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Imoen is on her own sweeping the floors of the refectory, she starts sweeping and some dust shoots up into her face making her sneeze, this happen once every five seconds.

She puts the broom down and observes her work smiling to herself, we hear a lot of footsteps and men talking, Imoen walks up stairs and sees Louise soaking wet.

Imoen: Hail! What has happened here?

Crusader 1: She has drowned…please Ma’am move back.

Imoen is pushed back, the crusader approaches her.

Imoen: Who did this?

Crusader 1: One of our own ma’am…brother Thepol.

Imoen: What!?

Crusader 1: Apparently so, according to witnesses he just threw her in!

Imoen: And that’s all? Couldn’t she just swim?

Crusader 1: Aye…I don’t think she can swim sister…as you can see.

Imoen: Is there anything I can do to help?

Crusader 1: No Ma’am, you could however look for brother Thepol.

Imoen: Any idea where he could be brother?

Crusader 1: No idea Ma’am, sorry.

Imoen: And is that all I can do?

Crusader 1: Yes, I belive if we try to help where we are not needed we will cause more harm than good.

Imoen: The third virtue…

The Crusader smiles and nods

Imoen: Very well then, I’ll go look for Thepol…but before I go, tell me if Louise makes a recovery, oh and tell Senior Knight Shirah about this to.

Crusader 1: As you wish.

Imoen starts walking about Stormwind, the city if covered in snow and it begins snowing, there are gnomes running around with Santa hats on, Imoen smiles at the sight but then quickly puts on her serious face and starts to look for Thepol.

As Imoen approaches the trade center she sees a large device she sees a night elf approach it glugging down some ale when he steps into the machine he turns into a gnome in a Santa costume, his friends later walk in and they all start laughing, all of a sudden Imoen gets hit with a snowball.

She turns around to see two Santa gnomes chucking snowballs in the air and catching them.

Santa Gnome 1: Scarlet.

Santa Gnome 2: Scum.

Imoen: I don’t have time for such games…have you seen a Scarlet-

Santa Gnome 1: I’m looking at one.

Imoen: Yes…listen, he’s an old man have you seen him goes by the name Thepol.

Santa Gnome 2: Theopl huh? What a dumb name.

Santa Gnome 1: I have a better idea.

Imoen: Oh?

Both of the Gnomes look at each other and just start throwing snowballs at Imoen , Imoen covers her head and runs off cursing at the gnomes in the process. The two gnomes chuckle to one another.

Santa Gnome 1: Theps, you best head to the cathedral.

Santa Gnome 2: Aye.

Santa Gnome 1: Oh well, you almost got away with it.

Santa Gnome 2: I tell ya Aanson it was an accident!

Santa Gnome 1: Aye, I know. She’s a Drama queen anyway heh heh.

Santa Gnome 2: Hmm…well us old men have to stick together! So you’ll help me out right good friend?

Santa Gnome 1: [gnomish laugh] Of course friend…being a gnome is getting rather “old” heh heh.

Santa Gnome 2: Yes, well the machine can put us back to normal.

The two gnomes walk into the machine, unfortunlty it doesn’t turn them back to normal.

Goblin: Oh dear, sorry boys must be broken…ok people I’m going to have to shut this machine down!

Aanson: What do you mean, “Shut it down”? we have to get back to our normal forms!

Goblin: Listen I have a long day kid.

Thepol: It’s to get even longer if you don’t turn us back to normal!

Goblin: Ugh, I don’t have time for this…

Aanson: [frustrated] Listen!-

Goblin: Alright, Alright…I can switch the flibbletrator and siglebacker on which should if I calculate it’s diameter make your voices be normal.

Aanson and Thepol look confused.

Aanson: Yeah, sure.

They both walk into the machine there is a loud clunking and bubbling sounds loads of smoke is coming out of the machine, it makes a large bang and Aanson and Thepol still looking like gnomes walk out of the machine.

Thepol: [in his normal voice] Did it work? Ah yes listen it did!

Aanson: Aye it seems so!

Thepol: Still look like gnomes though…

Aanson: Let’s just explain what’s happened to Senior Knight Shirah.

Thepol: [sigh] this isn’t going to go down well..

Aanson: Well friend at least Magwitch isn’t around.

Thepol: Aye…Aye…let’s go…

Aanson and Thepol both head off toward the Cathedral, we now pan back to Imoen who is covered in snow she is grumbling to herself, a Crusader runs up to Imoen out of breath.

Crusader: Ordinand Imoen! You must come aid Deputy Proctor Harsufeld at once! He’s been attack by the Dark Embrace cultists!

Imoen: The what?

Crusader: No time to explain! Come on!

Imoen runs over near the order’s old HQ to see a Gnome and Honoria fighting Harsufeld, the crusader lunges at Honoria but his sword is parried and he is stuck, he limps to ground holding his wound.

Imoen: Honoria?…brother?…what are you doing?

Honoria: I have put up with you Scarlets long enough! Feel the power of shadow!

Harsufeld: Heh, you know you want me bab-

Honoria’s body is covered in a mist of shadow, Imoen walks back a few steps shocked by this. A bolt of shadow strikes Imoen she falls to her knees Harsufeld tries to attack the gnome but stops, he clenches his heart and falls to the ground.

Gnome: He will live.

Honoria: Come, let’s leave these fools…

Imoen struggles to look up, she sees Honoria grin as she walks past Imoen, Imoen crawls up to the Crusader and feels his pulse.

Imoen: By the light…he’s dead.

Harsufeld: Oh boy…

Imoen: Can’t you bring him back?

Harsufeld: I can try…

Harsufeld’s hands glow with a fine light, he casts a spell that covers the crusader however the light fades to a black colour as it slowly disappears.

Harsufeld: Whatever she hit him with…it’s shadow magics are strong. He’s gone Imoen.

Imoen holds the Crusader in her arms, and takes a long sigh before weeping.

Imoen: Why? Why do they do this to us? He only tried to keep these people safe…he didn’t deserve this…

Harsufeld: [sigh] It happens sister, it’s what you have to accept. Now then…you best report this to the Senior Knight…I’ll burn him at once.

Imoen: What!?

Harsufeld: Well we have to or he may become part of the Scourge.

Imoen holds the Crusader tighter and starts crying, Harsufeld walks over to Imoen and puts his hand on her shoulder, after a few minutes she starts to get a hold of herself and stands up.

Harsufeld: Are you going to be alright sister?

Imoen: Suzanne has gone mad, Thepol is drowning people and Louise has changed to a…oh I don’t know…

Harsufeld: I think you should sit down and take a breather…

Imoen: No, I’ll be alright…I just can’t belive I was talking to this man a few minutes ago…

Harsufeld: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Imoen’s face looks sad by what Harsufeld just said, she looks to the ground.

Imoen: I’ll report this incident to Senior Knight Shirah.

Harsufeld: [sigh] Aye, very well.

Imoen walks off hanging her head, as she starts to walk she breaks into tears and starts weeping a gang of Gnomes dressed in Santa gear walks by and throw snowballs at her, this makes Imoen cry even harder.

Imoen: [in tears] You basterds! Have you no pity!?

Gnome: Oh shut it Scarlet.

The Gnome throw a snowball that hits her in the face, Imoen pulls out her sword and lunges at the gnome putting her sword at his throat.

Gnome: Go on, do it.

Imoen: I…I’ll do it…

Gnome: Hey guys, call the guards will ya?

Imoen: What!?

Gnome: Attacking a simple citizen? For shame.

The gnome grins at Imoen, her eyes begin to fill up with tears but she simply gets up puts her sword away and walks off, the gnomes begin to throw snowballs at her and laughing amonst each other. Two of the Gnomes break off from the crowd one was the one who was speaking to Imoen the other was one in the crowd.

Gnome 1: This is to easy.

Gnome 2: Not only do we get free and easy disguises but an easy way to get one step further in our plan.

Gnome 1: Indeed. Now then…we best go we have done what we came to do.

Gnome 2: Very well.

A cloud of smoke covers the two gnomes and they disappear just like what happened in the last episode.

Imoen is in a street corner crying, we hear her thoughts.

Imoen: I don’t understand…what’s going with this world it’s as if no one cares about anyone…I am alone aren’t I? I’m alone again…these people I protect spit in my face…they laugh when they see im in pain and kick me while im down, rubbing salt into the wounds…and for what?

Do they know? do they even care?

Suddenly a voice can be heard, it is a monotone males voice.

Voice: No, Imoen…they don’t. These people seem to only care about their drink and the fun they can have with their next, disgusting women.

Imoen: Who? Who are you?

Voice: Me? I am of little importance. Let’s say I am a…friend.

Imoen: But how come you can-

Voice: I saw what those Gnomes did…I saw the battle before that…I am sorry for your loss.

Imoen: It’s ok…

Voice: Those Gnomes…they were cowards, hiding behind those disguises. They are a reminder of how dark these times are. But do not worry Imoen, I will be your guide…your friend.

Imoen: How…How can you do this?

Voice: I told you Imoen, I am of little importance, you have made me.

Imoen: I did?

Voice: Yes…in your most disparate time of need you have created me in your mind and when you need me the most I will speak to you again. Now then, get up and talk to your Senior Knight…then go speak to Elizabetha we will talk later.

Imoen: Am I crazy…?

Voice: No, this may feel strange for now…but you will get used to it.

Imoen: How can I trust you?

Voice: You will have to learn to trust yourself. I am you.

Imoen reaches for her sword and pulls herself up using it as a support, she walks over to the cathedral.

We see that Thepol and Aanson are there, still in their Gnome form the Senior Knight Shirah walks over to Imoen and salutes her, Imoen salutes her back.

Shirah: Sister…are you alright? you look as if something has happened.

Imoen: Brother Tlon has been killed by Honoira…

Shirah: What?!

Imoen: She attacked Brother Harsufeld…Tlon came up to me to get aid when we arrived he went to go attack her but…but…

Shirah: Do not threat sister, this will be taken care of. Please, do me a big favor and report this to Elizabetha.

Imoen: As you wish…how is Louise?

Shirah: She’ll be fine according to Aanson and Thepol she was caught drinking and they threw her in a canal to get her sober again…they have had their punishment.

Imoen: Oh?

Shirah grins

Shirah: Aye, they are to stay as Gnomes for a week…were sending them to report about a Gnomish group who call themselves “Kids” they are simply Gnomish children who…for some reason think their humans.

Imoen: Like Montywort?

Shirah: [smile] Yes. Now then, you’ll find Elizabetha in the Night elven ghost town…I mean city, Darnassus.

Imoen: Alright.

Imoen looks over at Louise who seems to be alright she is looks at Imoen and smiles at her. Imoen smiles back and gives a small wave she walks over to Louise.

Louise: [cough] Hey…

Imoen: How are you doing?

Louise: I’ll be alright…I think.

Imoen: I’m sorry about those two idiots.

Louise: heh, it’s ok…in fact it was Aanson that saved me…he pulled me out of the water.

Imoen: Oh…

Louise: Do you know where Suzanne is?

Imoen: No…no I don’t…she hasn’t spoken to me since…that time.

Louise: Oh yeah…

Imoen: Anyway, im going to Darnassus do you want anything from there?

Louise: Eww not that place.

Imoen: [smiles] Aye…Elizabetha is there and I have some news for her…

Louise: Oh. Is it good news?

Imoen: No.

Louise: Can you tell her about me?

Imoen: Sure.

Louise: Thanks! Well…I best be getting some rest…you will tell her right?

Imoen: [smile] of course I will…farewell Louise.

Louise: Bye!

Imoen walks up to Louise and gives her a hug, Louise starts coughing and one of the Crusaders tell Imoen to move away. She smiles and walks off.

Pans to Imoen’s journey to Darnassus, we see her get on a gryphon flying over snowy mountains then on a boat then flying over wastelands then finally she lands on a place covered in leaves and flowers.

Imoen walks up to the portal that leads to their city there are two sentinels watching her with suspicion.

Imoen walks threw the portal and is once again in the ghost town that is Darnassus. She sees Elizabetha in the distance with another man.

We hear Imoen’s thoughts as she approaches them.

Imoen: Who is he? Wait…that’s the man from the council…what is he doing with mother?

As she approaches them Richeron seems to be talking to her Elizabetha doesn’t seem to be to worried as if she is concentrating on something else.

Imoen: Greeting Mothe- Elizabetha.

Elizabetha: Hail!

Imoen: How…erm…how are you?

Elizabetha: I am alright…still getting used to this…

Imoen sees that Elizabetha implies using a walking stick.

Imoen: I have something I have to tell you…but I don’t know how to say it…

Elizabetha: Just say what you have to say Imoen.

Imoen: Well…it’s about Honoria…

Elizabetha: Ah yes my sister, how is she? Hmm you voice isn’t jolly…what’s happened…?

Imoen: Well…erm…she…she attacked me today…

Elizabetha: What!?

Imoen: Well she killed one of my breathren and hurt brother Harsufeld…

Elizabetha: Did she say why? Are you hurt?

Imoen: I’m fine…she hit us with Shadow magic-

Elizabetha: No!

Imoen is struck by Elizabetha’s word, Elizabetha turns to Imoen sharply.

Elizabetha: Are you sure about what happened? How can you be sure?

Imoen: Well…I…

Elizabetha: She promised me! She wouldn’t go back on her word! She just wouldn’t!

Imoen: I…

Richeron: Shh it’s ok…

Elizabetha: She promised me she wouldn’t…were sisters…why….

Voice inside Imoen’s head: Look at the pain you’ve caused.

Richeron: I’m sure everything will be alright Elizabetha…

Imoen: I…erm…im sorry.

We hear Imoen’s thoughts.

Imoen: What have I done…I should of told her slowly not blare it out like I did…and that man…he’s moved in rather quick…

Voice: Yessss he is from that “Council” for the “good” of the people no? Funny isn’t it Imoen, he’s going to take away your foster mother and he’s already let the murder go who killed your father.

Imoen: I suppose…what do I do?

Voice: What can you do but watch?

We now hear outside of Imoen’s mind.

Elizabetha: We must take action…that’s it…I will not give up on her…we will make her see the light.

Richeron: Of course she will.

Imoen: I erm…I best go…

Elizabetha: Alright…thank you Imoen.

Imoen walks off looking glum.

Imoen: all I ever do is cause pain…Elizabetha…Mother…I’m sorry…what have I done? I shouldn’t of bombarded her with this bad news and now look, I’ve really upset her…I can’t do anything right…and look, her new man is already licking her wounds, he will take her away from me and I’ll be forgotten and lonely…again.

Screen slowly fades out as Imoen walks down a long stone road in Darnassus and it says “Two days later”

Fades up we see Imoen praying on her own, Elizabetha’s staff can be heard down the cathedral Imoen turns around and walks up to Elizabetha.

Imoen: [quietly] Greetings…mother.

Elizabetha: Ah, just the person I wanted to speak to. I need to speak to you privately.

Imoen looks worried and she nods, they both go downstairs into the library.

Imoen: What is it you wanted to talk to me about…mother?

Elizabetha: It’s about that Imoen…but first let me tell you what I’m going to do about this Dark Embrace-

Imoen: Oh! Erm…who are the Dark Embrace?

Elizabetha: They are secret organsation bent on handing the world back to Burning legion, can you remember the attack on Lakeshire?

Imoen: No.

While Elizabetha is talking we see all this taking place at Lakeshire.

Elizabetha: Well a few months ago the small town of Lakeshire was under attack by what we were told at first demons, when we arrived at the scene we saw humans, gnomes, night elves and dwarfs slaying innocent townsfolk. There is this one woman however Lashela I think her name is…she had this book…and with each kills their soul went into this book…we do not know what this book will be used for but it is know as “the black book”.

I got all this infomation in past couple of days...from diffrent memebers of this Organisation, I don't know why they did...but all I know is that they have to be stopped.

Which brings me to my next subject Imoen...erm...about me being your foster mother...

Imoen: Yes…?

Elizabetha: Well you know im only a few years older than you…

Imoen: I know it's...*sigh* it's a bit silly right? I mean...your going to busy anyway...right?

Elizabetha: Yes I am…

Imoen: If…[takes a breath] if…you don’t want to be mother…it’s ok…

Elizabetha: Are you sure Imoen?

Imoen: Yes…I…it’s silly anyway, I have to take care of myself after all.

Elizabetha: [smile] Thank you. Now I must go and prepare for our attack on them, if you want to speak to me Imoen, please don’t hesitate.

Imoen face is glomy and you can tell by her face she is holing back some tears, Elizabetha hugs her and then walks off making large tapping noises.

Imoen is left alone in the library she falls to her knees and bursts into tears.

Voice: Alone. All Alone.

Imoen: SHUT UP!

To be Continued….

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