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Jeselith is talking to Ray down a long street road, a giant robotic machine is patrolling the streets, it stops and looks at Ray.

Machine: Uphold the law citizen, failure is eradication.

Ray: [waves his hand dismissively] Yeah yeah.

Jeselith grins at Ray.

Jeselith: You seem to be fitting the role of your birthright, you will become like one of us soon enough.

Ray: Thank you sir, however I don’t have any heritage…well perhaps my great grandmother did but my family weren’t rich, we lost most of it during the wars.

Jeselith: Dash dang bad luck then, now then I’m sure you want to hear about this assignment I want you to do?

Ray: Of course, go ahead.

Jeselith and Ray have reached a tall tower like building, he opens the door and lets Ray in. In the house the furniture are white and red marble with a yellow twirls on the ends of them, in the middle of the room there is a small hookah, the nobles sits on one of the chairs and starts smoking out from it.

As Ray looks around there is a long staircase that leads from the front room leading up, a guard known as Ragthas walks down and bends down over to Jeselith’ ear he whispers to him and the noble gets up out of his seat.

Jeselith: You are too soft! Out! Get out of my sight!

Ragthas: Sir I swear she is telling the truth! She doesn’t know a thing!

Jeselith: You kind of males define me and Ray here from you…you are nothing but a weak man who will fall for the sweet flicker of her eye lashes, this is why I have Ray to take your place.

Ragthas: Cousin…you doubt my judgement?

Jeselith: She has beat you and mocked you and you not only embrace reality of her using you over and over again, now you can see that I have had to go to a last resort Ragthas…

Ray’s face scrunches up with anger but he is trying not to show it.

Ragthas: Oh? My Blood knight training surpasses his, what can “he” possibly do that I can’t?

Jeselith smirks and puts the tube of his Hookah down, he walks over to his cousin and takes off one of his gloves.

Noble: I don’t detect any fel cousin, how has your addiction been?

Ragthas is stumped and goes to say something but end up sighing.

Jeselith: We are the Darkstorm’s cousin, now you either start taking fel to feed your addiction or I may have to strip you of your rank, this naivety of thinking there is “another way” is obviously affecting your work, Ray here has accepted such a fate as have the rest of us, now go get out of my sight.

Ragthas walks by Ray, Ray stands still and salutes him he was obviously a higher rank than him, Ragthas nudges Ray as he walks by.

Jeselith smirks and goes back to smoking from his Hookah he looks at Ray.

Jeselith: Now then, im sure you want to know your job and who this girl is, a filthy peasant girl has been working with Night Elves, she was found snooping around my manor and I want you to find out why she is working for them and why she what she was doing here…oh and a tip for you, her addiction has gotten so bad that she has become sensitive to magic, any kind will hurt her so if she tries to attack her, heal her that should knock some sense into her.

Ray bows his head.

Ray: I understand sir.

Jeselith: She’s upstairs, first floor.

Ray walks up the long spiral and opens a trap door , which leads into another room, when he looks at the girl she looks frightened and crawls away from him. She is wearing simple clothing. Ray goes to close the trap door but the noble shouts for him to leave it open so he can hear it all, Ray sighs and leaves it open.

Ray: Look, just tell me what you were doing and that’s it.

Girl: I…I don’t know anything! I was just walking by his manor…

Ray open and closes his hands a white spark appears in them, the girl looks scared. A small cloud appears next to Ray and Mog appears.

Mog: I heard it all Ray, you’re not going to…

Ray: I don’t have a choice, I cannot go against my master.

Mog: But-

Ray: Enough. Now girl…what were you doing near my master’s manor?

Girl: I…was looking for food…I went threw his bins…

Ray: Is that so? You don’t look to messy, if you lie to me one more time I’ll make this a bit more of a unpleasant experience for you, now why were you near my master’s manor?

Mog: Ray!

Girl: No please don’t!

Ray walks up to the girl and grabs hold of her by her hair.

Ray: Answer me!

Girl: [sobbing] I’ve told you why!

Ray: We know about the night elves! They tell you to go threw people’s trash!?

Girl: What!? I don’t know anything about night elves!

Ray’s hands glow a bright light, he casts the spell onto the girls body it glows around her, her body starts to cut she screams in pain.

Ray: What were you doing with Night elves!?

Girl: [sobbing] I don’t know anything about them.

Ray: Suit yourself…

Ray casts the spell again and the girl’s cuts widen slightly, she cries in pain this time.

Mog: Ray stop it! You’ll kill her!

Ray: That’s right Mog, I will and these are only light spells…you know one of my spells will shield you from any physical harm? Now I wonder what that would do to you?

Mog: Don’t…Ray look at what your doing! You have to stop!

Ray: Night elves are trying to put an end to us now if this wench knows anything about them she will be the one who will be responsible for the deaths they cause!

Girl: No we’re trying to help!

She suddenly realises she’s slipped up.

Ray: What did you say? How are they trying to help us!?

Girl: No! They would kill me…

Ray: If you don’t tell me “I” will kill you, now speak!

Grabs the girl by the shirt and raises his fist. She flinches and says nothing Ray punches her in the face, her blood splats onto his face. The girl starts sobbing holding her nose.

Mog: Ray…

Girl: My nose! You…you broke it!

Ray: Want me to heal it?

Girl: Why…why are you doing this…I don’t understand…

Ray leans over the girl.

Ray: Then tell me and we can make sense of all this…if you don’t…

Ray grabs the girl by the hair and puts his finger on her broken nose, his finger glows she starts to cry, Mog looks at ray shaking his head.

Girl: No stop! You’ll…Arggggh! Stop! Stop!

Ray: Then talk!

Girl: Please stop! I will tell you!

Ray: Why are you working for the night elves!?

Girl: We are trying to stop the addiction…

Ray: How!?

Girl: Your going to kill me…No wait! Ok! We are going to destroy the fel crystals…

Ray: Foolish wench! Do you not know what you would do!? You would damn us all to a slow painful death!

Girl: No! There are ways around it!

Ray: You call the prince a liar!?

Girl: There are others I could show you…they mediate they use the moonwells-

Ray: Use a device the “alliance” use!? No way you know what they have done to us all…how do we know we can trust them after all they’ve done!?

Girl: I…

Ray: Where are they?

The girl hesitates Ray threatens to heal her nose, she whimpers.

Girl: In the ghostlands…they have made camp there.

Ray: Good girl and why are you near my masters manor?

Girl: It…it is the best shipment of the fel crystals a constant user and the man who is with me is a good man…he wants to change…

Ray: He is a fool to trust an Alliance.

Girl: What…are you going to do…to me?

Ray: That is not up to me.

Ray walks down the ramp leading to the ground floor the noble is still smoking his Hookah and is leaning back in his seat.

Ray: Sir, she is a night elf spy. They are trying to shut down our fel crystals.

Jeselith: That’s absurd! Do they plan to kill us all…thank you guard…now let’s Finnish the job.

Ray: …Finnish the job sir?

Jeselith: We have got we want Ray, she is of no use to us and has told us she wished our deaths-

Ray: She said they found another way to counter the addiction…sir.

Jeselith: Do not! Interrupt me again! Now then…it is of little matter what she says she could have done to help us, she fears for her life and will most likely tell you anything…though perhaps we should investigate first…where are the night elves guard?

Ray: She only said the ghost lands, sir.

Jeselith: Very good, I want you and my good for nothing cousin to go and look for this camp then report back to me, if she is lying I will make sure she does not do that again, now go find my cousin.

Ray: Yes sir.

Jeselith puts the Hookah down and starts walking up stairs, Ray walks outside and closes the door behind him he puts his hands threw his hair taking a long sigh, he puts his hands down and notices the blood on his face he wipes it with his gloves and walks into a small corridor that leads to the slums of Silvermoon also known as murder row.

Inside he walks into an Inn, there are drunks chucking down pints of ale and singing loudly, there are a few orcs dotted around and most are punching each other in the face or arm wrestling, Ragthas is at the bar twirling his finger threw a huge pint of ale, Ray sits next to him and raises a finger to order a drink.

Ray: Hey.

Ragthas: All my life, they’ve shown me any respect…even when I joined the Farstriders and fought at the Sunwell…nothing, they left me to die. Fate Ray…fate decided to keep me here for a few…I can’t become like you and the others, I will follow you to the end but don’t you feel it?

Ray: Feel what?

Ragthas: It’s burning…when I stand near it I can even hear it, whispering in my ear…I dare not take anything from it.

Ray: I do not feel any burning sir, just a release.

Ragthas: Release…from this curse…so my cousin has told you to dismiss me has he? I can see by your gloves you’ve done a better job than me.

Ray: Not all sir. We are to go to the ghost lands to inspect the lands there see if she is telling the truth.

Ragthas: She is…

Ray: You sound so sure sir…

Ragthas: Come I’ll show you, captain.

Ragthas grabs his blade that is by his side and puts it around his back into its holster.

Ray and Ragthas both get on their summoned horses and ride out of Silvermoon we see short clips of the grassy lands surrounding Silvermoon, when they approach the Ghostlands they stop.

Ragthas: It’s amazing isn’t it…this was once so beautiful…when we burned this place to the ground to stop the scourge noticing us, it never grew back…a constant reminder of all we had suffered.

Ray: We survived and our one step closer to eradicating the scourge, true the alliance try to take us over politically and by force but we will meet them with extreme force.

Ragthas: Heh, very well captain. There, can you see the camp from here?

Ray: I do indeed sir. She was telling the truth…what should we do?

Ragthas: We will let the girl go.

Ray turns his horse to face the Guard.

Ray: Sir…she is trying to destroy us all.

Ragthas: If we let her go we will prove to them our mercy…if they attack us we will fight back of course…if we kill her we are proving them that we are the monsters they believe us to be.

Ray: I don’t know…

Ragthas: If you do not wish to do this, then I understand. But let me ask you Ray, when you had her blood on your hands…how did it make you feel? What went threw your mind?

Ray: I don’t know…it was a…burning. I felt my anger accelerate and each time I let it out it was a release, it was like drowning and the more I let myself go the more breath I took in…

Ragthas: Interesting…and now?

Ray: Nothing, I feel regret but I know I had no choice.

Ragthas: You did it for your country…it is our way. I do not have the guts to do such things but now however we can do the “right” thing and let this woman go, she has suffered enough.

Ray: If we get caught…

Ragthas: We will be labelled traitors and most likely be hanged.

Ray: I mean no disrespect but…is this not too much of a chance?

Ragthas: She is nothing but a girl who has lost her will to fear, can you blame her for looking to the night elves for answers?

Ray: Yet she was going to send us all to death.

Ragthas: I have not taken any fel and though I do get pains…I’m fine.

Ray: For now, sir.

Ragthas: Are you with me or not Captain?

Ray looks out to the camp.

We then see Silvermoon at night and Ray and Ragthas are at the manor, they creep in and Jeselith is asleep on his chair the Hookah near him, they creep up the stairs and we see the girl.

Ragthas: Psst! Wake up.

The girl slowly wakes up and goes to back away Ray grabs her and covers her mouth.

Ragthas: We aren’t going to hurt you, we are getting you out of here.

The girl looks at him confused.

Ragthas: Ray, take her outside.

Ray drags her out holding his hand over her mouth they slowly creep out of the manor Ray takes his hand off of her mouth, she gasps for air. Ragthas closes the manor door behind him.

Ragthas: Go back to your people and tell them we don’t need their help and if they more spies they will not be as lucky as you are.

The girl nods and then stops to look at Ray.

Girl: Why?

Ray: Just go.

The girl smiles at him and runs off, the guard puts his hand on Ray’s shoulder, Ray moves it off.

Ragthas: You feel you have wronged?

Ray: I do…

Ragthas: I will take blame for this, I have made sure the rope looked like it was broken. It will be me who will pay for this, not you. Thank you for your help Ray…what made you change your mind?

Ray: Mog disapproved of what I did…I have never seen him look at me like he did…he hasn’t came back to our world for some time.

Ragthas: As yes that familer of yours…anyway go to your room. Make sure you rest well for tomorrow will be a hard day.

Ray nods and starts walking into murder row inn, Mog appears on his shoulder.

Mog: You know I have just been invisible all that time?

Ray: Heh, why?

Mog: I don’t like those people Ray…certainly your boss.

Ray: It pays for our room Mog, we’re homeless after all…

Mog: There must be another way.

Ray: Let’s not start this again…

Mog: Well I’ve heard of your bosses plans, he was pretty mad he even told some magisters. They said they were going to Southshore to give them a message…he also has “other” plans…he spoke to humans.

Ray: Serious?

Mog: Yeah! He spoke in this orb…it was a bit strange, never seen one of them since the second war…Ray, you scared me today.

Ray: I’m sorry…it’s just, if I loose my powers I will have to accept that I can’t do anything…without this “gift” well…I’m nothing.

Mog: Don’t say that! You are still trained as a warrior.

Ray: Puh! I use magic to make me stronger so I can wield this sword! A warrior can hold it with ease.

Mog: Don’t let the fel get to you…I’ve seen it corrupt people and I’ve seen some who follow the fel magic.

Ray: I’m not going to be a Deathknight…I still remember what these demons did to us. If there was another way I would use it.

Mog: How about this night elf?

Ray: You heard Rag, he said he was still feeling the pain it’s only a matter of time before it over comes him, it happens to us all if we don’t “top up”.

Mog: [sigh] Your right…

Ray and Mog both go into the inn, we see night pass into day and Ray walks out of the inn. He goes back to his manor and sees that there are two magisters standing by his boss.

Ray: What’s going on?

Jeselith: She has broken free.

Magister: This does not bode well for you Jeselith, we do not like incompetence.

Jeselith: I am sorry noble one…I don’t know how it happened! But sire isn’t this a good enough reason to attack southshore!

Magister: We will consider it…because of your actions we have shown the alliance weakness…so perhaps it is time you went on the front lines to prove them wrong?

Jeselith: You cannot suggest I do this alone sire?

Magister: No Magisteral guards are heading there to repel the alliance…you will join them I want your Blood knights to assist Magister Faronus in disarming some kind of experiamental bomb the alliance have made.

Jeselith: Of course sire!

Magister: Fail me jeselith…I do not promise I will be easy on you next time.

Jeselith nods his head then looks at Ray.

Jeselith: This is all your fault! Your Captain of the guards what do I pay you for!?

Ray: Sir you Dissmis-

Jeselith: You “dare” answer back!?

Ray: Sorry sir.

Jeselith: Hmph…get ready for tomorrow captain, you will be assisting a Magister tomorrow, an honour you should appreciate.

Ray: I do sir, I shall prepare myself at once.

Ray salutes Jeselith and walks off towards the Murder row inn, Jeselith goes into his manor and puts his hand over an orb. We see Lashela in the orb, leader of the Dark Embrace cult.

To be continued…

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