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Introduction The Travellers is a guild of adventurers dedicated to the exploration and mapping of the lands of Azeroth, Kalimdor and now Outland. The Guild is distinct from the famous dwarven Explorers League, as it bears no royal charter and its membership is open to all races. That being said, the two organisations are closely related and have been known to share information even collaborating on certain projects. The Travellers are in no way a military organisation and as such there are few rules for its members to observe, each Traveller is free to carry out their duties in their own way, however; honour, tolerance and good will are the core values of the guild and all members are expected to uphold these ideals.

Guild HistoryEdit

Shortly after the end of the last war a Kaldorei hunter by the name of Stormwolf, conscious that the world he had known for such a long time had changed beyond recognition with the death of the world tree, began to walk the land on a pilgrimage of discovery. During his travels he became friends with others who shared his thirst for knowledge and so what started as a very personal journey of mind, body and spirit became the shared goal of a small band: to cross all the lands of the world learning its secrets, and so The Travellers were born.

Following the crash landing of the Exodar and the re-opening of the Dark Portal, The Travellers found new friends among the ranks of the Draenei and a strange new world to investigate. One Draenei in particular rose to prominence within the group, a shaman called Sanastar D'Arellien. Sanastar and Stormwolf became fast friends and would delight in exchanging tales of their respective homeworlds, and so, when an old wound forced Stormwolf to rest from his travels for a time, it was Sanastar that he named as his successor and the new Grand Explorer, the title held by the head of the guild.

Under Sanastar D'Arellien, The Travellers grew from a small band of explorers to a vibrant community of nearly two hundred members, capable of staging expeditions to the farthest reaches of Outland and soon, it is hoped, making its first journey to the frozen wastes of Northrend on board its mighty flagship, "The Traveller," an Orcish destroyer that was sunk towards the end of the second war. Discovered by Master Voyager Vavaia while on a diving trip, the wreck was raised from the ocean floor with floatation devices designed by Sanastar, a keen engineer. The guild lovingly repaired, restored and refitted the old ship, hired a crew and anchored their new flagship in a secluded bay in Lordaeron. The Guild meets there on a weekly basis to discuss new discoveries and plan new adventures for The Travellers.


Some of The Travellers attending their weekly guild meeting on board their flagship.

"The Traveller"

The guild flagship and headquarters, "The Traveller"

The Structure of the guildEdit

While, as previously stated, The Travellers is not a military body, there is a hierarchy within the guild and ranks that members may attain if they prove themselves worthy.

All applicants for guild membership are first interviewed by one of the officers and, if judged to be a suitable candidate, offered temporary membership in the guild, 'Sightseers' as they are called, will undergo a probationary period while the officers decide on their suitability. All being well, the Sightseer will then be welcomed into full membership of the guild and granted the rank of Traveller. Should any Traveller prove themselves to the guild through continued dedication and reliability, they may be offered the title of Explorer. The Explorers are a group charged with special duties, they are the lieutenants of the guild's officers and are often dispatched on arduous quests and may be absent from the guild buisness for long periods of time. The guild has two officer ranks; up to six Cartographers are charged with the day to day smooth running of the various guild departments while the Master Voyagers form the inner council of the guild and are the trusted confidants of the guilds' leader, the Grand Explorer, Sanastar D'Arellien.

Joining The TravellersEdit

The Travellers are once again admitting new members. Those interested in joining may approach an officer of the guild (Cartographer, Master Voyager, or the Grand Explorer) in person to discuss things further or write a letter of application ((IC in-game mail)) to Sanastar D'Arellien or Vavaia.

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