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Scene 1 Act 1 The age of Hero’s

Scene opens with a pan out of stormwind there are loads of people in the streets and market stalls, all shouting different sale pitches, children running around the town laughing and loads of knights and mages laughing and standing around telling each other of their exploits.

Narrator: This, is Stormwind capital for the races of Azeroth. In the year 23 began a new age, an age of hero’s. The tale I am going to tell you today is about two Hero’s the first Hero…

Camera pans over to the cathedral and we see a young woman with a red pony tail swinging her sword around training by herself.

Narrator: Imoen, a squire of the Scarlet crusade. On the outside Imoen seems like a normal Human but on the inside she has a constant battle with herself and her emotions. I will begin this tale on the day when Imoen’s world changed forever, a day that she will never forget…

Act 1 Scene 2

Enter Hejin, he is wearing a black robe with a black hood covering his face, when he enters the cathedral he removes his hood reviling a man with dark baggy eyes his face is very skinny. The cathedral is filled with priests kneeling and praying. There is a huge tall figure in a yellow robe speaking to priests Hejin walks up to this man.



Hejin: [in a frantic tone] Archbishop, have you seen Imoen? I need to speak to her they told me to…I must speak to her at once.

Archbishop: Child, calm down life is to quick to rush-

Hejin: [butting in] Please brother! I need to find her!

Archbishop: *sigh* very well you’ll find her downstairs…can you tell her to keep it down I can hear her trainning from up here. Hejin bows

Hejin: Yes I will, thank you Archbishop.

The camera follows Hejin walking down this spiralling slope, he peers over the side of the wall. The camera moves to see Imoen swinging her sword in different directions. Camera pans to the front of Imoen.

Imoen: [to herself] Ha! Take that scourge scum! Nice try! Raagh! *laughs to herself and takes a cloth and wipes her face with it smiling to herself*

Camera pans back to Hejin as he walks in, Imoen looks up and puts her sword back into it’s hilt looks up at Hejin and gives him a generous smile.

Imoen: Hejin! How are you friend?

Hejin: Not good Imoen…not good at all…

Imoen: oh, tell me all about it, here take a seat.

Hejin forces a smile and sits with Imoen.

Imoen: So what’s wrong?

Hejin: I…I’ve been hearing things…strange whispers…telling me to do things…

Imoen: What kind of things?

Hejin: Dark things Imoen, I really don’t really want to say…

Imoen: *sigh* very well, I know someone who could help you out with this…I’ll tell him what you’ve told me he should sent you a letter telling you what he will do next.

Hejin: Thank you Sister-

Imoen: Hejin, you aren’t with us anymore…it’s Imoen now.

Hejin sighs, nods and walks out of the cathedral. The camera stays on Imoen however alone in an empty room, she picks up her shield puts it on her back sighs and walks out of the cathedral.

We see the cathedral courtyard it’s really sunny clear blue sky and there are children running about and priests discussing about the light, Imoen goes over to a stable near the cathedral.

Imoen stoking her horse

Imoen: hey there boy! [Jumps onto the horse] Northshire, let’s go see father.

Imoen rides off threw Stormwind.

Act 1 Scene 3

We see Imoen riding along a loney road, the sceneary is a beautiful lush grass, tall trees, yellow roads and beautiful little cottages.

Imoen is approaching Northshire gates there are two guards who nod at her as she rides past we hear the thoughts in her head.

Imoen: [echoed to show it’s her thoughts] This is troubling…how in the light did this happen to him? He was fine when he left our order…am I doing something stupid leaving father to deal with this?

-sigh- Who knows…

Act 1 Scene 4

Imoen approaches the door way to northshire, she jumps off her horse and ties him around a gate, pats him and walks into northire cathedral.

Northshire cathedral has loads of banners and statue figure heads, as Imoen walks by she is greated by a priest.

Priest: Hello there child.

Imoen: Greetings Brother, have you seen father around? I need to speak to him.

Priest: he’s outside at your mothers grave…

Imoen looks at the ground for a two seconds then looks up smiling

Imoen: Thank you! light be with you!

Imoen exits and we see Khallid at a grave alone

Khallid before


Khallid: Nalia…im sorry…I couldn’t tell her the truth. I will one day I promise you this, I’m so ashamed by it…no one must hear her talk about it…it could lead to her death…

Khallid sobs slightly

Khallid: I’ve read it…I don’t want this for her…she deserves a better life…I’m so sorry Nalia…im so sorry…

Khallid notices Imoen walking towards her and wipes his eyes quickly, his voice changes to a calm voice.

Khallid: Ah my child. It is so nice to see you again…ah, your stance has improved since my last visit I am pleased.

Imoen’s smiles proudly and runs into Khallid giving him a huge hug

Imoen: It’s so good to see you again father! How have you been?

Khallid: I’m very well Child, we have a lot of new recruits coming in some are so impatient…a lot like you hahaha!

Imoen stamps her foot

Imoen: I was very patient! Only took me five years to get where I am, Hmph!

Khallid: heh heh I was jesting child. Now I sense you came here for another reason…

Imoen’s face and tone changes.

Imoen: Yes…a friend of mine, Hejin…he told me he has been hearing voices they are telling him some dark thoughts Could-

Khallid: Of course child! I will look into this at once…now will you be staying here…I think you should.

Imoen: oh…um ok…sure

Khallid: I’ll sort out your bed, now what was his name again?

Imoen: Hejin.

Khallid: ok, run along now I’ll sort this out.

Khallid gives Imoen a hug, however Imoen looks a bit confused and Khallid walks off leaving Imoen alone.

We see Khallid in an empty dark room reading a book, the book glows a green colour and in the doorway we see Imoen standing there looking confused…she is wearing a small robe covering her up slightly.

Khallid: [to himself quietly] How can this be? this wasn't supposed to happen...not yet.

Imoen: Father how-

Khallid notices Imoen and quickly closes the book the green light vanishes

Khallid: Agh! Don't sneak up on me like that- what in blazes are you wearing?

Imoen: This is what they told me to wear.

Khallid approaches Imoen and gives her another robe to rap herself up in.

Khallid: please child, I cannot be disturbed it’s hard enough to study without these interruptions.

Imoen: What was that book? It looked very strange…

Khallid: oh nothing you should worry yourself about, it is a book from the silver hand…it’s going to tell me about your friend of yours.

Imoen: oh…right. Ok sorry for bothering you Good night father.

Imoen kisses Khallid on the cheek and leaves. Khallid goes back to his desk and opens the book once again, the pages move by themselves and the words assemble themselves in front of him spelling out the words “Coward” “murder”. Khallid closes the book quickly and looks shocked.

Act 1 Scene 5

We see Imoen in bed stretching looking out of the window we see blue skies birds flying and the sound of training.

Camera pans to Hejin opening a letter, which reads…

Dear Hejin

Imoen has came to me about your condition, how you got in this state I have no idea but somehow you have managed to tap into the spirit world. The voices you hear are called wraiths they are servants of the lich king himself to corrupt the dead…Hejin when a spirit dies a being called the spirit healer usually heals the victim, but if they are left for a certain amount of time…or they do not wish to come back, then the wraiths turn them into one of them.

I bid you to meet me at the cathedral this morning I will show you to my house I know the ways of purging these creatures to pull you out of their grasp…if you do not…then you will die and turn into one of these beasts.

Light be with you


Hejin, steps back and falls onto a ledge sitting down, shocked by this news.

Camera pans to the cathedral we see Khallid kneeling at the altar. Soon Hejin turns up, they shake hands Khallid puts his arm around Hejin and they walk off.

We know see Hejin and Khallid enter a house.

Hejin: I…I’m a bit worried about this is it safe?

Khallid: I can’t say for sure lad. But leaving it will only get worse, this is the only chance you have.

Hejin: -sigh- Very well what do I have to do?

Khallid: Kneel beside me, I will place my hand on your head, you will feel strange for a small while…you will also have the wraiths talk to you…ignore them do NOT let them get to you otherwise they have already won…understood?

''Hejin nods

Khallid puts his hand on Hejin’s head and this bright light appears around his hand. Hejin’s face changes he looks more disturbed…

Everything goes black we see Hejin standing in a small spotlight.

Hejin: W-Where am I?

Three figures appear in front of Hejin both wearing full black robes with a hood, we can only see the outline of their mouths as they speak.

Figure 1: What are you doing?

Figure 2: He has chosen to destroy us…

Figure 3: We must show him the truth…

Hejin looks confused and the blackness smashes like a window to reveal Imoen and himself standing together.

Figure 1: This woman…you have feelings for her don’t you?

Figure 2: He cares for her…

Figure 3: He cannot, he doesn’t know what he has predicted…

Hejin: You are nothing to me! You will stay out of mind!

The figures rapidly turn to Hejin, Hejin smiles mocking them. Then we go back to see Khallid.

Khallid: Yes! You show them the power of good will Boy! We got one!

Pans back Hejin in his mind.

One of the figures clutches his heart and a ray of light appears out of his mouth and eyes, he then evaporates.

Figure 2: No…

Figure 3: You do not know what you are doing…

Figure 2: We need show him…

Figure 3: Yes, Look Hejin…see Imoen’s past…look.

The surroundings smash again and we see Imoen with Arthas they both look young and are playing with wooden swords.

Hejin: Why are you showing me this?

Figure 2: Don’t you see?

Figure 3: Imoen has told you of her father has she not?

Figure 2: She hasn’t…argh…

The next figure dies the same way as the first one. We pan back to Khallid.

Khallid: Only one more now lad and it’s all over!

Pan’s back to Hejin’s mind

Figure 3: Imoen claims Arthas is her father…Hejin…he is not…but our lord wants her…he wants her beauty…her company…Imoen is crazy…she is weak…our lord will give her gift when she is ready…you are ready now…

Hejin: hahaha! Are you finished Wraith? You’ll be dead soon.

Figure 3: Fool! Do you know the power you could hold? You have a goal don’t you…I see it in your mind…but you are to weak…like her…even if I die I will go into his mind!

We the surroundings of Hejin smash again which turns into the cathedral with Habeus giving out a prayer.

Figure 3: -cackle- He would prize this gift…he could Finnish you off once for good…to wield the shadow is a hard task…you could have it! You could destroy the Scarlet Crusade! Kill Habues! Save Imoen! My lord will give you powers that are unimaginable!

Pans back to Khallid

Khallid: Boy…focus…don’t let them get to you. They promise nothing but self destruction.

Pans back to Hejin

Figure 3: listen to him…he’s scared of your power…he wants to take away your gift…

Hejin: To stop…the scarlet Crusade…I will need some kind of power…

Figure 3: yeees…one single mortal cannot defeat the Crusade…but a Lich champion can…

Looks away from the Figure, the figure lets out a deep laugh and a image of Hejin appears in front of him, with Habeus on the edge of his sword.

Figure 3: Let me in…let the shadow grow inside of you…be part of you…togther we will bring light to the world…peace…equality.

Hejin: I…I…but what about Imoen…Elizabetha…?

Figure 3: they will join us…whether they like it or not…you will be alone for a while…but soon my friend…soon they will join your side forever…all the races of Azeroth will be one…one being…no more hatred…Just peace…happiness for eternity…Can’t you see Hejin? We aren’t evil…we are the new race…Evolution.

Hejin: Yes…I see now…

Figure 3: The man in front of you is going to get rid of your chance of Evolution…kill him…he will join us soon enough purge him of his sins…

Hejin: And I will have this power?

Figure: -low laugh- When you strike him you will have the power…then you must kill…her…the one who is stopping Evolution…telling them to slay us…to follow the light…Elizabetha…

Hejin: consider it done.

Hejin surrounding turn into pictures of dead bodies, body parts, severed heads, and pictures of a knight slaying his friends. Hejin’s face deforms and he cackles.

Pans back to Khallid.

Khallid: No! I won’t fail, not again! I won’t let it!

Hejin’s eyes open

Hejin: I’m afraid…old man, you are to late…I will have power, you won’t stop me…I will start evolution…I will purge them all…starting with you.

We hear a crack, and Khallid’s eyes are wide open we hearing him groan. We see Hejin’s shadow run the blade threw Khallid and rip it out.

Hejin cackles licking his blade

Hejin: he he he, Now for her…

Act 1 Scene 6

We see a Woman with long blonde hair kneeling at the altar in the cathedral, there is a bright light coming from the cathedral doors, Hejin walks in the cathedral his shadow blocking out a lot of the bright light.

Hejin: Sister Elizabetha! You have to come at once! I…I killed him!

Elizabetha: Hejin? Who have you killed…nevermind that…where is he?



Pans back to the house Khallid is on the floor, Elizabetha and Hejin walk in. Elizabetha quickly rushes to Khallid.

Elizabetha: Oh, Hejin…

Hejin: I killed him…

Elizabetha: I’ll try and bring him back…Light…grant me the power to save this mans life…

Elizabetha carries on chanting, Khallid’s eyes open slightly he sees Hejin lift his blade aiming it towards Elizabetha spine.

As Hejin pulls his sword down to strike Elizabetha Khallid pulls Elizabetha towards him, the blade misses and cracks threw the floor boards. Elizabetha stands up her hands glowing in a holy light.

Elizabetha: Back! Foul servant of the Shadow!

Hejin: Gah! He should of died…no matter…I have a new power now…

Hejin’s hands glow with a dark aura. Elizabetha and Hejin fire at each other using their powers. After a brief fight Elizabetha fires a beam of light at Hejin, Hejin fires a beam of shadow back and both Light and Shadow clash in the middle of the room. Elizabetha slowly manages to overpower Hejin and Hejin flies into a book case, it almost topples over him, but he rolls out of the way.

Hejin: [panting] You may have won this time…but I have it will grow stronger I will kill you Elizabetha…but for now…

Hejin runs away

Elizabetha, kneels and begins to pray. We hear Khallid’s faint voice.

Khallid: Child…-cough- I thank you…But it is to late for me…this was supposed to happen…

Elizabetha: Sir…shhh you’ll be going to a good place…the light-

Khallid: Please! Listen to my words…I was once a Knight of the silver hand…I am also the foster father to Imoen…

Elizabetha’s face looks sad,

Elizabetha: By the light…

Khallid: Please…you must protect her…when she hears about this she will want revenge…she mustn’t fall to shadow…don’t let him have her…otherwise all will be lost…the prophecy has foretold of this…child…

Elizabetha: wait, prophecy?

Khallid: Yes child…all this has been predicted…you must take my place…

Elizabetha: wait, I don’t understand…what do you want me to do?

Khallid: You must take my place…you must be her parent…you both wear the same tabard…please…as a dying mans wish-

Elizabetha holds the mans hand and smiles gently.

Elizabetha: I will.

Khallid: Thank you, I know that with people like you…this world might not be as dark as it seems…You must have many questions…Imoen will tell you everything…now…it’s time to die…

Khallid freezes, Elizabetha puts her hands across his face and he closes his eyes. She pulls out a stone and talks into it. We then see some Scarlet Crusaders turn up and carry his body to the cathedral tombs.

Elizabetha smiles and nods at the knights who salute her and walk off, she is left kneeling by Khallid’s body in the cathedral tombs the camera pans out.

End of act 1

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