After Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider departed through a portal to the broken world of Outland, The High Exarch Carniifex Sunstrider offered to remain behind and return to Quel'thalas. On arriving at the ruins of Silvermoon, Carniifex and his group of Blood Elves set about on the reconstruction of the city. Through their efforts and the magics of the Exarch, Silvermoon was brought back to its former glory. The land was without a ruler and soon anarchy took to the streets. Carniifex then created The Sunstrider Council. The Council upheld order until a regent lord was chosen, Lor'themar theron. The Council advised Lor'themar in making descisions and such until recent activities from two factions inside the City declared a war against each other. The Peoples Voice and The Magisterial Guard. Eventually the People's voice were quelled and peace once again spread through the streets. Siege occured against the Sunstrider Council and although everyone did a great service, corruption eventually spread. The Guild split asunder and Carniifex saw that all was lost. Solance and Rosaceae left to form the Order of the Sun and gathered every straggling body back. Unfortunatly this 'Do-good' attitude, as Armos might put it, attracted the attention of the Twilights Hammer Clan and a second war was declared...

Other InformationEdit

  • The Sunstrider Council upholds then law of Silvermoon. Its military division often patrols the streets on lookout for crime. Not to be confused with the Magisterial Guard whos mission is to defend the Magisters although they also act as city guards.
  • The Guild holds many meetings at the Bazaar Inn which is owned by Carniifex himself. These meetings range from friendly drinks at the bar to formal presentations on Silvermoons society.
  • Holding diplomatic relations with nobody at present, those wishing to form an Alliance must contact Carniifex


The Council broke apart and a band of high ranking members left to save whatever they could. The Order of the Sun was created.

Carniifex found out that Kael had been working with agents of the Burning Legion and after a fierce confrontation, he retreated back to Quel'thalas. He cannot change the mind of the Citizens of Silvermoon so instead he reformed the Sunstrider Council to act as a secret sect known only to few.

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