Hordecrest small The Suncrown Order, unofficially "The Conclave"
Role Heavy-RP Blood Elven Guild
Leader Faroth'arn
Officers Shiraiyas


PvE Possible
PvP Possible
Requirements A fair knowledge of Warcraft lore and a focus upon RP

About UsEdit

  • Role: Heavy-RP Blood Elven Guild
  • Leader: Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden
  • Officers: Master Shiraiyas Lightwhisper, Champion Arkhaan Suntalon
  • Recruitement requirements: A fair knowledge of Warcraft lore and a focus upon RP
  • PVE: Possible
  • PvP: Possible

IC Background Edit

Following the destruction of the mystical Sunwell at the hands of the traitor-prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron, the fabled high elves of Quel'thalas withdrew into a lethargy of mourning and loss. Renamed blood elves in honour of their fallen kin, the ancient race vowed to avenge what the Scourge had wrought. Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden, instructor at the grand academies of Silvermoon and one of twelve living descendants of the Oakwarden lineage (A line of nobles, extending back to the ancient kaldorei civilisation and the highborne ten thousand years ago, who relinquished their nobles ties long ago in the pursuit of knowledge) founded the Suncrown Order, unofficially known as the "Conclave", alongside three other influential visionaries who together swore an oath to prevent another atrocity from nearly destroying the elves; be it by the hand of the Lich King, or by the arrogance and blindness of the elves themselves. Masters Oakwarden and Lightwhisper continue the struggle after the disastrous incursion into Crystalsong Forest which claimed the lives of one of the four founders and the lives of many retainers, almost one year ago when the campaign to banish the Lich King began.

Although the Conclave does not claim to speak for Quel'thalas, it does claim to act in the interests of the kingdom of the elves. Heavily motivated by old traditions and the glory of the golden age under King Anasterian's rule; the Suncrown Conclave seeks to blend the lessons and experiences of the blood elves with times past in order to reinvigorate the beleaguered populace of Quel'thalas. Its influence with almost all aspects of the kingdom, be it the order of the blood knights, the priesthood, the farstriders or the academies, has led to the Conclave becoming a well-respected and strong movement; further reinforced by their support of the Horde. It is with this in mind that the council looks to the future with hope, as the philosophies of the Light return where Prince Kael's fel gifts once stood.

OOC BackgroundEdit

The Suncrown Conclave was formed by Farotharn and Shiraiyas on 19-09-2009 to plug the gap in the Steamwheedle Hordeside Roleplaying Commmunity. Sufficient need for reform and a general home for blood elf roleplayers urged us to take the plunge and begin work on formulating ideas to satisfy the need. The guild was inspired heavily by the Quel'thalas of the Second War, and the blood elves' gradual return to the old principles. Though the population of our small server makes the goal of growth and expansion a difficult one, our endurance makes this goal one we plan to see reached.

The general concept of the guild involves an emphasis upon a well rounded sin'dorei-themed order headed by the wise Conclave council who have personally seen many of the troubles that have and currently face the elves to this date since the Second War ended. We try to balance the aspects of battle, education, social gatherings, major events and more together under one banner and roof. Although the appearance of the guild seems mostly that of a military-orientated guild, and in a lot of respects it is, we don't concentrate upon it. It is merely one ASPECT of the guild. In Silvermoon City our gatherings tend to be those of learning, or social gatherings, the things we all enjoy.

The knowledge of the Retainer-Dawnseekers

Mission StatementEdit

The Suncrown Order, unofficially known as <The Suncrown Conclave>, is primarily a Heavy-Roleplaying guild. It's a term many believe that they understand, but infact we find it is a term that should be used sparingly. It represents our passion for roleplay above all other things in the game. We do our best to ensure a high quality environment and hope to stamp down and earn good reputation amongst the Blood Elf community which is so shunned by the Horde. We want to be able to stand up and say "Hey, there IS another option". However small or large we find ourselves has little bearing on our objectives. PVP and PVE are not obligitory when we occassionally do decide to rest from our roleplay, however in order to strengthen the bonds between our members we encourage you to take part.

Our goal is to represent a face of the Blood Elves that does not involve cyb0ring in the Wayfarer's Rest nor re-enacting the hollyoaks drama, but instead brings out the true characteristics that make them a truly interesting and fulfilling race. We will be holding a large number of events both public and within the guild to ensure not only are we RPing amongst ourselves but also opening up the chance to mix it up with other races. We also promote character development and advancement within our reaches; a fine way to flex those roleplaying muscles I would say.

What do we expect from YOU? 

  • A general knowledge of the warcraft universe and of roleplay.
  • A desire to roleplay.
  • Maturity. Don't embarrass us with overboard swearing or inappropriate comments. You represent us.
  • Activity. This isn't hard to understand. Over 2 months without prior notification results in a kick.
  • The english language. Also not hard to understand.
  • Compliance with the rules and guidelines that we have put in place. If you don't like these rules then we don't mind that, i'm sure there are other places which will suit you out there.
  • An open attitude towards criticism. If you're not prepared to take constructive critcism, which is always given in a friendly and helpful manner, then don't bother; becuase we won't.
  • Blood elves! This is probably the most self explanatory. We want blood elves. We're ready to make some notes on creating numerous "stereotypical" archtypes of elves from which roleplayers new to the belf-world might find helpful in constructing a character.

Rank StructureEdit


Retainers in action on the streets of Silvermoon

All must strictly follow the Conclave uniform regulations for their rank when on duty. See the Uniform section.

  • Initiate: The young, the inexperienced or simply the unproven who await a chance to earn honour within the eyes of their peers and officially join the Suncrown Conclave. This stage is a "judgement phase" and your actions do not represent the views and beliefs of the guild, however we expect you to adhere to our standards of roleplay and maturity. Along with an array of subtle tests, initiates will eventually finish their judgement period and undergo the Trial of Initiation. Should the initiate succeed he will join the ranks of the Retainers and the Conclave itself. Should the initiate fail, he will be cast out.
  • Retainer: Fully fledged standing members of the Conclave. From this point and above, Guild members officially represent our Guild both in IC and OOC interaction. We expect you'll uphold our reputation and hopefully improve it with a respectful manner. Full members are privy to just about all our roleplay events and gatherings. Versatile and numerous, they form the bulk of the Conclave. From here, based upon ability, individuals will either join the Suntalons or the Dawnseekers.
  • Custodian:The honoured ones who have achieved deeds worthy of great merit amongst the Sin'dorei of the Conclave. Such indivduals are usually senior sorcerors or retainer captains.
  • Council: The top dogs who sit as the leaders of the Conclave. The most learned and wisest of the Elves are granted a seat onto the council for regular discussion and decision-making. The council is a meritocracy both IC and OOC, therefore if you put in the effort we will notice and you may be eligable for a seat.
  • Head: Leader of the Conclave Council and overall big boss. Has the final say on most matters but refers to the council's judgement, of which he is a prominent member.

The Retainer SystemEdit


A Dawnseeker


A Suntalon

The way we organise our ranks is to meld everyone together into one pool we call the retainer system. The retainers are, simply put, a collective of warriors, scholars, sorcerors, priests and other individuals who seek to preserve their people. The class, speaking in game mechanic terms, doesn't exist. However we define the retainer by his duty, and not by his skills as the game classes do. A mage, in game terms, is forced to wield magic. A retainer is just an individual. It doesn't matter what that individual might be skilled in. Perhaps he has studied at the academies of Silvermoon and his knowledge of the arcane is what he pledges to the Conclave; then that is what he does. He is still a retainer. The system allows us to bring everyone together under the same roof instead of complicating things through numerous ranks and instead seperate our focus on skills, rather than class. The magically abled will likely attend lectures by Master Oakwarden. Those gifted with dexterity and strength may seek to attend Master Lightwhisper's sessions of training with weapons, battlefield strategies and more. These are some of the examples we have put into effect on the calendar so far.

The Council has reformed the Retainers into a split of two ability groups:

  • The Suntalons: Headed by Captain Arris Oakwarden and his lieutenants, the Suntalons; so named to honour Champion Arkhaan Suntalon, are warriors of great martial prowess and skill committed to the defence of the Order's interests. Their duties, as overseen by the Champion himself, are wide-ranging and necessary, including patrols; diplomatic escorts; tactical strikes; reconnaisance and much more. Not including off-duty tasks and events.
  • The Dawnseekers: United spellcasters of a scholary nature, yet to be headed, the Dawnseekers reflect their name well by embodying the moral changes regarding Kael'thas' betrayal and the resurgence of the Sunwell. Seeking new ways to safely invoke the inherent magic of their race, the Dawnseekers intend to bring about a greater golden age for the blood elves. Among their duties lie the cataloging of historical, magical and philosophical texts and resources; the protection of the interests of spellcasters and a forward tackling of the magical addiction; the study of magics wielded by foes such as the Burning Legion and the development of suitable countermeasures to aid in defeating them.




Off duty, you are entirely free of your burdens, especially that of the uniform. We do ask that you dress appropriately for the culture in which you are playing, which is in this case the blood elves. The Suncrown Order is a place of honour, and thus even outside of the Order's duty, our members are expected to reflect their oaths by acting in a respectful manner and avoiding bringing shame to the Council.


House OakwardenEdit

Important FiguresEdit


Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden

  • Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden: The mind behind the Suncrown Order and its current leader. Once an instructor at the magical academies of Silvermoon, Oakwarden rose to the defence of his kingdom during the Second and Third wars and many of his former students joined his quest to preserve the existence of the high elves. After the destruction of Quel'thalas at the hands of Arthas, Prince Kael'thas named his people blood elves in honour of the fallen. Sharing the plight of his desperate people, Faroth'arn withdrew into a great lethargy of hopelessness at this time. The elder eventually regained his senses through the words of Rommath, messenger of Kael'thas. The Dark Portal re-opened and the blood elves began their pilgrimage to join with their prince in Outland. As the lord of Outland, Illidan, mobilised his forces to oppose the Horde and Alliance, the blood elves discovered their Prince had abandoned them; joining his master in betrayal. Disheartened, Faroth'arn returned to Quel'thalas. Oakwarden created the Suncrown Conclave with the aid of his former students and one of the first Blood Knights, Shiraiyas, with the goal of ensuring that the elves would not suffer such a fatal blow once again.

Currently spearing the elven contribution to the Horde War Effort in Northrend alongside the Sunreavers, Master Oakwarden seeks new champions to further the cause of the Sin'dorei after a devastating conflict with the Blue Dragonflight inhabiting Crystalsong Forest.


Master Shiraiyas Lightwhisper

  • Master Shiraiyas Lightwhisper: The fist and iron resolve behind the Suncrown Order and current living founder and co-leader. Sitting on the Conclave leading council, Shiraiyas devotes his time to the tutoring of young warriors for their entry into the ranks of the retainers. Once a priest of the Holy Light, married to a ranger, Shiraiyas lost his faith in the Light when the Scourge tore through the forests of his homeland and decimated his people. Joining the ranks of the first blood knights, Shiraiyas harnessed the powers of M'uru to his will. With the recent resurgence of the Sunwell, Shiraiyas battles with his inner conscience as the Light slowly returns to his people.

Champion Arkhaan Suntalon

  • Champion Arkhaan Suntalon: The tenacious and resolute Champion of the Order and third co-leader. Born into the fabled House Suntalon, Arkhaan began life drilled with tales of his lineage, of the history the two Houses shared, of the bond that began over ten thousand years ago. Sworn to uphold the oath to the Oakwarden line, Arkhaan has joined up with the Conclave and supports Faroth'arn with a passion that borders on fanaticism towards the rules, regulations and goals of the Conclave.

Champion Mythlessia Sunspear


Master Lethras Brightfaith

  • Master Lethras Brightfaith: Head mage-priest of the Suncrown Order and third co-leader. A former young student of the arcane in centuries past, Brightfaith studied under Master Oakwarden himself and eventually completed his apprenticeship at the academies of Silvermoon; going on to become a priest of the Light amongst the high elves. Master Lethras often travelled amongst the human kingdoms, spreading the word of the Light and honouring the pledge that his king had made to Thoradin in years past. When Quel'thalas was destroyed by the Scourge, Brightfaith's belief and trust wavered, however he regained his faith in the Light when the struggling blood elves regained their kingdom and slowly began to recover. He was instrumental in revitalising the order of the mage-priests along with other masters. Re-uniting with his former tutor, Faroth'arn Oakwarden, Lethras remained hopeful that the Sin'dorei would persevere. Lethras formed the Suncrown Order with the other members of the leading council shortly after the sin'dorei discovered the betrayal of Prince Kael'thas. The struggles in Outland proved to be a great strain upon Lethras, who remained absent from the conflict for much of its climax. During the assault on Northrend, Master Brightfaith was felled by the arcane dominance of the Blue Dragonflight. His seat on the council lies empty.

Traditional EventsEdit

  • The Elrendar Tournament: As concieved by the captain of Anasterian's Royal Guards in centuries passed and continued after the destruction of Silvermoon by the Champion Mythlessia Sunspear, the Elrendar Tournament is a monthly collective of trials and tests held in the kingdom of Quel'thalas. In an effort to bring new warriors to light to send into battle with the Amani Empire, the tournament's purpose was to allow the Ranger-General of Quel'thalas to gauge the strength of heart and mind for each combatant conscripted from the towns and villages of the land; rewarding the devoted. The tournament takes its name from the Elrendar River which seperates the lush forests of Eversong from the ravaged Ghostlands and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. This metaphor for Quel'thalas being seperate and superior to the rest of Azeroth mirrors the Tournament which seperates the mighty from the underdogs. Now the tradition has been renewed under the guidance of the Conclave council and Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden sends word each month that the Elrendar Tournament holds great honour and reward for those who succeed its tests. Victors are eligable to recieve the illustrious Mark of Elrendar and often a reward of gold from the pockets of Old Oak himself.
  • The Festival of Amaryllis: A ritualistic, romanticised tradition stemming from even older traditions from the ancient kaldorei empire, the Festival of Amaryllis is a fortnight long period of courtship rituals between lovers, and celebrations of happiness between life-mates. Each year, the sacred festival is held almost like a competition between all castes and classes, be they noble or common folk, in order to out-do one another for the hearts of a female. Poetry, floral gifts, displays of wealth and influence are regular means of attracting a potential mate. For those already joined in hand, the Festival is a means of expressing the very desire and respect for each other for which the joining took place originally.
  • The Lunar Festival: As a celebration of the defeat of the Burning Legion over 10,000 years ago, the Lunar Festival is also celebrated by the descendants of those highborne kaldorei who rebelled against Queen Azshara and sealed her defeat. The sin'dorei festival, however, is celebrated in a much different manner than their druidic cousins. Rejecting the moon-based worship of the night elves, the sin'dorei focus upon the ancestral reverance aspect of the festival; remembering key figures from the War of the Ancients such as Dath'remar Sunstrider. The Suncrown Conclave honours the ancestors of House Oakwarden by swearing oaths to Lord Val'thalan Oakwarden and his champion-protector Lethis Suntalon, both key figures in the rebellion against the Burning Legion and the founding of Quel'thalas.

Regular Events/GatheringsEdit

We host a fair number of successful "weekly" RP events in order to keep our creative RP minds working, to stave away that boredom, and generally provide a laid back atmosphere we tend to do away with during the important major events. These events are generally recurring patrols, studies, lectures, practice, a gathering at the local inn and so on. Most prominent of these:

  • Patrols: The Suncrown Conclave makes its duty known when it is not drawn away to Northrend by patrolling the roads of Quel'thalas and the city of Silvermoon itself. This is by far our most common event and an excellent place to catch up with us for some roleplay. Usually held upon a Tuesday.
  • Master Oakwarden's "Thought Of The Week": Discussion upon an idea put forward by Master Faroth'arn in order to stimulate debate and an open mind.
  • Conclave Council: The heads of the Conclave set aside their business to heed concerns and troubles of the worried, bestow ranks and honours upon the worthy and provide new challenges for the mighty. Held on a Friday.
  • Master Oakwarden's Weekly Lecture: Faroth'arn gathers the Conclave for a chance to heed his wisdom on another noteworthy subject (Which tends to be magic). Usually held on a Thursday.
  • The Suncrown Conclave: The famed continuity of the gathering of which Master Oakwarden's group of followers gain their name. A meeting consisting of the Conclave Elves, other prominent figures from Quel'thalas and ambassadors from the Horde races who gather to put forth ideas regarding improved relations between the Sin'dorei and the Horde, and discussion on the continued war between the Horde and Alliance. We have yet to organise one of these and hope you'll take the initiative in contacting us about getting involved.
  • Training: Master Shiraiyas Lightwhisper's rigorous training, intended to broaden and test the abilities of our retainers. Shiraiyas's lessons cover a wide spectrum of traits and skills regarding battle and subtlety and strategy. No set date as Shiraiyas will be taking a holiday quite soon.
  • The Elrendar Tournament: As concieved by the captain of Anasterian's Royal Guards in centuries passed and continued after the destruction of Silvermoon by the Champion Mythlessia Sunspear, the Elrendar Tournament is a monthly collective of trials and tests held in the kingdom of Quel'thalas. In an effort to bring new warriors to light to send into battle with the Amani Empire, the tournament's purpose was to allow the Ranger-General of Quel'thalas to gauge the strength of heart and mind for each combatant conscripted from the towns and villages of the land; rewarding the devoted. The tournament takes its name from the Elrendar River which seperates the lush forests of Eversong from the ravaged Ghostlands and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. This metaphor for Quel'thalas being seperate and superior to the rest of Azeroth mirrors the Tournament which seperates the mighty from the underdogs.Now the tradition has been renewed under the guidance of the Conclave council and Master Faroth'arn Oakwarden sends word each month that the Elrendar Tournament holds great honour and reward for those who succeed its tests.

How To Join Us!Edit

How can you get involved with us?

Things in the Conclave have changed and in order to maintain a level of high-quality both in IC interaction but also in OOC-life, we only accept applications through our guild-forum: [1](FORUM LINK). Follow our simple application guide to get you started on telling us a small part about yourself and the character you intend to apply with and if the officers and I are pleased, we'll inform you and follow it up with a meeting in-game where we shall induct you into the guild!

A note that we do not accept as part of our Order:

  • High Ranks. When you join the Suncrown Conclave, you begin again from the bottom. Your past accomplishments mean nothing and will not earn you a high rank unless you earn it. This is probably one of the biggest reasons NOT to join the guild, we're sorry to say; but we stand by our decision. It is unfair to prioritise. All must begin from the bottom. Similar to the Grey Warden system from the Dragon Age universe, for those of you familier with it. This is an oversimplified explanation and we'll explain in much more detail in-game.
  • Death Knights of the Ebon Blade. Death Knights, we believe, ought to remain in Northrend, fully pledged to see the destruction of the Lich King to the very end without rest. That belief does not coincide with our theme in Quel'thalas.
  • Individuals who consort with demons or demonic influences such as warlocks and demonologists. We do, however, accept spellcasters and scholars who have made it one of their goals to catalog and study the many traits of the Burning Legion so that we may counter they and their minions. The Sunwell has been restored and the Blood Elves are beginning to see the error of their ways; namely the siezing of the powers of the Legion for their own use which brought them prosperity at harsh cost.
  • Assassins and Spies. We are an organisation with a public face and, for Elven standards, a code of honour (Such a thing does exist, with a lovely elvish twist, more on this later). We focus more upon allowing our retainers to work together as a team, slip through the forests in silence and put and arrow in the chest of an Amani warleader. Not playing Assassin's Creed.
  • ERP/Cyb0r. Any individuals with such intentions need not apply in the first place. We do not condone ERP and we do not accept it. If accusations reach our ears while in the guild, we will always give you the benefit of the doubt. However, we don't tolerate the abuse of our hospitality lightly.

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