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Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor and his associate's evaluation and report of the Fenris Isle Siege. CLASSIFIED: Red Security Card Holders Only!

Preparation & IntroductionEdit

File No: 5791.75 is the evaluation of the Siege at Fenris Isle, in the perspective of the Theramore Task Force. Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor and his associates wrote these detailed reports within a daily log-book kept at their supply bay and encampment.

The preparation the Marines undertook was heavy. Quartermasters Khalder and Stoutheart blueprinted new weaponry to be used for the siege, namely their Type-57 Double Barrelled Cannon. All supplies and shipments, including the cannon were hauled and lifted onto the deck of the “Bleeding Sparrow”, the Task Force Frigate, for transport to the Eastern Kingdoms.

Once docked at Menethil Harbour, the Deckhands and Marines began to offload their necessities, attaching them to tonk powered caravans for foot transport to Alterac. They were met by little resistance, mere highwaymen attempted to halt the convoy whom the Marines dispatched of pretty easily and adequately.

Upon arriving at the encampment, several clicks north of Dalaran, the Task Force began setting up a portable supply and medical bay with an office tent. This following log book was stationed at the base, updated daily by the Lieutenant Colonel and his officers.

Day 1:Edit

Arrival & First PatrolEdit

<Scribbled writing is seen blotted onto several pieces of parchment below>

Lt. Col. Vaylor, Authorization Code: TTF257.89

  • Day 1, 20:00 Hours: Arrival.

This evening we arrived at the Alliance encampment at the base and coastline of the Alterac Mountain range.

We malformed our convoy into a Portable Armed Theramore Headquarter Station (P.A.T.H.S). This included a medical wing, a supply depot and an office lounge for keeping this log book and necessary equipment in peak condition. We immediatly took the time to overcheck every detail of our emergency defence procedures, devised by Lieutenant. Bearclaw.

Captain Blazestave had already organised the Marines into inspection lines, even before I could prepare my personal equipment for the early night bombardment. We spent no more than thirty, relaxing minutes rechecking and redoubling our ammunition to be used for a possible, imminent assault. Quartermaster. Stoutheart and Private. Greenheart began prepping the Type-57 Cannon, loading it approximately with effective, explosive 18kg cannonballs. They worked over an hour, with the help of field operatives to line up and position the cannon directly over the fortress gates.

By this time, the Alliance leadership were called for an immediate field briefing, led by Captain Caliyen Starbreeze of the Free Company. We discussed the evenings objectives, agreeing that we'd attempt to prod at the Scourges defences before the bombardment began. We ourselves were given the honour of the first patrol of the Alterac Coastline, and to lead a scouting force to take the Fenris Isle docking compound.

Upon receiving this objective, the Task Force and I gathered medical equipment and camping necessities to set up a forward checkpoint at the Isle’s docks. I addressed the Marines formally before we marched and each one of them seemed eager to enter battle.

I shall update the logs once we set up our checkpoint and medical stations. For now, all is well and calm. The Siege will start in less than an hour, and the Alliance forces seem eager to draw their blades and yell to the heavens. The Task Force have their heads screwed on, we’re playing this game tactically, and we’re preparing ourselves for any possible outcome.

Capt. Blazestave, Authorization Code: TTF361.56

  • Day 1, 20:30 Hours: First Patrol.

The Lieutenant Colonel has finished organising patrol squads and has fully prepped any equipment needed for our beachhead assault. We can see the Isle and target from here, and the Marines seem eager to eradicate anything that lurks within. Stoutheart and Greenheart have both fully constructed the cannon and have loaded it with the necessary ammunition, and we're ready to procede with the operation.

I will be taking 2nd. Squad containing myself, Corporal Unirid Jugebearer and Private Kelran Cain upon a patrol of the Eastern Side of the Isle, and to hopefully uncover a back entrance so the operatives of Starlight are deemed safe to enter. Other parties and forces have lined up a battery of cannons to lay siege to the compound whence we understand its weak and strategical points.

I shall update this log upon returning from the patrol, and once our spearhead onto the Isle is fully secured.

Checkpoint AlphaEdit

Lt. Col. Vaylor, Authorization Code: TTF257.89

  • Day 1, 21:15 Hours: Checkpoint Alpha.

1st Squad, led by myself, have just constructed a temporary beachhead after linking up with our contact on the Isle's coastline. The Elf seemed reluctant to see us, but nevertheless, we're here and awaiting for the signal to commence bombardment. Sergeant Murphy has just finished setting up a defensive perimeter and we are now awaiting the arrival of 2nd Squad.

The fortress looks desolate and lifeless. The night is silent, and everyone back on the mainland will no doubt be prepping the cannon battery for immediate attack. The Marines seem eager to enter battle, blood hunrgy almost. I have assured them that all of their desired action will come sooner or later.

We don't know what we're up against, so we've transported the majority of our equipment to the docking bay we have secured. I hope that the Starlight infiltrators will pull their weight and supply us with the intelligence we need for when we instigate an attack formation. Defensive procedures are also being pointed out by the Sergea- <The rest of the entry has been scribbled and blotted with ink>

Lt. Col. Vaylor, Authorization Code: TTF257.89

  • Day 1, 22:00 Hours: Checkpoint Alpha.

Luckily I managed to salvage the log book.

Approximately 45 minutes ago, our beachhead was unexpectedly assaulted by a Scourge scouting party, who somehow managed to penetrate Sergeant Murphy's defensive line. The docking bay was turned upside down and we were forced to abandon our equipment, almost losing Corporal Thedonath in the retreat. We're lucky we were prepared, otherwise we may have been left for dead.

The bombardment has commenced... Private Greenheart and Quartermaster Stoutheart are both successfully operating the Type-57 Cannon and it seems to be working wonders. We are recieving flares indicating direct hits so the intelligence must be spot on. Many of the other factions here are organising defensive lines across the coast, barricading the battery from all angles. We ourselves are currently recovering from our encounter, and will return to active service in the morning.

The mens spirits still seem high, even though we were forced to retreat, and for that, I am proud to be serving alongside them.

Lt. Bearclaw, Authorization Code: TTF519.64

  • Day 1, 23:00 Hours: Checkpoint Alpha.

The night roars with cannon fire, and the Marines are urging to get back into physical action. We have been simulating Tactical Operations for the past hour, preparing ourselves for tomorrows assault on the Keep. Lieutenant Colonel Vaylor and Captain Blazestave sit isolated within their tent, discussing battle plans and safety protocol. All seems to be going well for the entire force, there have been no losses despite the Scourges attempts at breaking through our defensive lines. Our allies have proven themselves worthy.

We are in good spirits, and the men are eager. Checkpoint Alpha may have been lost, and a majority of our supplies destroyed, but we're still ready to give our all tomorrow, and we're going to be ready.

Day 2:Edit

First EncounterEdit

Capt. Blazestave, Authorization Code: TTF361.56

  • Day 2, 11:00 Hours: First Encounter.

A reconnaissance patrol, led by the Lieutenant Colonel himself, have just departed from the base camp. They are headed toward the Alterac Mountains after receiving Lieutenant Duanthor's Intelligence report of a suspected Death Knight in the region. Soldiers of the Pyrewood Guard and the Free Company are assisting the patrol whilst the rest of us remain here, conducting the Siege and keeping strong hold of the defensive line.

Lieutenant Bearclaw is currently briefing the Marines on the days duty. He is detailing them on the Isle, ensuring that all of them recognise the region for when the assault commences. Despite the cannon fire, the morning has been quiet, and a sturdy breakfast is just what I needed to start a day of duty.

<Report signed & confirmed by:>

  • Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor - Commanding Officer
  • Captain. Arcilius Blazestave - Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant. Ragnar Bearclaw - Strategical & Tactical Operations
  • Lieutenant. Danthr Dunathor - Intelligence Operations

Of the Theramore Task Force, Theramore Isle.

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