The Town of HillsbradEdit

The Town of Hillsbrad is known to be a peaceful farming Community. Its citizens are blissfully unaware of the troubles outside the foothills and why should they care? They live off the land and enjoy a nice cold Tankard of Lightblades Cider at days end in the Hillsbrad Haven Inn. Many people settle here alone but fall in love and marry, getting registered at the Town Hall.

The fields are tilled, the apples picked and the Guards are on patrol all is well in the fields of Hillsbrad.
Hillsbrad Tabard

The tabard of Hillsbrad bearing the symbol of the kingdom of Lordaeron.

However all people have their sauded secrets, in Hillsbrad you may meet many colourful characters, don't let its seemingly harmless appearance put you off guard. Not everyone in Hillsbrad is happy farmer...

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On The Town of HillsbradEdit

The type of RP in Hillsbrad is simple. If you've ever Played Elder Scrolls Oblivion and walked through their towns you'll have a understanding of what we want. We desire a heavy RP community that simulates all aspects of life and death in the Town of Hillsbrad. Our members are encouraged to Live their characters life in our town. You choose your job, you can have two jobs if you want. From Farmer to Guardsmen many of the roles you could imagine in a town such as Hillsbrad you can RP about. Developingyour characters life his important. We don't want mindless drones. Enthusiasm and initiative rp as much as you want. you don't need to wait for events or to be told when to head to our town to RP. You can play out your role however you see fit, want to be corrupt Guardsman, go ahead, want to be a theif or cultist fine. However If your caught you will have to face the consequences of your actions!

We only accept Humans, Gnomes and Dwarves. However if a good enough reason for a Night Elf and Draenei wanting to live and work in our Town is given then exceptions can be made.

The minimum level is 10 or if you want to be a Guard 12 for uniform reasons. Members must be online for RP atleast once a week and mus attend Events as much as possible. Ofcourse we understand real life things crop up so if you could tell us before hand if you cannot be online we will give you time off. Or if it is an emergency aslong as you tell us after we also will not mind.

The rules of our guild are very basic RP rules.

No leet speak

No out of character speak in public channels such as /say and /yell

No god emoting and meta gaming

People oustide the guild are encouraged to tell Janós Lightblade if anyone of from the Community is seen breaking any of these rules.

All members re greatly encouraged to download and properly install Gryphon Heart Items and Gryphon Heart Reputation addons as alot of our RP involves these two addons.

Hillsbrad EventsEdit

The Town of Hillsbrad will host weekly Harvest Market Events, where the town traders and townsfolk can sell their wears to each other and outsiders. Traders and merchants from outside the guild are also welcome to set up shop during these events. However you must contact either Janós Lightblade or Thorack Bloodaxe In game so that we know if you will be coming.

The Town of Hillsbrad will also throw celebrations for peoples birthdays IC ofcourse, in general only the community will be invited to these events however outsiders are allowed to attend by invitation only.

In general Hillsbrad is a constant RP setting, when we are RPing there and you want to come and see whats going on or rp with us thats fine. The more the merrier.

Citizenship in HillsbradEdit

So you want to become a Citizen eh? Excellent! Just send Janós Lightblade or Thorack Bloodaxe a Incharacter Letter or a whisper. We will conduct a IC interview with you. So be in character and have a reason for wanting to live and work in Hillsbrad.

Upon attaining citizenship you will be given a Certification of Citizenship this is one of the many reasons why it is important to have Gryphon heart items installed correctly. There is also a copy of Justice and the Law available to all citizens upon request. This books is given to all Guards if they are hired by Catain of the Guard Thorack Bloodaxe


There is no uniform for our Guild, we're rping townsfolk and merchants, aslong as it fits in its ok. However the Town Guard must wear the Chainmail armor set purchasable from Vendors in Stormwind Trade district. It is a level 12 item. Guards must also wear the Hillsbrad Tabard. Weapons are of the Guards choice, like the townsfolk clothing, aslong as it looks like it will fit in it can be used.

Foreign Traders, Guilds and Factions in HillsbradEdit

If you want to set up a presence for your RP guild, Cult Gang, Trade shop ect please feel free to contact Janós Lightblade In game to discuss what you want to do nd how to go about doing it in our community. WE as a Roleplaying community do not want to just rp among ourselves so if you wish to extend your Guilds rp zones further than Stormwind or your current Location do not hesitate to ask. Whats the worst that could happen?

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