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“The kaldorei have always taken much pride in their harmonious relationship with nature. This means that we only take from nature what is necessary, and that we return in kind. This balance has afforded us much”

Elves live in communities, or at least they used to. They care about each other, or pretend to – It is must be hard for a human to comprehend the integrity of their lives, they have been living for centuries with mostly if not only, those whom they knew well. The elves knows many and they knows them well. It is even common that children are raised by the people in the village as much as their parents.

And so their world has been invaded and shattered. For a very long time Andureth contribution to the community was to ensure accommodation for travelers, this he did freely. One day, the demons came. He was no warrior, so he fled. Now the druids and woodbenders have managed to “build” a new place where he could be.

And here he tries to ensure that the visitors and the refugees can have some shelter and something to eat. Actually not just something, some dishes crafted with a craftsmanship unfathomable to short lived races. If only he could get some ingredients. Getting those, is not only a question of whether there is something which can be eaten in the wilds. For the kaldorei, it is also a question of if, one can eat it without upsetting the balance.

The Teahouse. It used to have a name, but after a few centuries, and a dozen innkeepers, most Kal`dorei simply call it that. The simple name reflects the singularly simple purpose: To give Kal`dorei a place to meet, in a quiet, relaxed and elegant surroundings. To talk, to sing, to dance, or even just to listen and watch.

The current Innkeeper is Alrundath. He makes the tea, cooks the food, and does whatever is needed to provide the Kal`dorei their much needed rest.

Although the Teahouse is not a guild. It deserves it`s place here, as it is an organised location-based RP evening for gathering and RPing.

Background Edit

Summary of the background of the guild.

About two, three months ago Sveraes and Isance got together to discuss the idea of creating an RP hub for Kal`dorei. In Kalimdor. As a counterweight to Stormwind and so-called 'Stormwind Elves'. After a bit of thought the teahouse was created.

Allthough all are welcome, there are rules that have to be followed. These are most stringent for Kal`dorei, who have the greatest responsibility:

The Great RulesEdit

The Teahouse operates on The Two Great Ironclad Immutable Golden Rules:

TFGIIGR 1: Treat everyone with respect.Edit

Be they noob or elitist, nice or annoying. We are all human beings.

Remember that not everyone plays a nice or respectfull character. In such cases, an OOC respectful attitude is paramount. Don`t shy away from /whisping those you`ve offended to let you know that only your char is rude, loud, annoying, etc.

Also as we have the OOC channel KaldoreiRP. You do not whatsoever use double brackets, it is still a breach of the RP server policy.

If someone is repeatedly disrespectful towards 'you' ask for a reason why. Talk it out. If needed ask Andureth, Isance or Qurethell for assistance. If the situation is unsolvable, use /ignore.

Do not ever, EVER take a conflict in The Teahouse to the forum.

TSGIIGR 2: Have fun.Edit

If you`re getting bored, think of something to make it fun again for you. If you can`t think of anything, use the Night Elf channel to ask for ideas. Just remember that you are in a teahouse, so starting a fight is a no-no.

When thinking about starting, say, an elemental attack to spice up the Teahouse. Don`t. Look to The First Golden Ironclad Immutable Rule, and ask around in the Elf Channel if people are okay with that.

  • Shand inspects Kiva`s Ear
  • Isa`s audience
  • Teahouse Beachparty

The Other RulesEdit

Aside from The Two Golden Ironclad Immutable Rules, there are a few other rules a patron must be familiar with. Mostly to do with Kal`dorei culture. These rules may be bent, but not broken. If these rules conflict with The Two Golden Ironclad Immutable Rules, the latter have priority.

Know your Lore:

All Elves must follow the Night Elf guide that can be found on this wiki. It is very thorough and well-researched. Many of the less- I mean other Alliance races would love having this kind of guide.

For all others, know your Lore.

If you google "So you want to be a <race/class>" you can find a good series of articles on lore for your race and class. Preparing was never easier.

No Violence:

Kal`dorei are fierce, proud and ferocious. Especially the women. However Kal`dorei culture condemns Kal`dorei wounding Kal`dorei. So no barfights, no drawn weapons, no clawing, no hitting etc.

You -are- free to have a conflict. You are free to make vicious scything remarks. But not actual violence. If a fight does start, ALL participants get banned for a period of time. Besides random emoted fights are almost always going to end dumb and silly.

You could leave the Teahouse for a while to fight it out.

Also outcasts and special people: While we all have to follow Tyrande and not kill you on sight, do not expect service if you are open about it. Andureth has the right to deny your character permission to come inside. We would like to avoid unnecessary taunting, be realistic about your position. - Don't ask don't tell.

Greeting and Gifts:

It is considered good manners if a guest first greets Andureth politely, before talking to any of the other guests.This is also the ideal time to present any gifts you may have for the Teahouse. All gifts are there for the enjoyment of the Innkeeper and his guests.

Something non-Kal`dorei often misunderstand is that there is no need to pay the Teahouse for any of the food and drink. This is because the Teahouse only has tea in stock. All other foodstuffs for the feast are whatever the guests bring.

It is considered dishonourable to be greedy, to consume where no consumption is needed. It is also considered unfitting not to help where help is needed.

Luckily a gift does not have to be food, anything that improves the quality of the evening is a gift. Stories, songs, poems, a new dance are all examples of good gifts.


This idea is based almost completely on Japanese/Chinese Teahouses. Sveraes has been very helpful in making the Teahouse more Night Elf like. <3

Current StatusEdit

We could use three "things":

We could use some more Elves to step forward and host Teahouse events

We definately could use a few people helping with some entertainment, especially those that cater to the Kal`dorei sophisticated taste. That is storytelling, singing and possibly some time spent reciting blessings to Elune.

And we could use Night Elf Guilds coming to join the Teahouse and talk of their RP IC. We would love to bring the disparate storylines of the guilds in Kalimdor together, to weave a grand tapestry of stories.


The Teahouse is a community, not a guild. We use the public channel for Night Elves, (/join kaldoreiRP) mainly. Grouping up or making a new channel if secret issues have to be discussed.

  • Andureth (sveraes)
  • Deliarís (sveraes)
  • Isance
  • Sveraes
  • Malewayn
  • Qurethell
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