By Rocmar

Rocmar strode forward a large axe in one hand, his brow sweating with the beating sun of the barrens. The blood of the enemy was cooling, soothing even. He braced his axe and swung in a wide arc and quickly two heads graced the sky, followed by a deep red trail of blood. They fell, the corpses of many now stain the soil Rocmar stood on. He roared his rage as a spear flung from a distance behind him impaled his right shoulder, it almost knocked him to the ground.

"Coward! You think you can take me! I am EARTHFURY!"

With a fierce grunt he ripped the spear free of his shoulder, tossing it to the ground he swung his axe in a whirlwind motion. Keeping the encircling attackers at bay as he began to chant. Lighting sprang from his blood-stained green finger tips and three charred corpses of the human 'barbarians' fell to the ground. Withering...

He slashed and hacked his way out of the fray only to turn and face them. Several gashes and cuts on his chest. But he wouldnt fall. Not now. He felt the bloodlust building. Coarsing through his veins as he faced the leather and mail clad attackers gathered before him, it was a stalemate. Them against him.

Rocmar howled like a wolf. Fierce and proud, the eyeslots in his wolf mask beginning to glow yellow as his primal instinct set in. He charged, extending claws and slashing and biting. Jumping from one enemy to the next, not sure if he had made the kill. He turned his heasd to the nearby hill. And then.... he heard it. The battlehorn of the howlers.

"Lok'tar ogar! Charge!"

It was the howlers. Lead by Sarvoka and Ergoth, a wide grin could be seen from under his wolf helm as he looked up for a brief second. Then returned to the hunt.

The sound of the clashing of steel was high and when all that remained of the foe was blood and cowards. They stopped to greet eachother.

"Mok'ra Ergoth, my brother." Rocmar said, almost covered in human blood. "How did you find me?" He panted for breath.

"We were on patrol. We heard the clashing of steel and we followed. I see you are still alive." Ergoth gave a wide grin.

"Ha! All the better! What would you do without me and my grog eh?"

They both chuckled and examined the bodies of the slain.

"Who were they?" Erogth's expression changed to one of study. "Raiders and nomads, from across the sea. They figured a lone orc would be no challenge eh?" Rocmar smirked, cracking open his rabbit flask of his own mead. He took a gulp, handing it to Ergoth, he returned the gesture before handing it back. "We best save that for the drinking hall. Lets go home."

They both walked the gold road back to stonetalon, another battle... another tale.

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