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The Wild Rose Society (founded 27th October 2006) is a "pure" role-playing guild, born from the ashes of The Peoples' Militia.

The Wild Rose Society make up a Mafia-type criminal organization based in Stormwind City. The Wild Rose Society are involved in lots of shady business, though attempt to keep a legitimate front to the community, through "rackets".

We accept all kinds of people, as long as they have a high standard of roleplaying and are nice. To join, you must have an In-Character reason to join the Society.

The Society only seeks people who have a mature outlook and are enjoyable company. Being "in character" is mandatory (though officer & party chat is OOC) - and those who are able to tell the difference between "you" and "u" will be particularly welcome (actually do not expect to get past the interview if you use "u").

We are not a large guild, nor do we want to become a large guild. Quality is more important to us than quantity.

Yhe Society spends its time mostly in Stormwind City, and we expect you to too. We're specifically based in The Pig n' Whistle Inn, where the Society occasionally runs The Wild Rose Pub.

If this has not put you off, then get in contact with us, and apply. We can heartily say that being in the Society is fun!

The Wild Rose Society disbanded slowly between January 2007 and November 2007

Storyline Edit

Risen from the ashes of The Peoples' Militia, formed by former Commander Janner Pike, after their contract with Stormwind City ended. The Wild Rose Society moved immediately to Aerie Peak, where they lived enjoying life.

They spent rougly two months in the Peak, before being kicked out by the Wildhammer Dwarves for multiple reasons, including attracting shady business to their town (see: The Return).

Due to many factors, like no active policeforce in Stormwind, and no ruling crime organization, and a few on-going "business-arrangements", the Society moved back to Stormwind City.

Later, the Society disbanded, and out of its ashes the Kul Tiras Corsairs was formed.

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· No character, race or class restrictions.

· Your character must be as low as the 10th level to join.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed in the guild, but only if we know who's alt they are. No prejudice will be held against Alts. Not revealing your main character can result in getting removed, without warning.

· We enforce respect towards each other member. We all work together, so fighting among ourselves is pointless.

· Higher ranking Society-members are to be treated with respect.

· Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

· The Wild Rose Society have weekly meetings, which are compulsory to all members. (without good reason, absences will be marked, and enough absences will result in getting removed.)

· The Wild Rose Society live in Stormwind City.

Joining The Wild Rose Society Edit

So if you are interested then read up about the Society on the forums[1] and then make contact (in character) with one of the members - they can then pass on your details to a recruiter or you can of course contact them directly yourself (again in character please).

Recruiters Edit

Don Janner Pike, the Godfather of the Society


Juven Pike

Eva Pike

Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike


Lobar Joltspark

Quintessa Ann Lescovar


Iriana Nightfall

Jileris Dreamwood

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The Wiki-page is not in use any more, to read updated information about us, or contact us, go to our forums.

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