Hordecrest small The Unseen Vigil
Unseen Vigil
Role Organisation hireable to acquire artifacts and knowledge for clients.
Base of Operations In and around capitals mainly, some smaller hideouts scattered throughout the world.
Leader Unknown
Officers Larynne Laesoron, Nadash Flametusk, 'Periwinkle' Cliffman, Kira "Kichi" de Berk, Kormus Bloodaxe
Allegiance The Horde
PvE Possibly, though raids are unlikely.
PvP Unlikely.
Requirements Basic grasp of Warcraft universe and character lore.
Recruitment Status Open.
Recruitment Contacts Larynne/Calrys, Kichi, Kormus, Zánza, Jeetok


Name: The Unseen Vigil, often referred to by members simply as 'The Vigil'.

Theme: A shady organisation in the business of acquiring information or artifacts for clients, often by any means necessary.

Requirements: Serious roleplayers who grasp basic knowledge of Warcraft lore / history. No class or level restrictions apply.

What we doEdit

The Unseen Vigil is an organisation hireable to acquire knowledge and artifacts for their clients. Their work ranges from exploration and clearing of tombs and repositories of knowledge to protection of relic storages or archives, from eliminating individuals for their possession of a certain artifact to breaking into museums. They will work for any Horde affiliated organisation as well as for neutral groups, but do not do business with the Alliance so as to keep their base tolerable in Horde territory, as all their members are in fact Horde races. Indeed, they are not above raiding the Alliance for their treasures, though it is rumoured that neither is the Horde itself safe from their robberies. The Vigil has a very shady reputation, though true transgressions against the Horde have never been confirmed.

Members of the Unseen Vigil will be sent on missions / quests that will naturally correspond with the guild's aims. This may include doing a guild run of a dungeon in character, an event with other roleplayers or other roleplaying guilds, or personal, off duty projects that the members may come up with themselves. Members of all ranks will be taken on such missions, as the Vigil firmly believes that any member regardless of their standing must pull their weight within the organisation. Members of higher rank will, of course, be in charge of the mission.

Missions are usually set up by the guild officers, received by fictional characters so that we will not be forced to wait to receive missions by actual people. This does not mean that we cannot be hired by player characters or guilds. We will gladly receive a mission or take part in any player / guild event. The payment will usually be made in emote money, though we will leave the matter of how to pay up to the employer. Sometimes the Vigil is allowed to take some artifacts for themselves in compensation.

The Unseen Vigil can never be hired to senselessly attack another group or faction, they are not soldiers for hire. They are not hired for scouting or infiltrating the military of any faction unless this is required to obtain an artifact or information associated with such. Destruction of army encampments or frontline combat are things they will never, ever do.


Joining the Unseen VigilEdit

Anyone who wants to join the guild must fill out an application on our wowstead forum first (see link below). This is for the officers to get some insight into exactly who will be joining the guild and to have a taste of the character before interviewing them. When the application is filled in and approved, an IC interview will be set up. What can be expected of this are basics like the character's background, reasons for joining and a summary of their skills and powers. If all goes well, this character will then join as an Initiate of the Unseen Vigil.


The Unseen Vigil has no race and class restrictions, but we do require potential members to be at least level 10. Basic knowledge of the Warcraft universe is required, as well as some knowledge of how a character of their race ought to behave (meaning very basic, established things that are bound to their race by Blizzard, and not character personality wise). A certain amount of interest and participation in guild events is also required, also to advance in rank. We are casual players, but do require a member shows his face now and then.

Links for recruitment:Edit


Application Form:

Official recruitment thread:


The Unseen Vigil is an old organisation of high elven origin. They were a group split off from the Reliquary that was tasked to protect and defend any artifacts and repositories of knowledge that the Reliquary had collected, and as such specialized in protecting museums and libraries from raiders and defilers, often in advance. They were a very secretive group, always vigilant for desecration of their beloved treasures but never involving themselves with anyone else. Those who would become their targets had rarely heard of the group before it was too late, which eventually gave the organisation their name.

During the destruction of Silvermoon during the Third War, the Unseen Vigil was almost entirely annihilated by the Scourge. Its few surviving members reinvented themselves upon their kin's joining of the Horde, becoming the organisation it is today. The doors were openened to all races of the Horde, and their philosophies changed drastically, eventually shaping the Unseen Vigil as an organisation that could be hired to retrieve the artifacts and knowledge they had previously protected so zealously for any who would hire them. Ironically they became exactly what they had previously defended against.

Shortly after the great Cataclysm a tremendous schism took place within the Unseen Vigil, virtually destroying it from within. The members of the Council of Masters were slain, as were most high ranking operatives. Most of those remaining split from the organisation afterwards, leaving precious few to rebuild it. What exactly happened is still a mystery to most, but some believe that one of the previous masters actually staged a coup and took supreme command as Grand Master, slaying those who would oppose such a notion.

Rank StructureEdit

Current developments within the Horde have seen the Unseen Vigil drafted into its service, forcing the ranking structure to be modified to a more military model. The old ranks will thus be deleted and the new ranks will be displayed here.

Recruits and assetsEdit

Asset: An asset of the Unseen Vigil is a person not directly under command of the organisation but rather are on their payroll while still performing their original duties. Think of a guard who provides the Vigil with distractions or interferes in investigations, or simply an information broker. This rank is given to characters who don't fit in directly with the guild but still want to take part in its roleplay. It is also given to alts or very casual roleplayers by lack of a better rank.

Initiate: A raw recruit to the Unseen Vigil, this is what a new member becomes until they prove their worth. Initiates are assigned to an operative befitting their area of expertise, who will mentor them about the organisation's philosophies as well as polishing their respective skills. Upon their mentor's recommendation, an initiate may become an operative.

Low level operativesEdit

Operative: Operatives are the standard members that comprise most of the Unseen Vigil. They perform a large variety of roles, including protection, research and infiltration, as well as being the main force of a raid or operation. They are also given mentorship of one initiate (currently more, due to rebuilding the organisation) whom they are expected to shape into a worthy member of the Unseen Vigil. Supervisor: A team supervisor is a junior officer of the Unseen Vigil entrusted with the responsibility of a squad of operatives, usually comprised of three to five agents. Supervisors are entirely free in how they manage their squads, as long as their usefulness is maximalized. Mission directives are passed down to a team supervisor by an operative, who is then free to execute their particular objectives completely as they wish it, as long as it is done. Its military equivalent would be a sergeant.


Lieutenant: Lieutenants are officers of the Unseen Vigil who are most often trusted with one particular task. For example, a lieutenant is in charge of the spy networks, the administration of the organisation or the training of operatives in a particular field of expertise. Lieutenants can be both civilian or military, and may draft a team supervisor and his squad into their service for their tasks.

Force Commander: Force Commanders are senior officers of the Unseen Vigil who is granted authority over a number of operations. Typically two lieutenants report their progress to them directly and in turn the force commanders report to the grand master. The grand master assigns force commanders their operations to oversee and allows them to run it however they wish, as long as progress is smooth.


Advisory Council: Advisors have replaced the previous Council of Masters, who had much more freedom and authority than the current advisors. These men and women advise the grand master in managing the organisation and are often in important positions, like the warden of the library or the high ambassador of the Vigil. Though the advisors are highly valued by the grand master and respected by the rest of the Vigil, they have no direct authority over members of the organisation. Regardless, their requests or even orders are usually heeded due to the vast amount of respect awarded them, or indeed the ire of the grand master.

  • Grondar: Military Advisor
  • Nadash Flametusk: Public Relations Advisor
  • Tawasha Skychaser: Lore Advisor
  • 'Periwinkle' Cliffman: Financial Advisor

Staff Commander: The Staff Commander is the second in command of the Unseen Vigil as well as the acting grand master in their absence. The Staff Commander is always a part of the Advisory Council but has the authority to command when the grand master is unable to. The previous Staff Commander was Calrys Laesoron until she was suspended for command mistakes. A current staff commander is yet to be named, but will likely be Kor'kron Commander Kormus Bloodaxe. Grand Master: The highest authority of the Unseen Vigil, this rank has absolute power over the organisation. The Grand Master leaves most of the day to day operations to the lieutenants and force commanders, instead making the broader command decisions in regard to the future of the organisation. The Grand Master has the authority to overrule any of their decisions but has rarely had to do so. In the past the Grand Master of the Unseen Vigil was unknown to any but the Council of Masters but after recent problems plagueing the organisation, she has revealed herself and is now taking a much more active part in management. The current Grand Master is Larynne Laesoron.

Current StatusEdit

Open for recruitment!

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