I sentence her to life.” The Sentinel came forward again: “What do we do with the child and the cat M’am?” The Warden said: “Whose is the rest of the scum?” “ my child, Elandrial, and my Nightsaber Thalindra” Celegil said quietly. “Oh great..a mother, a child and her Nightsaber. Almost sounds like a tale…with a bad end unfortunately.” The Warden said sarcastic. “Take her outside in the forest and hit her, every day. Her ‘friends’ will stay in the same cell. Best to let them rot together. Dismissed.”

That was how it happened. For years, Celegil, Elandrial and Thalindra were trapped in the barrow den prison. Every day, Celegil was taken out into the forest and was tortured while the Sentinels laughed at her. Celegil was thinking of suicide, but when her child slowly started to grow older, she decided to stay alive, for her daughter’s sake. One night, when the three were sleeping, the Sentinels came again:

“Wake up little killer, we have got a surprise for you!” The Warden said. Celegil got out of her bed and said: “What do you want wench?” “ lovely, getting used to prison life after all? Good…we have a death sentenced woman here who will stay with you for a while. Open the gate!” The gate was opened and two Sentinels with the Warden threw a woman inside the cell. Once they left, Celegil sat next to the woman who was passed out. Celegil put her in her bed and waited till the morning. Celegil said in the corner of the cell with the toddler of fourteen years old Elandrial on her lap. Then..she finally woke up…

“My..head..where am I?” “Are you okay miss? You are in the Full Moon prison, north of Ashenvale.” “Behg..they caught me..great. What did they say?” “That you have been given the death sentence…Im sorry.” Celegil said quietly. “By Elune…how could it have gone so wrong…But first, let me introduce myself, I am Elandrial Dawnleaf. How did you end up here and who are you?” Celegil was shocked: “Elandrial…? can’t be you…” Elandrial rose from the bed and sat on the side: “I am having a headache kid..tell me” Celegil moved a little closer to the bed with Elandrial hanging on her shoulders: “ Celegil..from..the cave remember?” The Huntress Elandrial looked up and her mouth fell open: “By..the goddess, I remember you…and..that is? Elandrial points at Celegil’s child. Celegil smiled: “That is my child..I named it after you Elandrial.” Elandrial smiled: “My goodness, you have grown a lot. And..a child..amazing..How did you end up here?” Celegil sighed: “I killed my husband who was hitting me..and I killed two Sentinels who were trying to steal my girl of me.” Elandrial nodded a bit: “I am sorry to hear that Celegil…you must have gone through a lot.” Celegil smiled, then sighed: “It’s been hard, mainly due to my white hair..they call me a little killing Priestess, I am not even a Priestess.” “I’m sorry Celegil…as for myself, remember when I went rode off for an important mission? I deserted from my regiment when we were caught in an ambush by Tauren. The Sentinels have been hunting me ever since..seems they got lucky. I fear this is the end of the night for me..” Celegil nodded quietly and sat next to Elandrial: “We will figure something out.” Elandrial nodded: “I am glad you are here, a friendly face among so much despair. Let’s see about that hair problem..”

Celegil and Elandrial became good friends during the few years they spent together. Elandrial had taken some blue dye with her in prison and put it in Celegil’s hair. Next to that, she also put markings on Celegil’s face which made her almost unrecognizable. Together they also kicked a few Sentinels in the face who were trying to torture them out in the forest. Twenty years later…

The Warden came towards Celegil and Elandrial’s cell, she said: “Elandrial’s time to meet the Goddes now.” Elandrial sighed: “Goodbye Celegil…I wish we met under better circumstances..” Celegil nodded quietly: “I know..maybe we will meet again in the next world..I sure hope so.” Elandrial smiled: “Have faith in Elune and remember what I taught you, I will ask Elune herself if she can let favor shine upon you.” Little Elandrial said: “Mom…why is the nice woman leaving us?” Celegil sighed and said: “She is going away..on a long journey..I will tell you everything one day dear.” Little Elandrial smiled and said: “Goodbye Miss, good luck on your travels!” Elandrial smiled and said: “Tha..thank you Elandrial..Goodbye Celegil..” The Warden took Elandrial with her through the door and that was the last time Celegil ever saw Elandrial the Huntress. A few years later, a woman with beautiful shining armor came to Celegil’s cell. She was accompanied by the Warden. “Huntress Shadowcaller, you are making a big mistake. This woman is a little killer and doesn’t deserve to be let loose!” The Warden said. “I am intrigued by her record..I just want to have a talk with her, nothing more.” Celegil walked towards the door of the cell: “What is this about?” The Huntress smiled: “Ishnu’Allah Miss Moonwatcher, I am Huntress Shaya Shadowcaller, Astranaar Sentinels.” Celegil walked back a bit so the shadows would cover her face and only light her eyes. “What do you want with me?” “ private. Please leave us Warden”. The Warden looked angrily towards Celegil and said: “Lucky scum..” The Huntress picked a chair and motioned Celegil to sit on the bed. She started talking: “Miss Moonwatcher, I am here to talk about your trade..Cartography, is that correct?” “Yes it is miss, please call me Celegil…” “Very well Celegil…I am going to be honest with you…we need women like you as scouts to explore the lands south of Ashenvale. And…as I read in your record, you have spent quite a lot of time there am I right?” “Yes miss…I was born mother was sent there.” “I understand…I wanted to offer you a proposal…” “Go on…” Celegil said “You will become a Cartographer for the Astranaar Sentinels, and in exchange your criminal record is erased. What do you say…?” Celegil started crying and ran over to Shaya and cried in her arms for minutes. “Oh thank Elune you came here..I was afraid I was going to die out here, and my child…I can’t describe how grateful I am..” Shaya smiled: “It’s okay Celegil..let’s get your equipment together. Follow me.”

That was how it happened, Celegil’s crime record was cleaned and she was given supplies, weapons and armor by Shaya. That was ten years ago. Nowadays, Celegil still works for Shaya and the Astranaar Sentinels with pride. However she can’t forget what happened earlier in her life, she has decided to move on and see if she can claim a better future for her and Elandrial.

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