About The GuildEdit

The Wanderers is a social and raiding guild that has made Steamwheedle Cartel its home since it was created in 2006. We have a wide variety of members who each have their own interests within the game whether it be roleplaying, raiding or PvP.

Raiding wise, the guild runs a 25 man raid team who has faced all monsters throughout each expansion and are currently facing Deathwing in Heroic Dragonsoul! We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 19.30 - 22.30 server time.

Raiding however isn't for everyone and we have a large social section of the guild who take part in many other activities and occasional social events run for the entire guild to take part in.


We are currently recruiting more members to join our ranks and raid with us in what's left of Cataclysm and beyond. As stated above, we are quite social and have alot of fun, so we're not a hardcore raiding guild, but we are very organized and do requiere a certain amount of skill. We are always willing to look at applications from people and are always happy to see social applications.


You can contact us either by visiting our website

or whisper on of our members online, who then can refer you to an officer, if needed.

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